Sivut kuvina

And tail erect, neighing he paws the ground:
Fierce rapture kindles in his redd'ning eyes,
And boils in ev'ry vein. As captive boys,
Cow'd by the ruling rod and haughty frowns
Of pedagogues fevere, from their hard tasks
If once dismiss'd, no limits can contain
The tumult rais'd within their little breafts,
But give a loose to all their frolic play;
So from their Kennel rufh the joyous pack;
A thousand wanton gaieties exprefs
Their inward ecftafy, their pleafing sport
Once more indulg'd, and liberty reftor'd.
The rifing fun, that o'er th' horizon peeps,
As many colours from their gloffy (kins
Beaming reflects, as paint the various bow,
When April fhow'rs defcend. Delightful scene!
Where all around is gay, men, horfes, dogs,
And in each smiling countenance appears
Fresh-blooming health and univerfal joy.

Huntsman! lead on; lehind the cluft'ring

Submifs attend, hear with respect thy whip
Loud-clanging, and thy harfher voice obey,
Spare not the straggling cur, that wildly roves,
But let thy brifk affiftant on his back
Imprint thy juft refentments; let each lafh
Bite to the quick, till howling he return,
And whining creep amid the trembling croud.

Here on this verdant fpot, where Nature

With double bleffings crowns the farmer's hopes,
Where flow'rs autumnal spring, and the rank mead
Affords the wand'ring hares a rich repaft,

Throw off thy ready pack. See where thy

And range around, and dafh the glitt'ring dew!
If fome ftanch hound with his authentic voice
Avow the recent trail, the jostling tribe



Somervile,, Attend his call, then with one mutual cry
The welcome news confirm, and echoing hills
Repeat the pleating tale. See how they thread
The brakes, and up yon' furrow drive along!
But quick they back recoil, and wifely cheek
Their eager hafte; then o'er the fallow'd ground
How leifurely they work, and many a pause
Th' harmonious concert breaks, till, more affur'd,
With joy redoubled the low vallies ring.
What artful labyrinths perplex their way!

Ah! there fhe lies; how clofe! fhe pants; she

If now f he lives: fhe trembles as fhe fits,
With horror feiz'd. The wither'd grafs that clings
Around her head, of the fame ruffet hue,
Almoft deceiv'd my fight, had not her eyes
With life full-beaming her vain wiles betray'd..
At distance draw the pack; let all be hufh'd;
No clamour loud, no frantic joy, be heard,
Left the wild hound run gadding o'er the plain
Untractable, nor hear thy chiding voice.
Now gently put her off: fee, how direct

To her known mew fhe flies! Here, huntsman,

(But without hurry,) all thy jolly hounds,
And calmly lay them in. How low they stoop,
And feem to plough the ground! then all at once
With greedy noftrils fnuff the fuming fteam,
That glads their flutt'ring hearts. As winds let

From the dark caverns of the bluft'ring god
They burft away, and fweep the dewy lawn.
Hope gives them wings, while fhe's spurnt on by


The welkin rings; men, dogs, hills, rocks, and

In the full concert join. Now, my brave Youths!
Stripp'd for the Chafe, give all your fouls to joy.
See how their courfers, than the mountain roe
More fleet, the verdant carpet fkim! thick clouds.


Snorting they breathe, their fhining hoofs fcarce Somervile.


The grafs unbruis'd; with emulation fir'd

They ftrain to lead the field, top the barr'd gate,
O'er the deep ditch exulting bound, and brush
The thorny - twining hedge: the riders bend
O'er their arch'd necks; with fteady hands, by


Indulge their speed, or moderate their rage.
Where are their forrows, difappointments, wrongs,
Vexations, fickness, cares? all, all are gone!
And with the panting winds lag far behind.

Huntsman! her gait obferve; if in wide rings
She wheel her mazy way, in the fame round
Perfifting ftill, fhe'll foil the beaten track;
But if fhe fly, and with the fav'ring wind
Urge her bold courfe, lefs intricate thy tafk;
Pufh on thy pack. Like fome poor exil'd wretch
The frighted Chafe leaves her late dear abodes,
O'er plains remote fhe ftretches far away,
Ah! never to return! for greedy Death
Hov'ring exults, fecure to feize his prey.

