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6. H. N. informs us that the Masse. quirer into the Hungerford pedigree 'alreene Peerage presents the singular and, ready knows, that Sir George Hungerford, he believes, the uuexampled case of a

daughter of Sir Jobn Pretyman, be no doubt whatever of the fact, that this married Frances, daughter of Charles Lord viscounty will in future descend to heirs. Seymour, that be much jadebted to general, like

a barony in fee; and that the him, or to any other of your Correspondpriority in succession to this peragente se encuent

me His Charles Lord

is ont menthe younger brother. The circumstances tioned in any peerage I have seen." of this case are as follows:-Sir John Clote. A. B. inquires, which are the best works worthy was created, in 1660, Viscount extant Massereene, and Baron of Lóughtieagh every one og Welsh.scenery, customs, manwith remainder, ip failure of his issue male, Vol. LXXXVIII. part i. p, 497. To the to his son-in-law, Sir John Skeffingtona account of Norton, co. Derby, the valce bart. and his male issue by Mary bis wife, of the vicarage is said to be about 1501 a daughter of the said Sir John Clotworthy, year bat we have learnt that it is above and, failing such issue male, remainder to 300%. a year. There is a mistakee also in the heirs general of the body of Sir John the population, which is there slated as Clotworthy. ' Under this patent, Sir Jobą nearly

, ten to a house; but the present pas

is 1500 vity of Viscouut. Massereene, but his A Correspondent begs leave to suggest son of Chichester Skeffington, fourth Eartrender to the by his of Masserecae, and eighth Viscount, "upon excellent Letters on the Clerical Dress which event the Earldom became extinct; into a Pamphlet,

t. avd poblishing it with a but the Viscounty was adjadged to the Preface, earnestly pointing out to the Lady Harriet Foster (gow, in ber own right Clergy the propriety of attending to that Viscountess Massereene and Baroness of uniformity in point of dress so strongly! Loughneagh), the only daughưer of the urged upoor them by the Canons. last Earl, as heir general of the body of Errala in Sigismund's Paper or "The Sir John Clotworthy."

CLERICAU Dress." P. 226. col. lih. A respectable Correspondent requests After the word and, insert the word also us to notice, in hopes that the observation [b. in the nates, line 22, instead pf, do will meet the eye of, and be attended to, wear no hats, read to wear no hals. -Po by the noble owner, " that on walking 311: col. 2. 1. 43. the + should be affixed. over the well-kpowa ruins of KENBÉWORTH to the word c'Assock; instead of, to the CASTLE, he found this great object of word bever, where it now stands. - P. curiosity to the Antiquáry and the public, 312. vol. 1. 1. S. After the word, cassock, in a very filthy and unpleasant state for iuiserta, abd place the following noie observation, not the least care seems to at the foot of the page ;-vizi Vide Book: be taken of it; on the contrary, injuries Chape 16. Book 11Chaps. 7, 117 and 14: are suffered with apparepl impunity." Book III. Chaps. 2, 6, 7, 12, aud 13. Book " N. R, wonld be obliged by being in IV. Chap. 9. 1991 Formed, i oo what was the issue of Francis M****R bis Letter, we have received Bassett, of Heanton Court, co. Devon, P. N. Pole will appear soon.-4. esq. by Eleanor,'his wife, dau. of Sir Wm.

is assured that the Journal of Courtenay of Powderham Castle; she kislill find a view and an account of

will soon be resumeu. died in 1764: and Eustatia, eldest dau: S. D. and ca-heir of the said Francis Bassett, esq: the conduit which gives name to White married to John Hooke Campbell of Ban- ConduitHouse, in vol. LXXI, P:

1161. geston, co. Pembroke, esq. Lord Lion. It is now nearly demolished. King of Aruns in Scotland He also KRAM States that Nepos (p. 136) "payı wishes to know the names of the complimems to Mr. Tyrwhitt's tiberaldy at heirs, to whom they were married, and the expence of his honesty and considency, what issue they had, if any,

ay he relained his preferments and exers A. Z. wishes to learg whether the Sir cised his minisuy ma shuren, from the John Monnes, mentioned in our Magazine ritual of which he dissented !!!" for February 1815, was the Sir John

Severina unavoidably postponed, will

valuable communications, which Mones; inoticed in Evelyo's Diary as Ad. have miral of the Fieet? and whether he was be ipserted in the SUPPLEMENT, or in the the father of Sir Matthew Mondes, K. B. Magazine for JULY, which will be pube ble dikewise remarka; * I conclude the ins lished together.

