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• But first upon my trne-love's grave

My weary limbs I'll lay;
And thrice I'll kiss the green-grass turf

That wraps his breathless clay.'

'Yet, stay, fair lady, stay awhile

Beneath this cloister wall :
See, through the hawthorn blows the wind,

And drizzly rain doth fall.'

"O stay me not, thou holy friar,

O stay me not, I pray!
No drizzly rain that falls on me

Can wash my fault away.'

"Yet stay, fair lady, turn again,

And dry those pearly tears ;
For see, beneath this gown of grey,

Thy own trne-love appears.

“Here, forc'd by grief and hopeless love,

These holy weeds I sought.
And here, amidst these lonely walls,

To end my days I thought.

* But, haply, for my year of grace

Is not yet pass'd away,
Might I still hope to win thy love,

No longer would I stay.'

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Now farewell grief, and welcome joy

Once more unto my heart;
For since I've found thee, lovely youth,

We never more will parti




* As ye came from the holy land

of blessed Walsingham, O met you not with my true-love,

As by the way ye came?'

• How should I know your true-love;

That have met many a one, As I came from the holy land,

That have both come and gone?'

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My love is neither white nor brown,

But as the heavens fair;
There is none that hath her form divine,

Either in earth, or air.'

"Such an one did I meet, good sir,

With an angelic face;
Who like a nymph, a queen appeard

Both in her gait, her grace.'

Yes, she hath clean forsaken me

And left me all alone ;
Who sometime lop'd me as her life,

And called me her own.'

• What is the cause she leaves thee thus,

And a new way doth take;
That sometimes lov'd thee as her life,

And thee her joy did make ?!

"I that lov'd her all my youth,

Grow old now as you see ; Love liketh not the falling fruit,

Nor yet the withered tree.

For love is like a careless child,

Forgetting promise past;
He is blind or deaf, whene'er he list,

His faith is never fast.

• His fond desire is fickle found,

And yields a trustless joy;
Won with a world of toil and care,

And lost ey'n with a toy..

• Such is the love of womankind,

Of Love's fair name abus'd, Beneath which many vain desires,

And follies are excus'd.

But true love is a lasting fire,

Which viewless vestals tend, That burns for ever in the soul, And knows nor change nor end.'


Turn, gentle hermit of the dale,

And guide my lonely way,
To where yon taper cheers the vale,

With hospitable ray.

'For here forlorn and lost I tread, 5.10.14]

With fainting steps and slow ; -, syd 234,00* Where wilds, immeasnrably spready

Seem lengthening as I go..

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'Forbear, my son, the hermit cries,

"To tempt the dangerous gloom;, For yonder phantom only flies,

To lure thee to thy doom.

“Here to the houseless child of want,

My door is open still;
And though my portion is but scant,

I give it with good will,

“Then turn to-night, and freely share

Whate'er my cell bestows;
My rushy couch, and frugal fare,

My blessing and repose.

No flocks that range the valley free,

To slaughter I condemn :
Taught by that Power that pities me,

I learn to pity them.

But from the mountain's grassy side,

A guiltless feast I bring ;
A scrip with herbs and fruits supplied,

And water from the spring.

"Then, pilgrim, turn, thy cares foregoi

For earth-born.cares are wrong: Man wants but little here below,

Nor wants that little longa VOL. V.


Soft as the dew from heav'n descends,

His gentle accepts fell :
The modest stranger lowly bends,

And follows to the cell.

Far in a wilderness obscure

The lonely mansion lay:
A refuge to the neighbouring poor,

And stranger led astray.

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No stores beneath its humble thatch'

Requir'd a master's care;
The wicket opening with a latch,

Receiv'd the harmless pair.

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And now when busy crowds retire

To revels or to rest,
The hermit trimm'd his little fire,

And cheer'd his pensive guest :

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And spread his vegetable store,

And gaily press'd, and smild; And skill'd in legendary lore,

The lingering hours beguild.

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Around in sympathetic mirth

Its tricks the kitten tries;
The cricket chirrups on the hearth ;

The crackling faggot flies.

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But nothing could a charm impart

To sooth the stranger's woe; For grief was heavy at his heart,

And tears began to flow.


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