Artisans and Machinery: The Moral and Physical Condition of the Manufacturing Population Considered with Reference to Mechanical Substitutes for Human Labour

J.W. Parker, 1836 - 399 sivua

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Sivu 184 - ... in the mass, it would be impossible to congregate in a smaller compass. Their complexion is sallow and pallid — with a peculiar flatness of feature, caused by the want of a proper quantity of adipose substance to cushion out the cheeks.
Sivu 26 - LITERATURE. •READINGS IN BIOGRAPHY; A Selection of the Lives of EMINENT MEN of all NATIONS. •READINGS IN POETRY; A Selection from the Works of the best English Poets, from SPENSER to the present times ; with Specimens of the American Poets ; Notices of the Writers; and Explanatory Notes.
Sivu 318 - In those spacious halls the benignant power of steam summons around him his myriads of willing menials, and assigns to each the regulated task, substituting for painful muscular effort on their part the energies of his own gigantic arm, and demanding in return only attention and dexterity to correct such little aberrations as casually occur in his workmanship.
Sivu 10 - RAZ. — ESSAY ON THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE HINDUS. By Ram Raz, Native Judge and Magistrate of Bangalore, Corr.
Sivu 16 - RUDIMENTS of the FRENCH! ¥ LANGUAGE; or, FIRST FRENCH READING-BOOK. New Edition, Revised and Corrected by FJ WATTEZ, First Assistant French Master in King's College, London.
Sivu 33 - ... and pushing their advance by a series of unceasing exertions, having a very limited capital to begin with, or even none at all, saving their own labour'.
Sivu 29 - POPULAR PHYSIOLOGY ; being a familiar Explanation of the most Interesting Facts connected with the Structure and Functions of Animals, and particularly of Man ; adapted for general Readers. By PERCEVAL B. LORD, MB, MRCS Of the Bombay Medical Establishment. 7s. 6d. To trace the finger of God in the works of creation, to consider " the wonders that he doeth amongst the children of men," has ever been a source of the purest and noblest gratification.
Sivu 356 - It is, in fact, the constant aim and tendency of every improvement in machinery to supersede human labour altogether, or to diminish its cost, by substituting the industry of women and children for that of men ; or that of ordinary labourers, for trained artisans.
Sivu 23 - These little books have been prepared, without any pretensions to scientific importance, solely for the use of young persons. The nature, habits, and uses of the Animals described, are, however...
Sivu 335 - ... eight hands to prepare and spin yarn, of any of the three materials I have mentioned, sufficient for the consumption of one weaver, — this shows clearly the inexhaustible source there was for labour for every person, from the age of seven to eighty years (who retained their sight and could move their hands), to earn their bread...

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