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John Piyilips. C.

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Berries, and sky.dy'd Plumbs, and what in coat
Rough, or soft rind, or bearded husk, or shell;
Fat Olives, and Pilacio's fragrant nut,

And the Pine's tasteful Apple: autumn paints
Ausonian hills with Grapes, whilst English


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Blush with pomaceous harvests, breathing (weets.
O let me now, when the kind early dew
Unlocks th' embofom'd odors, walk among
The well-rang'd files of trees, whose full ag'd

Diffuse Ambrofial steams, than Myrrh, or Nard
More grateful, or perfuming flowry Bean!
Soft whisp’ring airs, and the lark’s matin long
Then woo to musing, and becalm the mind
Perplex'd with irksome thoughts.

Thrice happy

Best portion of the various year, in which
Nature rejoiceth, smiling on her works
Lovely, to full perfection wrought! but'ah,
Short are our joys, and neighb’ring griefs di-

Our pleasant hours. Inclement winter dwells
Contiguous; forthwith frosty blasts deface
The blithsome year: trees of their shrivel'd

Are widow'd, dreary storms o'er all prevail.
Now, now's the time; ere hafty suns forbid
To work, disburden thou thy fapless wood
Of its ricla progeny; the turgid fruit
Abounds with mellow liquor; now exhort
Thy hinds to exercise the pointed steel
On the hard rock, and give a wheely form
To the expected grinder: now prepare
Materials for thy mill, a sturdy post
Cylindric, to support the grinder's weight
Excessive, and a flexile fallow' entrench'd,
Rounding, capacious of the juicy hord.
Nor must thou not be mindful of thy press
Long ere the vintage; but with timely care

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John philips.


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Shave the goat's shaggy beard, lest thou too late
In vain should'st seek a strainer to dispart
The husky, terrene dregs, from purer Must.
Be cautious next a proper steed to find
Whose prime-is past; thē vigorous horse disdains
Such fervile labours, or, if forc'd, forgets
His past atchievements, and victorious palms.
Blind Bayard rather, worn with work, and

Shall roll th' unwieldly stone, with sober pace
He'll tread the circling path 'till dewy eve,
From early day.spring, pleas'd to find his age
Declining, not unuseful to his lord.

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Some, when the press, hy utmost vigour

Has, draind the pulpous mass, regale their

With the dry refuse; thou, more wise, shalt


Thy husks in water, and again employ
The pondrous engine. Water will imbibe
The finall remains of spirit, and acquire
A vinous flavour; this the peafants blithe
Will quaff, and whistle, as thy tinkling team
They drive, and sing of Fusca's radiant eyes,
Pleas'd with the medly draught. Nor 1 halt thou

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Reject the Apple Cheese, tho' quite exhaust;
Ev'n now 'twill cherish, and improve the roots
Of fickly plants; new vigour hence convey'd
Will yield an harvest of unusual growth.
Such profit springs from husks discreetly us'd!

The tender apples, from their parents rent
By stormy shocks, must not neglected lie,
The prey of worms: A frugal man I knew,
Rich in one barren acre, which, subdu'd
By endless culture, with fufficient Must
His casks replenifh'd yearly: He no more


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Desir'd, nor wanted, diligent to learn
The various seasons, and by skill repet
Invading perts, succesful in his cares,
Till the damp Libyan wind, with tempests arm'da
Outragious, blufter'd horrible amidst
His Cyder - grove: O’erturn’d by furious blasts,
The fightly ranks fåll proftrate, and around
Their fruitage scatter'd, from the genial boughs
Stript immature: Yet did he nof repine,
Nor curse his stars; but prudent, his fall’n heaps
Collecting, cherish'd with the tepid wreaths
Of tedded grass, and the sun's mellowing beams
Rivald with artful heats, and thence procur’d,
A costly liquor, by improving time
Equai'd with what the happiest vintage bears.

But this I warn thee, and shall always

No heterogeneous mixtures use, as some
With watry Turnips have debas'd their wines,
Too frugal; nor let the crude humours dance
In heated brafs, steaming with fire intense;
Altho' Devonia much commends the use
Of strengthning Vulcan; with their native

Thy wines fufficient, other aid refuse;
And, when th' allotted orb of time's compleat,
Are more commended than the labour'd drinks.

Nor let thy avarice tempt thee to with

draw The priest's appointed 1 hare; with chearful

The tenth of thy increase bestow, and own
Heav'n's bounteous goodness, that will sure re-

Thy grateful duty: This neglected, fear
Signal avengcance, fuch as over took
A niser, that unjuftly once with held
The clergy's due, relying on himself,

John Philips.

His fields he tended, with successless care,
Early, and late, when, or unwil h’d-for rain
Defcended, or unfeasonable frosts
Curb’d his increasing hopes, or when around
The clouds dropt fatnels, in the middle sky
The dew fufpended staid, and left unmoilt
His execrable glebe: Recording this,
Be just, and wife and tremble to transgress

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Aaron Bill, (geb. 1685, geft. 1750.) gehårt zwar nicht unter die englischen Dichter vom ersten Range; indeß find reine zahlreichen dramatischen Stücke nicht ohne einzelne Schönheiten und auffallende Züge des Genies. Er war, unter mancherlei Veranderungen seiner Lage, auch eine Zeits lang Unternehmer und Direktor der beiden Schaubühnen in Drurylane und auf dem Haymarket; und in seinem Lehrges dichte, The Art of Asting, bewies er seine Geschicklichkeit zu dieser Stelle, und seine genaue Bekanntschaft mit den dras matischen Regeln für Dichter und Schauspieler, die er auch prosaisch in einem periodischen Blatte, The Prompter (der Linhelfer), vortrug. In folgender Stelle jenes Gedichts ift die Pflicht des Schauspielers die verschiednen Leidens fchaften und ihre Aeußerungen auszudrücken, mit vielem, nur für den Ton des Lebrgedichts faft zu lebhaftem, Feuer vorgetragen.


Why was the actor stain'd, by law's decree?
Loft time's recov'rer! truth's awak'ner, he!
Passion's refiner! life's 1 hoal coast furvey'd
The wise man's pleaser, an the good man's aid.
Precept, and practice, in one teacher, join'd,
Bodied resemblance of the copied mind:
Nature confirms, art dignifies his claim,
And only cant's low crawl defiles his name.

If, but by comprehension we possess,

every greater circle holds the less;
No rank's high claim can make thë player's

Since, acting each, he comprehends them, all.

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