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Rate of Law, 1894.

Duty. Hemp-Continued. 277

manufactures of, or of which hemp is the com

ponent material of chief value, not specially
provided for (see notes to Section 4, Act of

Aug. 28, 1894)...
(articles made wholly or partly of hemp, if not

found in this “Schedule" under their specific
names, are classified under this general pro-


.free. 31 oil..

.per gal. 10C 497 tow of (T. D. 7252; G. A. 813).

.free. 497 waste (T. D. 9381). for vessels, see “Vessels.' Henbane leaf or hyoscyamous, see “Drugs." 1672 Henna leaves, ground, (T. D. 9956)...

10% Herbs, not edible, (drugs) (T. D. 9863) see Drugs.” 34 Herring oil, of foreign fisheries.,

25% of American fisheries.

.free. Herrings, see “ Fish.” 42472 Hessians and Hessian cloth, as burlaps (T. D. 15499).... free. 506 Hide cuttings, raw, with or without hair, and all other glue stock (T. D. 2623, 10014)... 507 rope (T. D. 4751)....

.free. 505 Hides, raw or uncured, whether dry, salted or pickled (T. D. 3720). .

.free. tanned,

of neat cattle, when prohibited see pars. 17 and 18,

Act Aug. 28, 1894. 131 Hinges finished, or hinge blanks, iron or steel...per 1b, 1/2€ 177 any other metal...

35% 611 Hoarhound seed.. 146 Hob-nails, wrought iron or steel.. 177 Hods, coal, metal (see “Hollow ware''). 177 Hoes, steel or iron....

Hogs, see “Animals."

Hogs' hair, see “Hair." 180 Hogsheads, as casks, empty..

20% Hollands, cotton, as cotton cloth (G. A. 67, 208, 1144). 277

linen..... 136 Hollow ware, cast iron, coated, glazed or tinned*.per lb. 2 134 not coated, glazed or tinned, as cartings,

per 144

if enameled or glazed with vitreous glasses. 35% 353

of wood or other pulp (T. D. 9644)....... 30% *Hollow-ware is a trade name given only to hollow, cast-iron kitchen utensils (T. D. 8527, G. Å. 105); Sheet-iron articles not hollow-ware (T. D. 6396).


30% 35% 35%






per lb.


Rate of Law, 1894.

Dnty. 508 Hones and whetstones (T. D. 8786). Honey...

per gall. 10€ Hoods, see Hats." 177 Hoof pads, metal chief value (T. D. 6994)...

35%. 509 Hoofs, unmanufactured......

.free. 177 Hooks, fish, on silk gimp (T. D. 5587).

355 177

with artificial bait (T. D. 7013) 177

and eyes, brass or other metal.. 177 reaping......

35 Hoop iron or steel, see “Iron and Steel."

timber and hoops, see "Wood.” Hoops, barrel, iron, cut to specific lengths, see “ Iron." 673 Hop poles, (T. D. 5105)...

.free. 510 roots for cultivation

free. 470 waste or luquline (G. A. 2102).

.free. 201 Hops.

Se 352 Horn, all manufaitures of, or of which horn is compo

nent material of chief value, not specially provided
for (see notes to Sec. 4, Act of Aug. 28, 1894) (T. D. 9993,
G. A. 1354, 1737)...

258 (articles made wholly or partly of horn, if not found in

in this "schedule" under their specific names, are

classified under this general provision.) 511 Horns, and parts of, unmanufactured, including horn strips and tips* (T. D. 9292)..

.free. pith of (T. D. 4786).....

.free. boat and post (T. D. 5217), metal 32612 musical instruments..

252 321

255 177 Horse clippers..


hair, see Hair."
rakes, see “ Agricultural Implements.”
shoe nails, wrought iron or steel (G. A. 1622)..
shoes, wrought iron or steel.......

shoe bar iron (T. D. 1587), see “Iron.”
shears ...

455 Horses, see “Animals. 353 Hose, India rubber, if hard rubber.. 353

273'2 linen hydraulic, of flax, hemp or jute.

Hosiery, see specific article.
Household effects, see Effects.”

Hubs for wheels, see hubs under title" Woods." 277 Huckabacks, linen...


511 32612


if toys..


146 148

30% 25

30% 30%

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*Pieces of horn, polished, with a hole at each end, and the ends partially rounded and ready for use, are commercially known as horn strips (T. D. 9879, citing Borgfeldt vs. Ehrardt, Circuit Court, 41 Fed. Rep. 102). Horn tips for handles, sawed and stained, as horn tips (G. A. 1177, 1398).


Rate ot Law, 1894

Duty 558 Hulls, oat (G. A. 2770, 2793)...

.free. 611 Hyacinth bulbs..

.free. 12 Hydrate chloral...

25% 595

of or caustic potash, including refined in sticks
or rolls....

.free. 65

of soda or caustic soda (T. D. 4066, 4118)..per Ib. 12° 273'2 Hydraulic hose, flax, hemp or jute...

40% lime, as cement (T. D. 3517), see “Cement.' 55 Hydriodate of potash.....

per lb. 25€ 177 Hydrometers, if metal chief value.

35% if glass chief value (G. A. 941, 1228).... Hyoscyamus, or hen-bane leaf, see “ Drugs." 59 extract of (G. A. 560)....

25% 60 Hyposulphate of soda...




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I 512 Ice.

.free. 69 Iceland moss...

10% Immigrants' effects, see “ Effects” and “ Animals.” $3 Immortelles, bleached (T. D. 7370)...

