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der minds the moral, intellectual and spiritual treasures of the Sacred Volume : And above all, as you regard your own eternal welfare, never for a moment suffer your faith to be shaken in its divinity, or your steps to be led away from its pure and hallowed light.

If there be zeal in these remarks, believe me, it flows from no fanatical spirit, but from a thorough knowledge of the evils, against which it is my aim to forewarn you. Experience is the best teacher; there is none like it: And it is through a long and intimate acquaintance and intercourse with Infidelity, and with Infidels personally, that I have had a fair opportunity of knowing to what licentiousness in practice the principles of Voltaire, Hume, Paine, and their congenial authors, may and too often do lead their votaries. Rejecting the Bible, as the word and the law of God, which it undoubtedly is, they have no guide left, but the law of the land, and what is called human reason. The law of the fand, we must recollect, reaches but a part, and a small one too, of the vices, crimes and corruptions, which frail humanity is heir to by the fall, and is constantly tempted to commit by the insidious wiles of the Arch Deceiver. The law is the bond of society, and not the shield or the buckler of private and individual worth and virtue : It protects society against the crimes of individuals; but it cannot protect individuals against themselves, against the evil inclinations of their own hearts, and the turbulence of their passions : And as to

human reason, the boasted light of Infidelity, its vanity and weakness are exhibited in as many shapes as there are various nations, complexions and statures of the human race. In one age and clime it makes theft a virtue, and deifies mere men and women, making gods and goddesses of the vilest if not the weakest of their species! In another, is bows down and worships Idols of brass and marble, on one side of a lake or river; whilst nearly or directly opposite, on the other side, we behold it doing the same homage to a heifer, an ox, or an ass, or some other equally stupid and insensible brute. Here it sanctions malice, revenge and murder, under the lex talionis; and there it drinks the blood and devours the flesh of the human victims it has captured in war! Here it is seen seeking for truth and justice in the absurd and uncertain trial by battle, or the equally untenable and still more barbarous fiery ordeal; and there burning at the stake, or hanging and drowning, innocent and unoffending men and women as wizzards and witches! Here it determines the fate of an army, or an empire, by the casual flight of a flock of crows, or a brace of cormorants.; and there it does the same, of some thing equally momentous, by inspecting the entrails of a fowl, a sheep, or a hog I* This is human rea

* We have seen it lead the Persians to deify the Sun--the Egyp. tians to worship a Cat or a Serpent, and the modern Hindoos to prostrate themselves at the approach of Juggernaut. In the highsands of Scotland it has given birth to those fanciful beings called Fairies; and in the metropolis of Great Britain it was long enchained by faith in the existence of the famous Cocklane Ghost! It led many of the primitive fathers of New England to believe, that to kila awallow would cause their cows to give bloody milki

Bon; left to itself, and unaided by the light of Revelation! And suppose it in some superior minds to soar far above these benighted and absurd superstitions, and cruel and barbarous usages, as it has done in the labors of such men as Aristotle and Cicero, among the ancients, and Bacon, Boyle, and Newton, in modern times; it is still but limited human wisdom: It is still confined in its operation to the head, leaving the heart a moral waste, and providing for it none of those consolations, without which it can never be at ease, and which it can find in the

and it has often converted the hooting of an owl, the howling of a dog, or the ticking or buzzing of an insignificant insect, into the voice of a demon, and the signal of approaching death to the family circle or the individual by whom the mysterious or boding sounds were heard! In revolutionary France, it chose an abandoned female, the disgrace of her sex and of human nature, for its peculiar divinity, styling her the GODDESS OF Reason! And in Germany, under the auspices of EMANUEL SWEDENBOURGH, it unveiled the world of Spirits to human observation, calling up the ghosts of the departed as readily as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings! But ah! says the Infidel, your examples are those of the perversion, and not the perfection of human reason. Granted; but where, let me ask, is that perfection to be sought for? If not in the ranks of the ignorant, the superstitious, and the bigotted, neither does it dwell with the sceptical or the unbelieving, or with those who are distinguished only by what the world call wisdom, virtue and talents; Or whence come all the face tions, seditions and treasons, among the governed? And whence the corruption, the injustice, the tyranny and persecution, among the governors of mankind? It is in short, the union of human or profane science with the divine or sacred science of the gospel, that can alone constitute the perfection of reason. With the science of Bacon, and his legitimate successors, in his head and the science of Jesus Christ, as found in the Old and New Testament, in his heart-Man arrives at all the perfection of which his reason and his sensibility are capable in his present state; and the uni. versal prevalence of this desirable union of the Science of the heart with that of the head, will rid the world of all crime and cor. ruption: For more than this, he must wait till he finds himself seated at the right hand of his Eternal Father, when the unspeak. able glories of Heaven, shall burst upon his view, and his soul be: filled with the light that shines around the Throne of Jehovah!

Christian Philosophy alone. I would not detract from the value of the works of such Philosophers, as those I have just mentioned; neither would I dare, for a moment, to compare them with the intellectual and spiritual treasures of the gospel-the unsearchable riches of Christ. Since then, human reason, in its best efforts, falls far short of the DiVINE ORACLES in the first of all Sciences--the Science of the Heart-is it any wonder that those who reject: Revelation should become liable to fall into every error and every vice, that can impair the dignity, and degrade the character of mankind? Is it any wonder, that losing sight of the only true wisdom, so many human hopes are blasted—so many promising young men are lured to destruction-so many young women are corrupted, blighted and destroyed so many horrible crimes are committed-so many families are made miserable, and the grey hairs of so many aged and fond parents are: brought with sorrow to the grave! O! what a hell upon earth is produced by the rejection af that wisdom which cometh from above !-that wisdom which has God for its Author, which we rejoice to believe has brought life and immortality to light; and by the embracing of which sincerely, we are enabled to exclaim in the language of a chaste and elegant poet :

« Inspiring thought of rapture yet to be,
The tears of love were hopeless, but for theel
If in that frame no deathless spirit dwell,
If that faint murmer be the last farewell!
If Fate unite the faithful but to part,
Why is their memory sacred to the heart?

Why does the brother of my childhood seem ;
Restored awhile in every pleasing dream?
· Why do I joy the lovely spot to view,

By artless friendship bless'd when life was new?"
And again-and still more consoling :-

" Cold in the dust this perished heart may lie,
But that which warmed it once shall never die!
That spark, unburied in its mortal frame,
With living light, eternal and the same,
Shall beam on joy's interminable years,

Unveiled by darkness—unassuaged by tears."" Once more, therefore, my fair readers, I conjure you to cling to the Christian Revelation, as light from Heaven that cannot lead astray; as light which shall guide you safely through the perils and perplexities of this life, and prove to you the day-, star of eternal beatitude in the life to come. If you will take my humble advice, you will overwhelm with your contempt, you will spurn from your presence for ever, the man, or rather the maniac, or the monster, who under the mask of reason, friendship, or any other vain and deceitful guise, would impair your faith in that Divine Light, or lead you for a moment from the paths of wisdom and of truth which it irradiates and sanctifies'; always remembering, that so far as the human heart and its happiness, both temporal and eternal, are concerned, there is no sound reason, no true wisdom, no pure virtue, without the pale of revelation. This is the only pure fountain of felicity--all other fountains are more or less turbid, and full of bitterness and sorrow. The senses and the imagination may indeed be regaled, and in some cases innocently too, by inventions of human genius and

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