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Upon the Epiphany, and the three wise Men of the East coming

to worship Jesus.
A COMET, dangling in the air,
Presag'd the ruin both of death and sin;

And told the wise men of a king,
The King of glory,--and the Sun

Of righteousness, who then begun
To draw towards that blessed hemisphere.

They, from the furthest east, this new
And unknown light pursue,

Till they appear
In this blest infant King's propitious eye,

pay their homage to his royalty. Persia might then the rising sun adore;

It was idolatry no more.
Great God, they gave to thee
Myrrh, frankincense, and gold;

But, Lord, with what shall we
Present ourselves before thy majesty,
Whom thou redeem'dst when we were sold ?
W' have nothing but ourselves, and scarce that neither,

Vile dirt and clay;
Yet it is soft, and may

Impression take:
Accept it, Lord, and say, this thou hadst rather;
Stamp it, and on this sordid metal make
Thy holy image, and it shall outshine

The beauty of the golden mine. Amen.




A Meditation of Death.
DEATH, the old serpent's son,

Thou hadst a sting once, like thy sire,
That carried hell, and ever-burning fire:-

But those black days are done;

[blocks in formation]

Thy foolish spite buried thy sting

In the profound and wide

Wound of our Saviour's side :
And now thou art become a tame and harmless thing,
A thing we dare not fear,-

Since we hear,
That our triumphant God to punish thee
For the affront thou didst him on the tree,
Hath snatch'd the keys of hell out of thy hand,

And made thee stand
A porter to the gate of life, thy mortal enemy,
o Thou, who art that gate, command that he

May, when we die,

And thither fly,
Let us into the courts of heaven, through thee!

My soul doth pant tow'rds thee,
My God, source of eternal life:

Flesh fights with me;

O end the strife
And part us, that in peace I may

My wearied spirit, and take
My flight to thy eternal spring;

Where, for his sake

Who is my King, I may wash all my tears away

That day.

Thou conqueror of death, Glorious triumpher o'er the grave,

Whose holy breath

Was spent to save Lost mankind; make me to be styl’d

Thy Child:

And take me, when I die, And go unto my dust, my soul,

Above the sky

With saints enrol, That in thy arms, for ever, I

May lie. Amen.

Of the Day of Judgment.
Great Judge of all, how we vile wretches quake

Our guilty bones do ache;
Our marrow freezes, when we think
Of the consuming fire

Of thine ire,
And horrid phials, thou shalt make

The wicked drink;
When thou the winepress of thy wrath shalt tread

With feet of lead.
Sinful rebellious clay! what unknown place

Shall hide it from thy face!
When earth shall vanish from thy sight,
The heavens that never err’d,

But observ'd Thy laws, shall from thy presence take their flight, And kill'd with glory, their bright eyes stark dead

Start from their head :

Lord, how shall we, Thy enemies, endure to see

So bright, so killing majesty ? Mercy, dear Saviour: thy judgment seat

We dare not, Lord, intreat ; We are condemn’d already, there. Mercy ! vouchsafe one look

On thy book
Of life; Lord, we can read the saving Jesus, here,
And in his name our own salvation see:

Lord, set us free;
The book of sin

Is cross'd within :
Our debts are paid by thee.

Mercy !

Of Heaven.
O BEAUTEOUS God, uncircumscribed treasure

Of an eternal pleasure,-
Thy throne is seated far
Above the highest star,

Where thou prepar’st a glorious place
Within the brightness of thy face

For every spirit

To inherit,
That builds his hopes on thy merit,
And loves thee with a holy charity.
What rayish'd heart, seraphic tongue or eyes,

Clear as the morning's rise,
Can speak, or think, or see,

That bright eternity?
Where the great King's transparent throne
Is of an entire jasper stone:

There the eye
O'th' chrysolite,

And a sky
Of diamonds, rubies, chrysoprase,
And, above all, thy holy face
Makes an eternal clarity.
When thou thy jewels up dost bind,--that day

Remember us, we pray,
That where the beryl lies

And the crystal, 'bove the skies,
There thou may'st appoint us place
Within the brightness of thy face;

And our soul

In the scroll
Of life and blissfulness enrol,
That we may praise thee to eternity.


Of Hell. .

HORRID darkness, sad and sore;

And an eternal night!
Groans and shrieks, and thousands more

In the want of glorious light!
Every corner hath' a snake

In the accursed lake:
Seas of fire, beds of snow,-
Are the best delights below:

A viper from the fire

Is his hire,
That knows not moments from eternity,
Glorious God of day and night,

Spring of eternal light,
Allelujahs, hymns, and psalms,

And coronets of palms, Fill thy temple evermore.

O mighty God,

Let not thy bruising rod
Crush our loins with an eternal pressure;
O let thy mercy be the measure;
For, if thou keepest wrath in store,

We all shall die;
And none be left to glorify

Thy name, and tell
How thou hast sav'd our souls from hell.

Mercy !

On the Conversion of St. Paul.

FULL of wrath, his threatening breath
Belching nought, but chains and death :

Saul was arrested in his way,

By a voice and a light,
That, if a thousand days

Should join in rays

To beautify one day,
It would not show so glorious and so bright.
On his amazed eyes it night did fling,

That day might break within ;

And by those beams of faith,
Make him of a child of wrath
Become a vessel full of glory.
Lord, curb us in our dark and sinful way;

We humbly pray;
When we down horrid precipices run
With feet that thirst to be undone,
That this


be our story.

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