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Sivu 183 - That it may please thee to forgive our enemies, persecutors, and slanderers, and to turn their hearts; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.
Sivu 401 - Ask me not what the maiden feels, Left in that dreadful hour alone: Perchance her reason stoops or reels; Perchance a courage, not her own, Braces her mind to desperate tone. The scattered van of England wheels; She only said, as loud in air The tumult roared, "Is Wilton there?" They fly! or maddened by despair Fight but to die — "Is Wilton there?
Sivu 406 - Listen ! there are the cries of a child on this mountain ! Is there a clearing near us ? or can some little one have strayed from its parents ?' " ' Such things frequently happen,
Sivu 324 - ... to a body ; hurting nothing ; being, as it was, as harmless as a garter-snake. But now it gives me sore thoughts when I hear the frighty things whizzing through the air, for I know it's only a motion to bring out all the brats in the village.
Sivu 28 - All places that the eye of heaven visits Are to a wise man ports and happy havens. Teach thy necessity to reason thus ; There is no virtue like necessity.
Sivu 409 - Elizabeth witnessed the short struggle, and her blood was warming with the triumph of the dog, when she saw the form of the old panther in the air, springing twenty feet from the branch of the beech to the back of the mastiff. No words of ours can describe the fury of the conflict that followed. It was a confused struggle on the dried leaves, accompanied by loud and terrible cries, barks, and growls.
Sivu 474 - You've rankled the heart of an old man, that has never harmed you or you'rn, with bitter feelings towards his kind, at a time when his thoughts should be on a better world ; and you've driven him to wish that the beasts of the forest, who never feast on the blood of their own families, was his kindred and race : and now, when he has come to see the last brand of his hut, before it is melted into ashes, you follow him up, at midnight, like hungry hounds on the track of a worn-out and dying deer. What...
Sivu 406 - Brave had been their companion, from the time the voice of his young mistress lured him from his kennel, to the present moment. His advanced age had long before deprived him of his activity ; and when his companions stopped to view the scenery, or to add to their bouquets...
Sivu 389 - If being the best part of a mile in the air, and having men's farms and housen at your feet, with rivers looking like ribbons, and mountains bigger than the
Sivu 406 - By this time they had gained the summit of the mountain, where they left the highway and pursued their course under the shade of the stately trees that crowned the eminence. The day was becoming warm, and the girls plunged more deeply into the forest, as they found its invigorating coolness agreeably contrasted to the excessive heat they had experienced in the ascent.

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