The Student's Guide to the Supreme Court of Judicature Acts, 1873 & 1875: Being a Series of Questions and Answers Thereon

Stevens & Haynes, 1875 - 91 sivua

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Sivu 35 - Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.
Sivu 31 - American Law Review. In 8vo, price ID^. 6</., cloth, A REPORT OF THE CASE OF THE QUEEN v. GURNEY AND OTHERS. In the Court of Queen's Bench before the Lord Chief Justice COCKBURN. With an Introduction, containing a History of the Case, and an Examination of the Cases at Law and Equity applicable to it ; or Illustrating THE DOCTRINE OF COMMERCIAL FRAUD. By WF FINLASON, Barrister-at-Law.
Sivu 32 - OF ELECTION PETITIONS, With* an Appendix containing the Parliamentary Elections Act, 1868, the General Rules for the Trial of Election Petitions in England, Scotland, and Ireland, Forms of Petitions, &c.
Sivu 69 - ... unless in the opinion of the court to which the application is made some substantial wrong or miscarriage has been thereby occasioned in the trial...
Sivu 16 - Friend^' — Canada Law Journal. Third Edition, in 8vo., 1880, price 5^., cloth, . SELF-PREPARATION FOR THE FINAL EXAMINATION. CONTAINING A COMPLETE COURSE OF STUDY, WITH STATUTES, CASES, AND QUESTIONS ; And intended for the use of those Articled Clerks who read by themselves. By JOHN INDERMAUR, Solicitor.
Sivu 13 - ... those gentlemen who are candidates for the various legal examinations. There are so many questions set now on case law that they would do well to peruse this treatise of Mr. Deane's, and use it in conjunction with a book of questions and answers. They will find a considerable amount of equity case law, especially in the second part of Mr. Deane's book, which comprises in substance some lectures delivered by the author at the Law Institution.
Sivu 18 - This work, considered either as to its matter or manner of execution, is no ordinary work. It is a complete and exhaustive treatise both as to the law and the practice of granting injunctions. It must supersede all other works on the subject. The terse statement of the practice will be found of incalculable alue.

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