Decisions of the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs, Veterans' Administration, Nide 1,Osa 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1947

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Sivu 287 - I, or to former members of the military or naval service for injury or disease incurred or aggravated in the line of duty in the military or naval service, except so far as they relate to persons who served prior to the Spanish-American War and to the dependents of such persons and the retirement of officers and enlisted men of the Regular Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.
Sivu 239 - The contemporaneous construction of a. statute by those charged with its execution, especially when it has long prevailed, is entitled to great weight, and should not be disregarded or overturned except for cogent reasons, and unless it be clear that such construction is erroneous.
Sivu 295 - ... entitled to receive the same pensions, compensation, retirement pay, and hospital benefits as are now or may hereafter be provided by law or regulation for officers and enlisted men of corresponding grades and length of service of the Regular Army.
Sivu 239 - A statute should be construed so that effect is given to all its provisions, so that no part will be inoperative or superfluous, void or insignificant, and so that one section will not destroy another unless the provision is the result of obvious mistake or error.
Sivu 126 - ... (1) If the disabled person, as the result of service-incurred disability, has suffered the anatomical loss, or loss of use of both hands, or...
Sivu 226 - Administration providing for the payment of pensions on account of service-connected disability or death: Provided further, That such pensions shall be paid at the rate of one Philippine peso for each dollar authorized to be paid under the laws providing for such pensions...
Sivu 92 - Administration from which expenditures were made under this subsection. (b) Persons who served in the active service in the armed forces of any government allied with the United States in World War II and who at time of entrance into such active service were citizens of the United States shall, by virtue of such service, and if otherwise qualified, be entitled to the benefits of...
Sivu 160 - Cadets and midshipmen. Cadets and midshipmen suffering from disabilities incurred in the line of duty while assigned to duties constituting war service, which includes practice cruises at sea but excludes practice maneuvers at West Point, during the period of one of the hostilities enumerated in § 35.011 are entitled to a pension for such disability at the rate provided in § 35.011, if otherwise entitled.
Sivu 299 - ... such active service) and payment of premiums as hereinafter provided and without further medical examination, be granted insurance on the five-year level premium term plan by the United States against the death of such person occurring while such Insurance is in force.
Sivu 267 - Provided, That the disease or injury or aggravation of the disease or injury directly resulted from the performance of military or naval duty, and that such person otherwise meets the requirements of the regulations which may be issued under the provisions of this Act.

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