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From Rev. Dr. Ide, of Medway, Mass. I am glad to see a sccond stereotype revision of the Scripture Manual. A work of so much intrinsic value ought to be brought as near perfection as the industry and skill of man can bring it. To make the word of God speak truly and appropriately on all the leading subjects of Christian doctrinc and duty, is a great undertaking, which requires much study and care. The past revisions of this work have been more valuable than any. thing of the kind which I have seen before. But the author, it seems, was not satisfied with past attainments. His untiring efforts to carry forward his book unto perfection, and the sacrifice he has made to incor. porate the important additions and improvements secured during the past five years into his work, are worthy of great commendation. I hope the present revision of the Manual will meet with as ready and extensive sale as the preceding one.

From Rev. Dr. Park, of Andover Theol. Seminary. The Scripture Manual, which has been carried by the Compiler through a second stereotype revision, evinces much perspicacity in the proposal of questions, and discrimination in the selection of answers.

The arrangement of the topics is so logical, and the citations froin Scripture are so numerous, so emphatical and in the main so pertinent, as to make the general impression of the Bible obvious even to a cursory rcader. The Manual may, in my opinion, be very profitably used not only by religious teachers, but also by the pupils in our Sabbath Schools, and by the most humble as well as the most learned Christians. If benevolent persons would circulate this book throughout the infant settlements of our own land, and send copies of it to our foreign missionaries, they would render thereby an important service to the church.

From Rev. Albert Burnes, of Philadelphia.
Rev. and dear Sir - I have just received the new Edition of your

Manual, for which I thank you. I have derived much aid from the copy you sent me of the previous revision, and wish you continual success in its circulation. I apprehend that the work is now so well known, and its character co well established, that it will find its own way, and needs no further notice from me.

From the Congregationalist. This work has become too widely known, to need our commendation. It is far more copious and reliable than any other work of the kind, and the “bracket references” of this edition are of great value. The index is greatly improved also, and scarcely any topic can suggest itself, which will not be readily found. Few books have reached so high and well deserved a popularity. Nor is it an ephemeral popularity. It will increase. A better help in the study of the Bible is not accessible.

From the American Baptist. This work presents, under an alphabetical and systematic arrangement, the teachings of the Bible in reference to such topics as have special prominence in the sacred volume. The arrangement is eminently judicious, and the execution evinces much industry, and for the most part a wise discrimination. Ministers, Sunday School teachers, and indced all who are seeking a familiar acquaintance with the Scriptures, will find it valuable for reference


From Dr. Woods. Dear Sir-After attending very carefully to your Scripture Manual, I am free to say, that the work appears to me to be one of uncommon importance; and I shall be much gratified, if the thought and time I have devoted to it may contribute to render it more acceptable to tho public, and more permanently useful. I consider your Text Book to be remarkably well suited to the object in view, and likely to be the book which will satisfy not only common people, but ministers, and all men of logical minds and a cultivated taste. It is my confident opinion, that ii will take the place of all other works of the kind, and that nothing else will be called for or attempted for a great while to come.

LEONARD WOODS. Theol. Seminary, Andover, Feb. 3, 1845.

From Dr. Weeks. Having spent cousiderable time in a careful examination of the third edition of Mr. Simmons's Scripture Manual, I am happy to state, that I thiuk it contains important improvements upon the former editions. The statement and arrangement of the great subjects of doctrine and duty, and the selection of the most appropriate texts on each subject, cannot fail, I think, to render this work highly acceptable and useful. Ministers of the gospel, instructors in Sabbath Schools, and all who make the Bible their study, will find their labors greatly facilitated by il. As a family book, I know of no work of human compilation so full of instruction, admonition, and cousolation, and so worthy of a place in every house.

WM. R. WEEKS. Newark, Feb. 1845.

From a Notice by Dr. Ide of Medway, Ms. The diligent author of the Scripture Manual deserves the thanks of the Christian public, for his seasonable and valuable work, so well suited, not only to aid Christians and miuisters in the investigation and defence of the truth, but to meet and counteract a host of destructive errors, now prevalent in our land. It is hoped that he will receive the liberal patronage of the public in this very commendable effort to do good.

From a Notice by Dr. Storrs, Braintree, Ms. The Scripiure Manual is a work of unquestionable value. None of the questions it proposes are unimportant, and the answers given to them in the words of the Holy Spirit are select, full, and judicious. I know of no other compilation of God's truth, prepared by uninspired inind, that I should so heartily rejoice to find in the hands of every family of my charge—indeed, in every family in the land.

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From Dr. Pond. I have run my eye over your Scripture Manual, 'and think it an ex. cellent book of reference for ministers and private Christians. help in the selection of proof texts, on almost any subject in the Bible, I know of nothing of equal value.

