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him, and wait for the divine counsel and divine openings to be given to us from heaven: and many times we have had in our waiting upon the Lord, great things discovered and given unto us, which are hard to be uttered and declared.

Every faithful minister of Christ, that hath a sense and feeling of the state and condition of thein, in some measure, to whom he speaks, he bath a travail upon him, and is in a crucified state, having been made partaker of the knowledge of Christ, of the power of his resurrection, and of the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable to his death, as the Apostle Paul speaks, Phil. ii. 10. Such miniscers are deeply sensible of that vail of darkness (and unpreparedness) in bearers, that hath clouded the minds of the people, yet they do not rashly judge and censure them, but travail for them; and speak as they have felt and tasted of the word of life; I desire all of you may examine yourselves, and try your own hearts and spirits, that you may know how it is with you. When you examine yourselves, take heed of self flattery. If satan, the great deceiver of souls, can by his temptations prevail, he will not suffer you to bring your deeds tothe light, which will make them manifest.

Friends, I exhort you all, as you love your souls, and desire the eternal happiness and welfare of them, come to the simplicity of the truth, and love the truth as it is in Jesus,' and be obedient to it, and be resigned and devoted to God, who is waiting to be gracious, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance, and obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ; desire to be a willing people as in the day of God's power, who is willing to do you good, and is holding out his helping hand to bring you nearer to bimself. Blessing, bonour, and praise, be rendered to his great and excellent name, who liveth for ever, and who alone is worthy, who is God over

all, even the heavens and the whole earth, to whom with the dear Son of his love and blessed Spirit (one God,) be glory for ever and ever world without end. Amen.

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BLESSED Lord God, and Father of life, and of all our mercies, thou hast been a habitation and dwelling place to thy people in all generations, who have trusted in thee, and waited on thee, in that life and light which brought the dear Son of thy love thou hast made known to them; thou hast sent thy holy Spirit into the hearts of thy people; that they might see their way to thee, and draw near to thee, and daily wait upon thee in thy fear, with all humi.. lity and lowliness of mind, wherein they are capable of thy teaching, and qualified to receive counsel and instruction, and wisdom from thee, the only wise God.

Everlasting God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have great cause to bless thee, when we remember thee in thy ways and dealings with us, and in thy tender mercies to us, and to thy people in many places, whom thou hast gathered by the . arm of thy almighty power, and whom thou hast called out of darkness into thy marvellous light, that they might be a peculiar people to thee, zealous of good works. Blessed God, we have cause to bless thy name, and to speak well of thee, and to render to thy majesty living praises, and to serve and worship thee with true humility and godly fear, and self denial, and sincerity, and perseverance. Vouchsafe unto us more and more of the saving knowledge of thyself, and thy dear Son Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent, which is life eternal, that we may delight to draw near to thee, and enjoy the light of thy countenance, and suffer us not to live as without thee in the world; and as those that like not to retain God in their knowledge, but let our

thoughts and meditations of thee be sweet and savoury to us, that we may be filled with joy unspeakable, and full of glory, whenever we come into thy presence; that thou mayest have the praise and glory of thy own works, and of thy mercies and compassions which thou extendest to us, when we diligently wait for thee, and worship thee in the beauties of holiness.

O blessed God! as thou art pleased to renew thy favours and mercies as the morning is renewed, make us, and all thy people, sensible thereof, that they may dwell in that life and spirit, as will lead them to show forth thy praise in a well ordered conversation, let us give all diligence to make our calling and election sure, and work out our own salvation with fear and trembling that it may go well with our immortal souls : let us know that our sins are blotted out, that we may have refreshment from the presence of the Lord, being reconciled to thee through the dear Son of thy love, and sanctified and justified by his Spirit and blood, we may be saved from wrath through him ; for if when we were enemies, we were reconciled to thee through the death of thy Son, much more being reconciled shall we be saved by bis life. Blessed and righteous God, and Father of mercies, it is only those that are truly converted and turned from sin to thee, and that with full purpose of heart do cleave unto thee, that are sensible of divine refreshments, and that truly know when good comes, when thou art pleased to shower down thy blessings as the former and the latter rain. Lord God everlasting, be thou near unto thy people, both here and elsewhere, that they may be preserved through all temptations, and trials, and tribulations, that thou mayest suffer to come upon them, that they may be kept in the exercise of a true living faith that worketh by love, that they may know and witness a victory over the world, and over all the temptations and snares that are in it. . ?

Glorious, everlasting and powerful Father of life, in true love to thy mighty power, and excellent name, let us be preserved, and in tender love and tender-heartedness one tuwards another; that we may all enjoy that heavenly salt within ourselves, that divine fire, that living and heavenly virtue, whereby we may savour the things of the Spirit, and discern things that differ, and distinguish the precious from the vile, that temptations may not prevail, but that the great enemy of our souls may be seen and defeated, that we may not be ignorant of his devices, but vanquish him in all his assaults, and be more than conquerers, through Christ that hath loved us. Blessed God and Father of life, surround all thy people with thy mighty arm; let their habitation be a place of safety, as in the muni. tion of rocks, where their daily bread may be given to them, and where their waters may not fail, that they may rejoice and praise thy holy name in the land of the living. Prosper and bless thy servants whom thou hast called to labour in thy vineyard, that they may be instrumental for the converting and saving of many souls ; let thy blessing succeed their labours and travails, that many may be turned from darkness to light, and from satan's power to the power of thee the living God, that they may speak a word in season to those that are weary and saint in their minds; and for the help, supporting and stengthening of those that are feeble and weak, and for satisfying the desire of those whose souls are breathing after Thee, that all may tend to thy glory, and thy people's comfort, and the exaltation of thy holy name and truth. Now unto Thee, O Father of mercies, for all thy favours, blessings and benefits, and for living encouragements that from time to time thou hast afforded to us; we desire to render and

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