The Poems and Life of Sir William Jones...

Suttaby, Evance & Fox...and Baldwin, Cradock & Joy, 1818 - 270 sivua

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Sivu 75 - The portals with sky-tinctur'd gems emblazed : There on a lofty throne shall Virtue stand ; To her the youth of Delaware shall kneel ; And, when her smiles rain plenty o'er the land, Bow, tyrants, bow beneath th...
Sivu 161 - ... induced many of the wisest among the ancients, and some of the most enlightened among the moderns, to believe that the whole creation was rather an energy than a work, by which the Infinite Being, who is present at all times and in all places, exhibits to the minds of His creatures a set of perceptions, like a wonderful picture or piece of music, always varied, yet always uniform...
Sivu 86 - Come, charming maid ! and hear thy poet sing, Thyself the rose, and he the bird of spring; Love bids him sing, and Love will be obey'd. Be gay: too soon the flowers of spring will fade.
Sivu 51 - But when in death's cold arms entranc'd she lay, (Ah, ever dear, yet ever fatal day !*) O'er all the air a direful gloom was spread ; Pale were the meads, and all their blossoms dead ; The clouds of April shed a baleful dew ; All nature wore a veil of deadly hue.
Sivu 216 - tis all a dream ; To love and joy thy thoughts confine, Nor hope to pierce the sacred gloom.
Sivu 19 - And scallops, hy the wandering pilgrim worn ; Some dropp'd with silver, some with purple dye ; With all the race that seas or streams supply :— A net and angle o'er his shoulder hung : Thus was the stranger clad : — and thus he sung : " Ah ! lovely damsel, leave thy simple...
Sivu 117 - Thy consort mild, Affection ever true, Graces thy side, her vest of glowing hue, And in her train twelve blooming girls advance, Touch golden strings and knit the mirthful dance.
Sivu 117 - And ev'ry laughing blossom dresses With gems of dew his musky tresses. I feel, I feel thy genial flame divine, And hallow thee and kiss thy shrine. "Knowst thou not me?" Celestial sounds I hear! "Knowst thou not me?" Ah, spare a mortal ear! "Behold" — My swimming eyes entranc'd I raise, But oh!
Sivu 185 - While thus she spoke, a sudden blaze of light Shot through the clouds, and struck her dazzled sight. She rais'd her head, astonish'd, to the skies, And veil'd with trembling hands her aching eyes ; When through the yielding air she saw from far A goddess gliding in a golden car, That soon descended on the flowery lawn, By two fair yokes of starry peacocks drawn : A thousand nymphs with many a sprightly glance Form'd round the radiant wheels an airy dance, Celestial shapes ! in...
Sivu 42 - Yet all the sweets, that ravish'd him before, Were tedious, now, and charm'd his soul no more : Less lovely still, and still less gay they grew ; He sigh'd, he wish'd, and long'd for something new : Back to the hall he turn'd his weary feet, And sat repining on his royal seat. Now, on the seventh bright gate he casts his eyes ; And in his bosom rose a bold surmise ;

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