Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems: An Introduction

This new title provides a comprehensive account of the current state of the main types of airborne and spaceborne radar systems. Each system is covered in terms of the basic radar principles, functions and properties, as well as the radar's role within the overall system and mission. Given changing operational requirements, the authors also consider how radar may evolve into the future. The book benefits from the knowledge of the author team, who are working in a company considered to be a centre of excellence for commercial radar development.
A practical tool on radar systems that will be of major help to technicians, student engineers and engineers working in industry and in radar research and development. The many users of radar as well as systems engineers and designers will also find it highly useful. Also of interest to pilots and flight engineers and military command personnel and military contractors. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
About the Author: Philippe Lacomme is a Senior Radar Designer with Thomson-CSF Detexis Company. He is the Technical Director of the Radar Unit, which is in charge of developing and producing airborne radar systems for Rafale aircraft, the Mirage 2000, and others. Professor Lacomme has taught radar theory at Thomson-CSF and in many universities and schools, and has lectured at numerous international conferences.
Jean-Claude Marchais was Technical Director of Thomson-CSF Radars & Contre-Mesures until his retirement. During his long career, he was involved in the development of radar systems for the Mirage aircraft family, a lecturer on radar at the ESME-Sudria engineering school, and the author of three books, including a highly successful one on operational amplifiers.
Jean-Philippe Hardange joined Thomson-CSF in 1982 and has worked there as a radar engineer on all types of airborne radar. In 1996 he was head of the Airborne Radar Engineering Department. Later he launched the SOSTAR project of ground surveillance for NATO. He is now leading the Airborne Systems Engineering Department at Thomson-CSF.
Eric Normant works as a research scientist at at Thomson-CSF Detexis and is head of the airborne reconnaissance radar team. He has worked on SAR processing and system engineering. He holds a dozen patents in the field of SAR and teaches general radar theory and SAR.

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