Hark! from yon' covert, where thofe tow'ring


Above the humble copfe afpiring rise,

What glorious triumphs burlt in ev'ry gale
Upon our ravifh'd ears! The hunters fhout,
The clanging horns fwell their fweet-winding no-


The pack wide op'ning load the trembling air
With various melody; from tree to tree
The propagated cry redoubling bounds,
And winged zephyrs waft the floating joy
Thro' all the regions near. Afflictive birch
No more the fchool-boy dreads; his prifon

Scamp'ring he flies, nor heeds his mafter's call.

The weary traveller forgets his road,


Somervile. And climbs th' adjacent hill. The ploughman lea


Th' unfinish'd furrow; nor his bleating flocks
Men, boys, and

Are now the fhepherd's joy.


Defert th' unpeopled village, and wild crouds
Spread o'er the plain, by the fweet frenzy feiz'd.
Look how fhe pants! and o'er yon'op'ning glade
Slips glancing by; while at the further end
The puzzling pack unravel wile by wile,
Maze within maze! The covert's utmoft bound
Slily fhe fkirts; behind them cautious creeps,
And in that very track, fo lately stain'd
By all the steaming croud, feems to pursue
The foe he flies. Let cavillers deny

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brutes have reafon; fure 'tis fomething


'Tis Heav'n directs, and ftratagems infpires
Beyond the fhort extent of human thought.
But hold I fee her from the covert break!
Sad on yon' little eminence fhe fits;
Intent fhe liftens with one ear erect

Pond'ring, and doubtful what new courfe to take,
And how to 'fcape the fierce blood-thirsty crew
That still urge on, and still in vollies loud
Infult her woes, and mock her four diftrefs.
As now in louder peals the loaded winds
Bring on the gath'ring ftorm, her fears prevail,
And o'er the plain and o'er the mountain's ridge
Away fhe flies; nor fhips with winds and tide,
And all their canvass wings, fcud half so fast.
Once more, ye jovial train! your courage try
And each clean courfer's speed. We fcour along,
In pleafing hurry and confufion tofs'd,
Oblivion to be wifh'd. The patient pack
Hang on the fcent unweary'd; up they climb,
And ardent we purfue: our lab'ring steeds
We prefs, we gore, till once the fummit gain'd,
Painfully panting: there we breathe a while;
Then like a foaming torrent, pouring down


Precipitant, we fmoke along the vale.
Happy the man, who with unrivall'd speed
Can país his fellows, and with pleasure view
The Itruggling pack! how in the rapid courfe
Alternate they prefide, and joftling push
To guide the dubious fcent, how giddy youth
Oft' babbling errs, by wifer age reprov'd;
How, niggard of his ftrength, the wife old hound
Hangs in the rear, till fome important point
Roufe all his diligence, or till the Chafe

Sinking he finds; then to the head he springs,
With thirft of glory fir'd, and wins the prize.
Huntsman! take heed; they ftop in full career;
Yon' crouding flocks, that at a distance gaze,
Have haply foild the turf. See that old hound,
How bufily he works, but dares not truft
His doubtful fenfe! Draw yet a wider ring.
Hark! now again the chorus fills. As bells,
Sally'd a while, at once their pale renew,
And high in air the tuneful thunder rolls.
See how they tofs, with animated rage
Recov'ring all they loft! That eager hafte
Some doubling wile forefhews. —

They 're check'd

They flowrish round


Ah! yet once

Hold back with speed
either hand
ev'n yet perfift!


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Away they spring; the rustling ftrubbles bend
Beneath the driving ftorm. Now the poor Chale
Begins to flag, to her laft fhifts reduc'd.

From brake to brake fhe flies, and vifits all
Her well-known haunts, where once fhe rang'd fe-


With love and plenty bless'd.


See, there fhe

She reels along, and by her gait betrays

Her inward weaknefs. See how black f he looks!
The fweat that clogs th' obftructed pores fcarce lea-

Beisp. Samml. 3. B.




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