ENOCH POND Theo. Seminary, Bangor Me.

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From Dr. Nott, President of Union College. A work in which the teaching of the Bible, on the great questions of faith and practice are fully and impartially presented, has long been

desideratum. The Scripture Manual (so far as I have been able to examine it) appears in an eminent degree to be such a work ; suming that it is so throughout, I do not hesitate to recommend it as a useful Manual, to all who desire to become acquainted with the teachings of unerring wisdom on questions of this sort ; especially Ministers of the Gospel, to Sabbath School teachers, and heads of families. From Dr. Humphrey, late President of Amherst College, April 14,

1845. I have looked over the Rev. Charles Simmons's Scripture Manual with some care, and am free to say, I consider it eminently adapted to the use for which it is designed. I have seen no Scripture "help" of this class, which I regard as so happily conceived and admirably arranged. It bears the marks throughout, of great industry and good judgment, in the selection and arrangement of appropriate texts, under their proper heads.

I do not know where to find any young Timothy, who has “known the Holy Scriptures so well from a child,” as not to be aided and benefited, by keeping this Manual upon his table. Nor ought the help which it affords, to be confined exclusively to ministers' studies. Teachers of Bible Classes and Sabbath Schools, as well as other pious Jaymen in the church, who love to study the word of God, ought to

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possess it.

From Rev. Albert Barnes, of Philadelphio, April 11, 1845. I have examined with some care Mr. Simmons's “ Scripture Man. ual,” and regard it as a very valuable work. It is evidently composed with great care, and much judgment has been evinced in the arrangeinent of the topics, and in the selection of texts of Scripture. It is in. comparably superior to any thing of the kind with which I am ac. quainted, and its extensive circulation and use cannot but have a happy influence. It is in itself an admirable system of theology, in which there can be no error, and in which Christians may learn, in a short compass, what are the leading doctrines of religion, and what are their own duties and privileges. I have no doubt that the work will soon supersede every other of the kind, as I am clearly of the opinion that it should.

From Rev. Dr. Eddy, of Newark, N. J., April 8, 1845. I have examined the “Scripture Manual,” by the Rev. Charles Simmons, and can most cheerfully recommend it as unquestionably the best work of the kind that has been published. It will be found useful, not only to clergymen and Sabbath School teachers, but to all who seek to make themselves familiar with the truths of the sacred Scriptures.

From Dr. Coyswell, of Gilmanton, N. H. The Scripture Manual, by Rev. Charles Simmons, is the best work of the kind 'I have ever seen. The subjects which it presents are im. portant; and are well illustrated by the passages of Scripture selected. This book should be the companion of all, as it affords great facility for ascertaining the mind and will of God on the greatest subjects in morals and religion.


From Rev. A. Rankin, W. Stewartstown, N. H., Feb. 1851. The general circulation of the Scripture Manual should be among the • first objects before the American church. Every pastor and missionary

should endeavor to put it in every family in their respective fields. The plan of the work was wisely conceived, and has been admirably executed. The more it is known, the more it will be desired. All need it, and great multitudes will have it, as soon as they discover its plan and value. Christians should see that the whole world has it. I think it will ultimately find a place in the library of almost every believer in the divin. ity of the Bible.

From Rev. D. McEwen, of New London, Ct. In order and symmetry, I think the Scripture Manual is not surpassed by any other work. The importance of the book, and the ingenuity of the author in treating articles of theology, and prevalent questions in ethics, will be more and more apparent to the reader, as he progresses in reading the volume.

From Rev. Mr. Spring, E. Hartford, Ct. The Scripture Manual is one of the few books which I can heartily commend. “It is an able and judicious arrangement of those passages which teach the doctrines and inculcate the duties of the word of God. To the diligent, and especially to the systematic reader of the Bible, and to the Sabbath school teacher, the aid it will render is above price.

From Professor Goodrich, of New Haven. I have examined your Scripture Manual, and am pleased with the plan. There is a great deal of judgment and discrimination in the selection of topics, and the development of truth. You have succeeded excellently in avoiding the trammels of human systems, and bringing out the mind of God on almost every important topic.

From Rev. Dr. Edwards, of New London, Ct. The Scripture Manual is remarkable for its order, its adaptedness to the times, and the practical aspect in which it presents the great truths of God's word. On all important subjects it is an ample concordance of the Scriptures, and a clear and authoritative commentary of the Bible upon itself; and in the selection and arrangement of its topics, it goes further than any similar work towards presenting the teachings of Revelation as a well-digested science. I know of no work of the kind as thoroughly and judiciously prepared, or as well fitted to interest and profit in the study, the closet, the family, or the Sabbath School.

