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sylvania. By William Rawle, Jr. Esq. Vol. 1. Philadelphia. M‘Carty & Davis, 1830. 8vo.

United States Law Intelligencer and Review. Multo utilius est pauca idonea effundere, quam multis inutilibus homines gravari.' Edited by Joseph K. Angell.—No. 13, for January, 1830. Providence. Smith & Parmenter. Nos. 14, 15, for February and March. Philadelphia. P. H. Nicklin and T. Johnson.

Principles of Legislation, from the MSS. of Jeremy Bentham, Bencher of Lincoln's Inn. By M. Dumont, Member of the Representative and Sovereign Council of Europe. Translated from the second corrected and enlarged edition, with notes and a biographical notice of Jeremy Bentham, and of M. Dumont, by John Neal. Boston. Wells & Lilly. 1830.

ENGLISH. REPUBLISHED. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the English Courts of Common Law. Edited by Thomas Sergeant and John C. Lowber, Esqrs. of the Philadelphia Bar. Vol. XV. Philadelphia. P. H. Nicklin & T. Johnson. 8vo.

Synopsis of Mercantile Laws, with an Appendix. A new Edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged, with reference to the alterations effected by the revised statutes of the State of New York. By Joshua Montefiore. New York: G. & C. & H. Carvill. 8vo. pp. 335.

Fulbeck on the Study of the Law, by Stirling.
Bills of Costs and Allowances, &c. in the Court of Common

Wood's Letter to the Real Property Commissioners.
Coot's, do.
Statutes at Large, 10th Geo. IV. 4to.
Peake's Additional Cases at Nisi Prius, from 1795 to 1812.

A new Law Dictionary, containing a concise Exposition of the mere Terms of Art and Obsolete Words. By James Wishaw, Esq. of Gray's Inn.

Burchell's Liabilities of Sheriffs in Cases of Bankruptcy.
Haslewood on Reform in Chancery.

Wilkinson's Treatise on the Limitation of Actions, as affecting Mercantile and other Contracts.

Maule and Selwyn's Reports, Vol. VI. Part II. being the completion of these Reports, filling the chasm between them and Barnewall and Alderson.

Price's System of Book-keeping, adapted to the use of Solicitors, &c.

Crabb's History of English Law, 8vo.

A Commentary on the Tenures of Littleton, written prior to the publication of Coke upon Littleton. Edited from a copy of the Harleian Collection of MSS. by Henry Cary, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. Royal 8vo. VOL. III.-NO. VI.


Daniell's Letter to Government on the Abolition of the Excise.

Byle's Lecture on the present State of English Law, delivered at Lyon's Inn.

Archbold's Peel's Acts, 2d edition. 2 vols. 12mo.
Burn's Justice. By Marriott. 25th edition. 4 vols. 8vo.
Hayes on Limitation to Heirs in Tail.
Irvine's Letter on Entail.
Principles of Life Annuities and Assurances.

Palmer's Practice in the House of Lords, on Appeals, Writs of Error, and Claims of Peerage; with a compendious account of Dignities; to which is prefixed an Introductory Historical Essay on the Appellate Jurisdiction. 8vo.

Comyn's Law of Landlord and Tenant. 2d edition. By G. Chilton, jun. Esq. Royal 8vo.

The Life of a Lawyer; written by himself. 12mo.

A Letter to the Right Honorable the Earl of Shaftesbury, on the Report of the Commissioners on the State of the Common Law and the Law of Real Property, and the proposed Amend. ments in Parliament. By Philip Williams, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law, and Vinerian Professor of Law in the University of Oxford.

A History of English Law, or an Attempt to Trace the Sources of the Common Law, and the changes it has undergone at different periods, by the Introduction of the Statute Law, the Civil Law, and the Canon Law; together with an Account of Law Writers and Writings, from the earliest period, to the present time. By George Crabb, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

FRENCH Introduction générale à l'histoire du Droit. A General Introduction to the History of Law. By M. E. Lerminier, L. L. D. and Advocate in the Royal Court of Paris. Paris. Alexandre Mespier. 1 vol. 8vo. 1829.

[The editors of the Themis speak in high terms of this work, as a history of legislative institutions and legal science since the twelfth century, and the causes which have promoted and obstructed their progress.]

Traité de Droit Pénal. A Treatise on Penal Law. By M. P. Rossi, Professor of the Academy of Geneva. Paris. A. Mesnier. 3 vols. 8vo.

[The editors of the Themis say that they had expected a particular notice of this work from the pen of M. Dumont, the celebrated editor of Bentham's works, or rather the compiler of sundry works on legislation, for which he was supplied with materials by Mr. Bentham, but his decease has defeated this expectation. They speak of this work as one of the most important of those published for these many years on the subject of Penal Laws.]

Manuel des Justices de Paix, Manual for Justices of the Peace. By the late M. Levasseur. A new edition, by M. J. de Foulan, late President of the Civil Tribunal of Moulins, &c.


Admiralty jurisdiction of United States Courts, extends to bills of

lading and charter parties, 29; enforcing maritime liens, 31.
Alabama, recent legislation of, 399.
Appropriations, in Illinois, 145.
Athens, Maritime Loans in, 248.
Attachment law in Maine, 391.

Bail, in Illinois, 149.
Bankrupt and Insolvent Laws, remarks upon 201; of France 219;

of England 222.
Banks, in Pennsylvania regulated, 144.
Bellingham, Governor's will, 243, n.
Betterments in Illinois, 149.
Bills, damages on in Virginia, 398.
Black law of Illinois, 149.
Blair's Digest of Probate Laws of Massachusetts, reviewed, 237.
Boeck, Augustus, Professor at Berlin, 248, n.
Bottomry and Respondentia at Athens, 248.
Burrough Mr. Justice, biographical sketch of, 414.