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June 7. and the following 25 Noblemen and COT baving seen in your useful Gentleinen, were appointed Vice-Pre"Society for ine Enlargement and Rutland, and Northumberland ; Earls Building of Churches and Chapels,” of Bridgewater, Abingdon, Hard. I beg to call your attention to this wicke, Liverpool, Manvers, Harmost useful lostitution, which ap- rowby, Dariley, and Browolow; pear to me likely to be productive Viscounts Sidmouth and Palmerston, of consequences highly conducive to M. P. Lords Bagot, Kenyon, Grenthe safety of our Established Church, ville, Rolle, and Colchester, Speaker and the fulure welfare and prosperity of the House of Commons ; Chaoof our Country,

cellor of the Exchequer ; Mr. Justice This Society may be said to have Park, R. H. Robert Peel, Sir T. D. originated in a great measure from Aclaod, Bart. Sir J. Langham, Bart. the enlightened zeal, the active pa- W. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P. triotism, and the truly Christian be. The Committee-Dean of Canter, nevolence, of John Bowdler, Esq. as bury: T. Babington, Esq. E. P. sisted by the jotelligence aod indefa: Bastard, Esq. M. P. ; Samuel Bosan. Ligable exertions of Joshua Watson, quet, Esg. i Joba Buwdler, Eng.: Esq. and three or four other most Francis Burton, Esq. i Rev. Archexemplary and generous friends of deacon Carubridge, Nicholas ChaReligion and of their Country, all of ringipo, Esq«William Cotton, Esq.: whom, though Laymen, appear to Rev. Archdeacon Daobeny; R. Hart think it their highest honour, and Davis, Esq. M. P.; William Davis, find it a source of the sincerest Esq: Rev. G. Doyley, B. D.; Mr. gratification, to employ their intel- Serjeant Frere x George Gipps, Esq. lect, their time, and their wealth, M.P.; Jeremiah Harman, Esq., Dean in supportiog and extending the io- of Chester > Robert Harry Inglis, structive and consolatory iluence Esq., Beeston Long, Esg.; Sir Joho of the Church of England. -- After Nicholl, M. P. Rev. Henry Handly about twelve months laborious at. Norris; Sir Robert Peel, Bart. M.P. teation in private applications and Rev. Archdeacon Potti Adm. Lord an extensive correspondence, the Su. Radstock, John Richardsop, Esq.s ciety was publicly formed, at a nume- John Rouod, Esq. M. P. , Lord Rob. rous and respectable Meeting, on the Seymour : Lancelot Shadwell, Esq. : 6th of Feb. 1818;. His Grace the Charles Hampden Torner, Esq.. Jos Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, bav. hua Watson, Esq. Rev. Archdeacon ing, iu a luminous and energetic Ad. Watson, Dean of Lichfield Rev. dress from the chair, explained (tho Ohr? Wordsworth, D.D.; E. B. Wir importance, the peculiar necessity, brahain, Esq. M. P.; Dean of West and the distinguished benefits, of such mjnster; Rev. Richard Yales, D. D. & Society in ebe present state of the Treasurer - Charles Hoare, Esq-1 Country,

-Honorary Secretary, George Bram His Royal Highness the Duke of well, Esq.Sub-Secretary, Ror. W. York accepted the office of Patron Johnson Rodber. and his Grace The Archbishop of Cans The Rules and Regulationd, with terbury that of President of the Sue an interesting Address, a waterpent of ciety. The entire beach of Bishops, Parishes in want of Church-room,


and the games of the Subscribers, may the direct assistance afforded by the So. be had, in a small Pamphlet, at the ciety's Grants, their indirect and collarooms of the Sociels, No. 52, Line teral influence has been eminently bene culus luu. Lields, sem og

sficial, by awakening attention to the The following Report of the first subject, and calling into action esferyear's active labours of this Society, it having; in several instances, been

sive parochial and individual exertion ; made to the annual General Meeling, explicitly stated, that, without the aid 09, the 20th of May last, has been res of this Society, no such effects could cently published, and myst, I am per: have been produced. suaded, bc highly acceptable to your The Grants of the Committee bave Readers.

