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Published by D. LEWIS.

Primum ego me illorum, dederim quibus ofe Poetas,
Excerpam numero.


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Printed by J. WAT T S. M DCC XXYI,


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HIS Collection of Poems,

which with much Gratitude T is paid as a Debt to All who

have been pleas’d to en

courage it, I beg Leave to present to Your Lordship from my particular Devotion, over and above that Justice by which it is due to You in Common with others and I am not without Excuse for the Freedom of this Address, if to have had a peculiar Eye to Your Approbation, through the whole Course of the Work, gives me a Title "to Your Patronage.

3 Sep

PM I know not whether I have here the good Fortune to offer You many Things, whose Life and Sprightliness may seem to be calculated to please Your Youth ; but such a Regard' will, I hope, appear to have been every where preservd for all that is either Sacred, Moral or Decent, as cannot fail of being agreeable to Your Virtue; and the 'not offending against Religion and good Manners is, I am sure, in Your Account, so necessary a Qualification to Poetry, that without it all others would be insufficient. : .::

in ng You were yet at School, My LORD, when I receiv'd those Impressions of You,


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which would make me fear, did I not my self deteft it, to approach Yoy with any thing that is profane or licentious'; and will always give me that Pallion, for a Sbạre iny your Regard, with which we pursue the Favour of the Ingenious and the Good. It is not then hard to imagine with what Deference and Affection You are attended at the University; where Your Disposștiony is the same, and Your Accomplishments greater. May. You contiauc to gain by Your own Merit the Ob- . servance and Distinction You have been hitherto unwilling to owe to Your noble Birth alone, and secure an universal Esteem by the only Right that can make it solid and permanent.

I must earnestly intreat You, however the Book may acquit it self to Your Judgment, to indulge me with Your usual Goodness the Employing this Opportupity to fhew the Respect and Honour


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