20% $3 dyed (G. A. 2109, March 25, 1895)..

20% 558 dried (G. A. 1755)........

.free. Implements of trade of persons arriving in the United

States, see “Effects.” $3 Incense powder (G. A. 10)..

20% India ink (T. D. 7714).... 684 India malacca joints, not further manufactured than cut

into suitable length for the manufactures into which
they are intended to be converted..

.free. Indian corn and meal, see “Corn." 541

madder, ground or prepared, and all extracts of
(T. D. 5218)..

.free. red, see

“ Paints."
582 Indians, peltries of and other usual goods and effects of

Indians passing and repassing the boundary line of
the United States, under such regulations as the Sec-
retary of the Treasury may prescribe: Provided, That
this exemption shall not apply to goods in bales or
other packages unusual among Indians * *1. Indians passing and repassing the frontier can bring their personal and household effects with them free of duty (T. D. 8249, 12878, 13125).

2. Beadwork, and baskets (even in large bundles) the manufacture of an Indian and his family, are entitled to free entry, but articles purchased by an Indian and imported for sale is liable to duty (T. D. 3450, 5368, 8249, 8529, G. A. 2592).

3. The privilege of free entry of peltries or furs extends only to the Indians who actually took or manufactured the furs. The quantity admitted is therefore limited to what may fairly be pre



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Rate of Law, 1894.

Duty. India rubber. 352

all manufactures of India rubber, not vulcanized or of

which such India rubber is component material of
chief value, not specially provided for (see notes to

Section 4, Act of Aug. 28, 1894), (G. A. 1691, 1952).... 25% (articles made wholly or partly of India rubber, not

vulcanized, if not found in this “Schedule" under
their specific names, are classified under this general

264 mixed with cotton, cotton chief value, not otherwise

provided for......
silk, silk chief value, not otherwise pro-
vided for .....

45% wool or animal hair, if wool or animal hair

chief value, not otherwise provided for,

see “Woolens." 353

vulcanized, known as hard rubber, all manufactures,

or of which the same is component material of
chief value, not specially provided for (see notes

to Section 4, Act of Aug. 28, 1894)......
(articles made wholly or partly of India rubber, vulcan-

ized, if not found in this “Schedule" under their
specific names, are classified under this general

cement (G. A. 1963)...

20% 513 crude (T. D. 6067).

.free. 513 in sheets or cakes (T. D. 3718).

.free. 513 milk of.....

.free. 513 old scrap or refuse, which has been worn out by use

and is fit only for remanufacture (G. A. 97).. free. 513 shoes, old (G. A. 97)......

.free. 513 springs, old, car (G. A. 97).

.free. $3 substitute (G. A. 2751)..

20% 513 waste (T. D. 6067, G. A. 97, 1636)...

.free. 514 Indigo (T. D. 8312)...

.free. 514 carmines..

.free. 514 extracts or pastes of (G. A. 1350).

.free. 514 in powder or cubes (T. D. 3592). .

.free. 514 Indigotine, as carmined indigo, powdered (T. D. 3953). .free.



Notes TO PARAGRAPH 532— Continued. sumed to have been taken or manufactured by the Indian or Indians bringing the article into the United States (T. D. 2315, 14576).

4. Where an Indian village is situated upon the boundary line of Canada and the United States, the Indians are not allowed to trade and exchange property across the line without payment of duty (T. D. 7743), and horses cannot be admitted free even for personal use (T. D. 2191, 13125).






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Rate of Law, 1894.

Duty. 353 Indurated fiber wares...

Infusions, see “Preparations."
Ingots, see respective material.
Ink, ink powders and printer's ink, and all other ink

not specially provided for (T. D. 8923).... 25% India (T. D. 7714).....

25% Inkstands, according to material of chief value. 1672 Insect powder, (T. D. 6161)......

Insects, dried, (drugs) see “Drugs.” 302 Insertings, silk (G. A. 2723, 2840, 3009)...

4 5%
other, according to material.
Institutions, articles specially imported for, see “So-

Instruments, musical, see “Musical Instruments.”
optical and frames for....

personal effects, see Effects."
specially imported for schools or societies

see "Societies."
philosophical, according to material of

chief value.
Insulators, according to material (T. D. 6699).
Integuments of animals, see “Bladders.”

Inventions, models of, see “Models." 55 Iodide and iodate of potash..

per lb. 25€ 515 Iodine, crude and resublimed..

.free. 60 salts of, not otherwise provided for

25% Iodoform...

per lb. $1.00 516 Ipecac...

.free. 517 Iridium..

.free. Iris root, or orris root, see “Drugs."

Iron or steel and manufacturers of.* 60 acetate of iron....

alloys, see ingots below. 126 anchors or parts thereof, iron or steel... per lb. I foc 134 andirons, cast iron...

per lb. for 113 angles, iron or steel (T. D. 8634).

·per lb. 10 % GENERAL PROVISIONS TO IRON OR STEEL. * Par. 125. No allowance or reduction of duties for partial loss or damage in consequence of rust or of discoloration shall be made upon any description of iron or steel, or upon any article wholly or partly manufactured of iron or steel, (T. D. 7296, 7926, 8272).

Iron in all forms more advanced than pig iron and less finished than iron in bars, except castings pays de per lb. (par. 111).

Steel in all forms and shapes, not specially provided for, du tir able under paragraph 122. (See ingots &c.) Standard gauge fo. imported sheet and plate iron prescribed by Act of March 3, 18 93 (supra.)




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