Canal in Illinois, proposed, 146.
Census of Illinois, 146.
Chancery courts in Illinois, 147. .
Charter party, where charterers have possession of ship, the ship

owner has no lien on cargo for the freight, 32.
Chose in action, when assignee may sue in his own name, 333.
Colonial laws of Massachusetts, continued in force after the colony

charter was annulled, 115 to 121; 241.
Coroners in New Hampshire, 394.
Courts in Maine, 390.
Creeks, Alabama statute declaring their territory to be annexed

to the State, 401.
Criminal, law in Pennsylvania, 143; in Maine, 392.
Criminal law. See Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity produced by

Damages in actions ex delicto, reading on, 287.
Day Thomas, review of his Connecticut Reports, vol. vii. part 1,

337; a skilful and faithful reporter, 337; digest of decisions
in, 352.

Deaf and dumb person, trial of a, 158.
Deblor and creditor, laws of, 201.
Deed, opinion of David Hoffman on the construction of one, 65

to 86 ; acknowledgments of, regulated by Illinois statute, 147;
registry in Illinois, 147; covenants implied in Illinois, 150;

laws respecting deeds in New Hampshire, 395.
Delirium tremens. See Insanity produced by Intemperance.
Digest of Recent Decisions, 122, 352.
Dirorces, legislative objected to, 180; governor Shultze's opinion,

180; in Maine, 392.
Douer, law of, in New Hampshire, 395.
Drew captain, tried for murder, 7.

Elections regulated in Illinois, 147.
Electors of President, Pennsylvania law respecting, 142.
Erecutions in Illinois, 148.
Erecutors, statute in Pennsylvania relating to, 142.
E'recutors and administrators, in Maryland, 153.

Feme sole's marrying does not abate her suit in Virginia, 398.
Foreign attachment regulated in Maine, 391.
Frauds, statute of, what a signing within, 329.

Ilabeas Corpus. See Seaman.
Harris & Gill, review of their reports, 314 ; commended, 316;

repetitions in, 317; some cases on construction of facts too

long, 318; digest of decisions in, 352.
Ilofsman David, an opinion by him on the construction of a power

of attorney and of a deed, 52 to 86; review of his Legal Out-
lines, 86 to 100; introductory part not sufficiently connected with
main subject, 86 to 88; opinions as to state of nature, 88 to 90;
natural rights, 90; origin of society, &c. 91 to 93; discusses
question whether revolution reduces members of a community
to a state of nature, with ability, 93; extract on this subject,
94 ; ex post facto and retrospective laws, 94, 95 ; opinion on
codification, 95, 96; extract respecting conflict of laws, 95 to
98; extract on abolition of territorial jurisdiction of barons in
France, 98 to 100; work recommended, 100.

Idiots and lunatics, Illinois statute, 148; Maryland statute, 152.
Illinois, legislation of session of December, 1828, 145.
Inner Temple, new regulations proposed in, 174.
Indians Creek, statute of Alabama, declaring their territory to be

annexed to counties of the state, 401.
Insanity produced by intemperance, person not responsible for acts

done under influence of, 7; case of captain Drew, 7; Judge
Story's opinion, 9; case of John Birdsall, in Ohio, 10; remarks

of Dr. Drake 10 to 16; remarks in Boston Medical and Sur-

gical Journal, 16 to 20.
Insolvent law of Illinois, 148.
Insurance, agencies for, regulated in Pennsylvania, 144 ; against

fire, right of assured to make repairs, 330.
Interest, regulated in Illinois, 149; of England, 224; of France,

Interest. See Witness.
Internal improvements in Pennsylvania, 144; in Illinois, 150.
Judges in the United States, list of, 167.
Judgments in Illinois, 148.
Jurisdiction. See Admiralty Jurisdiction.
Jury, instruction to, as it regards facts, 328.
Justices of the peace, laws respecting in Maine, 390; in Alabama,

Land Patents, Pennsylvania law, 143.
Lands of non-residents in New Hampshire, 396.
Law drafting done in a slovenly manner in Massachusetts, 182.
Law reforms in England, 408.
Legislation, recent in Pennsylvania, 142; Illinois, 145; Mary-

land, 151; Maine, 390; New Hampshire, 393; Virginia, 397;

Alabama, 399;
Lien of mechanics in Illinois, 149.
Lien. See Ships and Shipping.
Limitation of real actions in Tennessee, observations on the

statutes and decisions on the subject, 255 to 281.
List of Law publications, 183, 416.
Literary fund and free schools in Virginia, 397.
Lotteries licensed in Maryland, 153.

Maine, recent legislation in, 390; law respecting disputed terri-

tory, 390.
Mandamus, when issuable in Maryland, 152.
Manufacturing Corporations in Maryland, 154.
Maritime Loans at Athens, 248.
Maryland, legislation of session of December 29, 1828, 161.
Master. See Ships and Shipping.
Medical Jurisprudence, observations on, 5.
Militia law of Maine, 390.
Minors entering into joint contract, the other joint contractor

must be sued alone, 163. . -
Misnomer not to cause abatement in Maryland, 154.
Morris Judge, of Indiana, opinion on question as to rights of

slave holders in the non-slave-holding states, 404 to 407.
Mortgage, law of, in New Hampshire, 395.

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