Diseases and Enemies of Poultry, Osa 1

C.M. Busch, state printer, 1897 - 866 sivua

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Sivu 686 - That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent herewith be, and the same are hereby, repealed.
Sivu 564 - Dr. DE Salmon, Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC...
Sivu 694 - The migrations are greatest during the latter part of October and the first part of November...
Sivu 242 - The female is larger and much darker than male; eyes rather small and yellow; no ear tufts. Habitat.— Northern portions of the Northern Hemisphere. In North America, breeding mostly north of the United States; in winter migrating south to the Middle States, straggling to South Carolina. Texas and the Bermudas. The Snowy Owl rendered so conspicuous by its large size and white plumage is a native of the Arctic regions. This owl is found in Pennsylvania only as a winter visitant.
Sivu 364 - An' fitted in a proper neck — 'twuz berry long an' taprin'; He tuk some tin, an' twisted him a thimble fur to ring it: An' den de mighty question riz: how wuz he gwine to string it? De 'possum had as fine a tail as dis dat I's a-singin' ; De ha'r's so long an
Sivu 311 - When this became known and it was learned that great numbers of these feathered benefactors were being de*The diseases and insects affecting fruit trees and plants, with remedies for their destruction, by Gerald McCarthy.
Sivu 326 - Pre-eminently an insect eater; he destroys more beetles, grasshoppers and the like than all our other mammals together, and in addition to these devours vast numbers of mice." From numerous reports received at the Department of Agriculture from farmers, poulterers and sportsmen in Pennsylvania it is quite evident that the odoriferous Skunk is not regarded with much favor; in fact...
Sivu 206 - Grakles, and Red-winged Blackbirds, congregate in large flights, he is often observed hovering in their rear, or on their flanks, picking up the weak, the wounded or stragglers ; and frequently making a sudden and fatal sweep into the very midst of their multitudes. The flocks of robins and pigeons are honored with the same attentions from this marauder ; whose daily excursions are entirely regulated by the movements of the great body, on whose unfortunate members he fattens.
Sivu 144 - Of 133 stomachs examined, 34 contained poultry or game birds; 52, other birds; 11, mammals;, 1, frog; 3, lizards; 2, insects, and 3 were empty
Sivu 555 - ... standpoint. As the intestines are stated to be frequently the seat of the specific lesions of tuberculosis In fowls, It Is of the greatest importance that a thorough examination be made before a positive diagnosis is pronounced. There are already several statements concerning the presence of tuberculosis in fowls in which the data given are not sufficient to differentiate the disease from the one here described. A somewhat...

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