Revelations Revealed

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 132 sivua
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I have read and listened to quite a few people express their views on this book. A lot of them center round the great deal of numbers in this book and although they may be important they do not reveal the important issues. Others focus on one or two truths, letting other great truths go by untouched. Jesus is the central person of the book. It is His overcoming power that brings this book to its climax. thoughts, but using the Bible to explain Bible issues. This book is involving the church and Israel in the power struggle of good versus evil. Although the word church does not appear after Chapter 3, the word that does express the church is used in Chapter 10 verse 7. It is called the mystery of God. Paul spoke about this a number of times in scripture. In Colossians 1:27 He said this mystery is Christ in us the hope of glory. I have tried to explain the rapture in the context of scripture. Also I have explained the two resurrections involving both the just and the unjust in each.

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