The Sisters: Or the History of Lucy and Caroline Sanson, Entrusted to a False Friend. In Two Volumes. ...

T. Waller, 1754

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Sivu 149 - This is the state of man : To-day he puts forth The tender leaves of hope ; to-morrow blossoms, And bears his blushing honours thick upon him : The third day, comes a frost, a killing frost; And, — when he thinks, good easy man, full surely His greatness is a ripening, — nips his root, And then he falls, as I do.
Sivu 127 - And from its course turn back Omnipotence ? " Forbid it! and oh ! grant, great God, at least This one, this slender, almost no request ; When I have wept a thousand lives away, When torment is grown weary of its prey, When I have rav'd ten thousand years in fire, Ten thousand thousand, let me then expire.
Sivu 65 - Dacier is not to he forgiven for omitring this miraculous circumftance, which fo perfeftly agrees with the marvellous air of the whole paflage, and without which the fublimfc image of Homer is not compleat.
Sivu 204 - Pox take thefe women — it wou'd have been better for the world, if there had been none of them born ; his mother that's dead never brought me a Shilling, and yet that was my own fault too.
Sivu 271 - I have robb'd heaven to people the kingdom of darknefs — what agony can ' equal that reflexion, and what fufferings can be adequate to fuch a crime ? Thou art about to meet thy due here upon earth ; but let me pour the dreadful tidings into thy ears, this, this is but indeed the very beginning of forrows...
Sivu 252 - twas heaven to my fond heart, when I beheld her blufhing beauties. Thou art wan and pale, meagre and thin. Thefe cheeks, overfpread with...
Sivu 104 - Sorry I am, that it falls to my lot to acquaint you...
Sivu 270 - Dookalb, that you have* . . *• the confidence to make any application to fcne on fuch an affair, when you well know* that I am perfectly convinced you wholly deferve the fate you are about to fuffer. Scandalous as your paft life has been, and infamous as is the prefent crime laid to your charge, do you ima.
Sivu 229 - that have not the form of godlinefs ; ' cormorants ready to devour us, to eat ' up our lands, our liies, our proper—
Sivu 85 - I have read with this view, and greatly improv'd my way of thinking,. avoiding the errors there recorded,. and following my better judgment, have without any of their troubles made myfelf happy.

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