The Chemical Trade Journal, Nide 7

Davis, 1890

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Sivu 79 - Articles the growth, produce, and manufacture of the United States, when returned after having been exported, without having been advanced in value or improved in condition by any process of manufacture or other means...
Sivu 63 - Act, there shall be levied, collected, and paid upon all articles imported from foreign countries, and mentioned in the schedules herein contained, the rates of duty which are, by the schedules and paragraphs, respectively prescribed, namely : SCHEDULE A.
Sivu 208 - Each and every gauge or wine gallon of measurement shall be counted as at least one proof gallon ; and the standard for determining the proof of brandy and other spirits or liquors of any kind imported shall be the same as that which is defined in the laws relating to internal revenue ; but any brandy or other spirituous liquors, imported in casks of less capacity than fourteen gallons, shall be forfeited to the United States : Provided.
Sivu 80 - Provided, That this paragraph shall not apply to any article upon which an allowance of drawback has been made, the reimportation of which is hereby prohibited except upon payment of duties equal to the drawbacks allowed; or to any article manufactured in bonded warehouse and exported under any provision of law: And provided further.
Sivu 80 - States ; but proof of the identity of such articles shall be made, under general regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury...
Sivu 64 - Perfumery, including cologne and other toilet waters, articles of perfumery, whether in sachets or otherwise, and all preparations used as applications to the hair, mouth, teeth, or skin, such as cosmetics, dentifrices...
Sivu 79 - Porcelain and Bohemian glass, chemical glassware, painted glassware, stained glass, and all other manufactures of glass or of which glass shall be the component material of chief value, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act, .forty-five per centum ad valorem.
Sivu 208 - No lower rate or amount of duty shall be levied, collected, and paid on brandy, spirits, and other spirituous beverages, than that fixed by law for the description of first proof; but it shall be increased in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of first proof...
Sivu 208 - ... rosemary or anthoss, sesame or sesamum seed or bean, thyme, origanum red or white, valerian; and also spermaceti, whale, and other fish oils of American fisheries, and all fish and other products, of such fisheries; petroleum, crude or refined...
Sivu 63 - ... advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process, and not specially provided for in this Act.

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