Resolves of the Legislature of the State of Maine

F. Douglas, 1839

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Resolve in favor of Sebattis Neptune 19 Resolve additional to the Resolve relative to the annual distribution of the School Fund
Resolve in favor of the Town of Lyman 21 Resolve in favor of the Damariscotta Bank 22 Resolve in favor of Enoch Strout of Hollis
Resolve authorizing a temporary Loan in behalf of the State of Maine 24 Resolve authorizing an exchange of State Securities
Resolve in favor of Mary Edwards and Deborah Ames 26 Resolve providing for the repair of the Baring and Houlton Road
Resolve in relation to the North Eastern Boundary 28 Resolve for the erection of a Gun House in Garland 29 Resolve for the erection of a Gun House...
Resolve in favor of Nicholas Pierce 31 Resolve in favor of George Williston 32 Resolve in favor of William M Jordan
Resolve for the protection of the Public Lands 34 Resolve in favor of John G Deane and others
An additional Resolve relative to Trespassers upon the Public Lands 36 Resolve in favor of the State Road from the town of Wilson to Moose Head L...
Resolve authorizing the County Commissioners for Hancock County to hire money for certain purposes 38 Resolve in favor of Apollos R Gilmore
Resolve in favor of Peace Wentworti 40 Resolve for a reconnoisance and survey of a route for a Rail Road from Portland to Lake Champlain
Resolve authorizing the County Treasurer of the County of Piscataquis to borrow money on the credit of the County 42 Resolve making appropriatio...
Resolve authorizing the sale of a Gun House and site in Castine 44 Resolve in favor of Isaac Smith 45 Resolve authorizing the sale of Ordnance and ...
Resolve for the preservation and repair of the Mars Hill Road 47 Resolve relative to the tax due from the Waldo Bank 48 Resolve for the payment of ...
Resolve in favor of Francois Eneas 50 Resolve in favor of Benj C Atwood 51 Resolve for the payment of Bounty to the Passamaquoddy Indians upo...
Resolve providing for the appointment of Hospital Sur geons 53 Resolve respecting the appointment of Military Store Keep ers and for other purposes
Resolve concerning the Public Money
Resolve in favor of William Shed 56 Resolve for the extension of the Aroostook Road
Resolve authorizing a Loan in behalf of the State 58 Resolve in favor of James Lawrence
Resolve in favor of Robert Maxwell 60 Resolve for the appointment of a Commissioner to take the evidence in certain cases
Resolve in favor of the American Antiquarian Society 62 Resolve in favor of the inhabitants of the Forks of the Kennebec River
Resolve for the repair of the Gun House in Boothbay 64 Resolve authorizing the sale of certain Lands 65 Resolve in favor of the town of Appleton
Resolve in favor of Eleanor Gray 84 Resolve establishing the pay of the Militia when in actual service 85 Resolve requiring the Secretary of State to ...
Resolve for furnishing incorporated towns and organized plantations with Books 87 Resolve in relation to the Field in front of the State House
Resolve in favor of the Insane Hospital 89 Resolve in favor of Joseph Pomroy
Resolve in favor of Nathaniel Hutchins 91 Resolve for the benefit of the town of St George
Resolve authorizing the Treasurer of State to audit and pay accounts for Bounty on Wheat and Corn returned to the Legislature atter the tenth of Mar...
Resolve in favor of James Perkins 96 Resolve to authorize the Treasurer to issue certificates to cities towns and plantations in certain cases
Resolve in favor of James B Cahoon 98 Resolve relating to the State Prison
Resolve for payment of the Bounty on Wheat and Corn 100 Resolve in favor of Samuel Daggett Treasurer of the town of New Vineyard
Resolve making an appropriation for the purpose of pro curing books of instruction in military tactics 102 Resolve in favor of Williams Smart
Resolve in favor of Cotton Ward and Wm Rust
Resolve in favor of the Town of Corinna
Resolve in favor of the Town of Sebec
Resolve in favor Benjamin Partridge and Jedediah Pratt
Resolve in favor of Jeremiah Smith
Resolve relating to the Public Domain
Resolve regulating the pay of certain Officers and Agents
Resolve in favor of P M Garcelon of Lisbon
Resolve in relation to the State Loans

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Sivu 139 - ... from the northwest angle of Nova Scotia, viz., that angle which is formed by a line drawn due north from the source of St. Croix River to the highlands; along the said highlands which divide those rivers that empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence, from those which fall into the Atlantic Ocean...
Sivu 88 - That the governor be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to each of our senators and representatives in the congress of the United States.
Sivu 171 - Whereas, by an Act of the State of Massachusetts, passed on the nineteenth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, entitled "An Act relating to the separation of the District of Maine from Massachusetts, Proper, and forming the same into a separate and independent State...
Sivu 161 - ... is possible that in thus abridging a voluminous correspondence, commencing in 1825 and continuing to a very recent period, a portion may have been accidentally overlooked ; but it is believed that nothing has taken place which would materially change the aspect of the question as therein presented. Instead of sustaining the assumption of the British functionaries, that correspondence disproves the existence of any such agreement.
Sivu 164 - The undersigned can not acquiesce in the supposition that, because the agent of His Britannic Majesty thought proper in the proceedings before the commissioners to lay claim to all that portion of the State of Maine which lies north of a line running westerly from Mars Hill, and designated as the limit or boundary of the British claim, thereby the United States or the State of Maine ceased to have jurisdiction in the territory thus claimed. In the view of this Government His Britannic Majesty's agent...
Sivu 143 - ... have agreed to consider the award of the King of the Netherlands as binding upon neither party, and the two Governments, therefore, are as free in this respect as they were before the reference to that Sovereign was made. The British Government, despairing of the possibility of drawing a line that shall be in literal conformity with the words of the treaty of 1783, has suggested that a conventional boundary should be substituted for the line described by the treaty...
Sivu 158 - ... command the unqualified approbation of everyone having a just regard for the honor of his State. It is in the true spirit, and I have every reason to believe that the same spirit animates the whole body of our citizens. While it prevails, though success will be deserved, defeat can bring no disgrace. You will see by the accompanying papers (and I take great pleasure in communicating the fact) that Mr. Mclntire and his assistants have been released. It was, however, upon their parole of honor...
Sivu 61 - All judicial officers now in office or who may be hereafter appointed shall, from and after the first clay of March in the year eighteen hundred and forty, hold their offices for the term of seven years from the time of their respective appointments (unless sooner removed by impeachment or by address of both branches of the Legislature to the Executive) and no longer unless re-appointed thereto.
Sivu 158 - ... terms. Since my last communication the land agent's forces at the Aroostook have been reenforced by about 600 good and effective men, making the whole force now about 750. I have a letter from Mr. Jarvis dated the i9th, before the reenforcement had arrived, and when his company consisted of only 100 men.
Sivu 167 - New-Brunswick, or otherwise, that he has abandoned all idea of occupying the disputed territory with a military force, and of attempting an expulsion of our party, that then, the Governor be authorized to withdraw our military force, leaving the Land Agent with a sufficient posse, armed or unarmed, as the case may require, sufficient to carry into effect your original design, that of driving out or arresting the trespassers, and preserving and protecting the timber from their depredations.

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