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within our grasp; and, in looking forward to certain glory and unsearchable riches in the world to come, may cease to value the perishable riches and fading honours of the present life.

"And, to this end, give us, O Lord, a clear view of. the hope which is in us, and show us our title to the treasures which are above, in order that we may be enabled the more easily to renounce those which are on earth. Enable us to admire and adore thy declaration of those. divine decrees by which the children of the Blessed One, were elected heirs of glory, ere yet the measurement of time commenced, and the glorious courses of the planets had begun to distinguish the seasons and make the chan ges of night and day. Make us to understand how the promises of future blessedness were purchased by he blood of Christ, and signed and sealed by Him, who, because he could swear by no greater, used his own incommunicable name, to ratify the bond. And, finally, lead us to consider how the Lord the Spirit works contiŋually in preparing us for glory.

“Lead us, O Lord, to meditations on these subjects, and teach us to feed on thy promises, till we are enabled to cast the world beneath our feet, to trample on its riches, and to triumph over its temptations. · And so guide us, O blessed Lord, with thy counsels, that we may hereafter enter into thy eternal glory, through the name and merits of Jesus Christ our only Lord and Mediator. Amen."

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