From Zion's Herald, (Methodist,) Oct., 1850. SCRIPTURE MANUAL. — The undersigned begs leave to call attention to this work; and by doing so he feels that he is conferring a special favor upon all lovers of the Bible, but especially upon ministers and Sabbath School instructors. Many similar works have been published, but I doubt if there is one so valuable as this. Certainly, I know of none.

Great labor has been bestowed on this effort of Mr. Simmons. His study and research have been patient and accurate, and bating a little doctrinal peculiarity in the arrangement of topics, no discount can be found on the result of his labors. It is all Scripture, systematically arranged. In an important and good sense, it is a labor-saving and a time-saving book. I certainly would not be without it on any account. The edition I would recommend is that of 1850. This notice is entirely unsolicited, and induced by a desire to have others share in the pleasure and profit which I am enjoying in the consultation of the book.




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From the New Englander. The design of this work is, to furnish scripture proofs of the doctrines of Revela. tion, the duties of morality and religion, and of all the institutions of Christianity; and, on the other hand, to refute religious errors by the saine authority.* ** The sound judgment and accurate discrimination with which this plan has been carried out, are worthy of praise. Diligent care appears to have been taken to avoid irrelevant quotations, and to select as proof those passages only which directly assert, or at least plainly imply, the truth of the points to be established. The work is the best of the kind within our knowledge.

From the Nero York Observer. This is a work which must have cost the compiler a vast amount of labor, and will therefore, as its title shows, be a labor saving machine.

Such an arrangement, executed with immense toil and much skill, must be of great assist. ance, both to ministers and private Christians, and we are not surprised that dis. tinguished biblical students bestow upon the work their highest praise.

From the New York Evangelist. The design of this volume is something like that of Gaston's Collection, though a far more complete and able work. It arranges passages of Scripture under appropriate heads, in a systematic form, covering the whole field of didactic theol. ogy. It is most full on the most important points, and evinces in its arrangement a very nice skill, and great familiarity with theological systems. The author has shown great industry and accuracy in the compilation, and has a right to congrat, ulate himself upon the successful performance of a much-needed and long-desired work.

From the Newark Daily Advertiser. This is one of the most valuable volumes ever offered to the Christian reader; certainl 7. and beyond comparison, the most useful compilation of Scripture teach ings of which we nave any knowledge. It presents, in fact, a methodical and entire systein of Christian duty and doctrine, drawn exclusively from the sacred volume, without mutilation or a word of comment, and so arranged, with an alphabetical index, that the reader may sec at a glance the whole teaching of the Scriptures upon tne jeaamg topics of theological and moral inquiry – the doce trines and duties which are generally held to be of primary importance to us all. With this Manual in his hands, no man need hesitate for a moment as to the teaching or requirements of the Bible on any of the leading subjects affecting our religious duties and interests.

The compiler has been engaged upon the work for many years, and his labora have been carefully revised by some of the first divines of our country, who give ths work now before us their most unqualified approbation.

From a Notice in the Christian Watchman, Boston. In selecting and arranging texts of Scripture, the author has had particular ref. erence to the prevailing errors of the tiines, and has adjusted his texts to meet them, so that it is, to a great degree, a book for the times.

From the Boston Recorder. This book has met with a measure of public favor and patronage which indicates its value. Its preparation evinces sound judgment, as well as protracted and patient labor. It is an epitome of the Bible, and the passages illustrative of any particular subject are so arranged as greatly to facilitate the study of the Scriptures. To ministers, Sabbath school teachers, and families, the Manual will be of essential service, as the experience of many has already proved. In the notices of the work which accompany this edition, we believe all will concur who use the Scripture Manual sufficiently to know its worth.

From the Christian Intelligencer, (N. Y.) Mr. Simmons, in executing this work, has expended a treasnre of toil, and exerted much skill. The tribute he has thus paid to the doctrine: of Inspiration, fully entitles him to the gratitude of all who reverence and study the Bible. It is a complete system of Divinity, exhibited in the very language of the Holy Spirit, and the collation is so extensive as to form a synopsis of sacred text. The book will be of great value to ministers of the gospel, students of theology, Sabbath school teachers and scholars, and is calculated in afford much facility to Christian families in the study of the Bible.

From the Christian Observer, Philadelphia. This is a rich, copious, well-selected and well-arranged text book, exhibiting tho results of great labor, in bringing together numerous proof texts, strictly allied in their meaning, on a very large number of subjects - su formed as to present in their beautiful svmnietry the features of evangelical truth. It is justly regarded as the most valuable work of the kind ever published in our language, and we commend it to the attention of ministers, Sunday school teachers, and all person who desire the aid of a manual in acquiring the most important kuowledge.

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