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and make a deeper impression upon the greatest part of man. kind, than the clearest and most conclusive reasoning whate ever. The difference of opinion belwixt Unitarians and Trinitarians, is not of a light and trivial nature. It is not a verbal disputation, a poor play of words, a contest about ceremonies, forms, or church government, but a matter of the last importance. The honour and glory of God, the least part of which is greater than the greatest human affairs, is deeply concerned. The credit of the religion of Jesus is at stake. If there was a cause that would justify or require a separation from any church in earth, it is a conviction that the one true God, our heavenly Father, is there dishonoured, and his peculiar glory given to another. Far be it from me to pass any rash and uncharitable censures upon these, who do this ignorantly, having no opportunity of being better informed, or from invincible prejudices that cannot be overcome, I acknowledge and admit the inno. cency of unavoidable error. But I am speaking just now to Unitarians, whom God in his providence has brought out of darkness into his marvellous light, and I am sure it is their duty to act in conformity to the light that God hath afforded them, by an open avowal of their principles, a resolute de. parture from those societies where false doctrines are taught, and an unscriptural worship prevails, and thereby increasing the number of the true worshippers of the Father in spirit and in truth,' and setting an instructive example of religia olis integrity to the world. +

Gloria divina hic agitur, cujus pars minima rebus huma. nis etiam maximis major est."-Crellius de uno Deo Patre, in prefatione.

† See these hints to conforming Unitarians much farther pursued in a very valuable treatise entitled, A free and serious Address to the Chris. tian Laity, especially such as embracing Unitarian sentiments conform to Trinitarian worship. Lond. 1781.

See also an excellent little work, published on the same subject last year, entitled, An Exbortation to all Christians to refrain from Trinitarian 'worsbip. Dr. Priestley's incomparable Address to Protestant Dissenlers, AS SUCH, may also be perused with great advantage. It is hardly possible to urge more powerful arguments, or to propose more affecting and awakening considerations, than the authors of these three tracts have already done. I would warmly recommend them to the perusal of all conforming Unitarians, whether Arians or Socinians. They are truly Apostolical, and if candidly and attentively perused, could hardly fail to produce the most salutary effects,

As for us, my brethren, who have already taken this course, and formed a little church, the very basis of which is the one only Godhead of the Father, let us adhere steadi. ly to this grand and important principle; and take every opportunity that the providence of God puts in our power of propagating the truth, and gaining the assent of mankind to it. Let us not be intimidated by the number of our opponents, or the malevolence and bitterness of spirit that some of them display against us, which in truth discovers the weakness of their cause, that can only be supported by violence and clamour, and has no solid foundation in reason or the Scriptures. Let us be punctual in the discharge of all moral and religious duties, doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. Now to the one living and only true God the Father,' the perpetual and absolute Sovereign of the Universe ; who made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all that in them is ; ' and who has no equal in the supremacy of his perfections and dominion, be ascribed through Jesus Christ our Lord all possible glory and praise, both now and ever. Amen.


C. Stower, Printer, 32, Paternoster Row, London.


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