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Of this popular work, the following recommendations are derived from sources of unquestionable authority.

1. The Albany Daily Advertiser, of July 28th, 1833, has the following editorial notice:-" The following article is from the pen of a gentleman of high literary reputation, who, from our own knowledge of him, would be the last to recommend a work that was not deserving.

A Layman's APOLOGY, &c.—We are pleased at having in our power to announce that a prospectus is in circulation for publishing in a book form the SERIES OF LETTERS which appeared originally in the Washington County Post, under the signature of Sherlock. These letters, of which there are nine, are addressed to Thomas Herttell, on the subject of his speech in the House of Assembly against the appointment of Chaplains. The subject is treated in various interesting points of view, as connected with the public welfare, and the authenticity and essential utility of Divine Revelation. To the original letters the author has added a preface and a body of notes and illustrations, of a very interesting nature. He has, moreover, dedicated his work to the Ladies of the United States, in a sound and eloquent appeal to their good sense and calm judgment, of which we have had the perusal, and in which he shows briefly, but clearly, how much the female sex are indebted for their present elevated condition in society to the benign influence of the christian religion. We are happy to add, that the subscription list is filling rapidly; and we have no hesitation in recommending the work as one which will be perused with pleasure and profit by every enlightened well-wisher to the best interests of mankind.

II. The Rev. GILBERT M'Masters, of Duanesburgh, in the county of Schenectady, in a letter to GERRIT L. Dox, Esq., of Albany, late Treasurer of this state, says “I cordially approve of giving a permanent shape to the letters of “ SHERLOCK," by republishing them in a distinct volume. He'treats his subject in a popular and impressive manner, and the public cannot read them without profit. It is hoped the subscription will authorize the publication forthwith. I had indeed contemplated a discussion of the subject he has taken up. My plan would have led to a manner more abstract than he has chosen, and consequently less adapted to produce immediate salutary effect. I feel myself hap

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