not been extended to those' numerously “The Committee, in execution of the populated parishes, which fall more imduty devolved upon them by the the mediately under the cognizance of his constitutignal Rule of the Society, beg, Majesty's Commissioners for carrying jeave to offer to the consideration of the into effect the Açt for Building New General Meeting an Abstract of the Churches, except in the single instance Proceedings and Processes of the Society of the parish of Bitton, where circumduring the last twelve months; and stances of peculiar urgency and distress, have much gratification expressing rendered such a Grant necessary to quatheir opiniusi

, that the experierice of the lify the place to make application to the year now terminated will be found to Commissioniers; 'as it appeared to be of have fully realized, if not to have eke the highest possible importance, that ceeded, all the pleasing anticipntions of this case should come ander their combeneficial result with which the busi- ) sideration. ness of the Suciety conimeneexty 5:41 i, The general assistance of this Society

Forms and regulations for obtaining has been confined to those less cotiminute and accurate information, a to densed and smaller divisions of the peoguide and direct the judgment of the ple, which, though exposed to the same Committee in every case requiring the dangers from the want of Church-room, aid of the Society, have been adopted, fall not within the limits prescribed to and have hithertu been found to answer the Parliamentary Grant. The great the purpose intended.

number of parishes and hamlets thus Applications from 145 places have circumstanced, places in a striking point been received, 90 of which remain unde- of view the peculiar utility and benecided upon till further information shall ficial effects of this Society. have been supplied; 8 only have neces. That in the short space of one year, sarily been passed over, not appearing to the judicious application of meatis so the Committee to come within the restricted, and an expenditure compa Rules of the Society; and to 47 cast's ratively, so small, should have contriGrants of Assistance have been made id buced in such an essential manner to proportion to their apparent clums, and promote the social peace and political 1o the means of the Suciety; the specific welfare of oựr country, and temporal divisions under which these Grants have and eterpal interests of so many of our been made, are

fellow creatures, speaks, in the most 15 Cases før enlarging the Parish epergetic language, the wisdom, patriotChurch,

ism, and truly Christiani principles upon Rebuilding and enlarging which this Society is founded and com

the Parish Church., duçled. The evidence of such facts and Building Chapel

experience day, it is hoped, be sufficient 3 Rebuilding and erilarging to call in the active and liberal co-opeChapel.

ralion of those who delayed their sub.: Enlarying Chapel. 5! 3 scriptions umil the necessity and utility 2*64.7'. Enlarged s'accommodation of this Society should be satisfactorily

from improved arrange established; and offers the strongest 3,1%it mentiof Pews. ( RT possible claim to that increased support 32.63 Building a Gallery.

which may enable the Committee still - These 47 grants amount to 13380765 further to extend its beneficial opera. and by this expenditure, the Society have tions, and still wider to diffuse tbe nabeep be occasion or providing additional tional and individual benefits, which accommodation for. 17,700 persons tv must ever result from an augmented reatteud Divine Service in the Church of gard and attention to public worsbip ac. England, 13,459 of which are free sit. cording to the Liturgy of the Church of ungs fór tbe use of the pour.

England. The Committee have also the satis- And how much increased exertion to iaction of finding that, in addition to enlarge the powers of this Society is


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requisite, may appear from the number tribute of grateful acknowledgment of applications now before tbe Com- which is so eminently due to his mittee, and from the numerous and Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, pressing cases that are preparing for its and which was so feelingly giveu at consideration, and require its assistance. the second Meeting of the Committee

The present means of affording such in May, by the amiable and venerable assistance must now be presented in a

Pounder of the Society : “that to his statement of the finances.

An. Subs.

Grace's personal and unremitting at

tentions to the concerns of this and a Donations. £. s. d. Subscriptions £55,070 185. 582 II 0

kindred Society, the Country and the Valuation of property at the

Church of England were under the disposal of the Society,

highest obligations; and that, what. 66,1701. 5s. 4d. 3 per cent.

ever good might result from the opeStuck, valued at 71........ 46,980 17 6 rations of this Society in particular, Casb.

would be largely attributable to his Balance in the bands of the

Grace's personal assistance: as it Trustees ...

685 11 1 may be more fully expressed, to the Ditto, Treasurer..... 383 100 discriminative judgment, the liberal Ditto, Bankers..

10 10 0 and enlightened zeal, the compreDonations unpaid..

2529 15 0

hensive benevolence, and the condeSubscriptions unpaid.

scending and conciliating, manners 1818...... .£53 7 1819...........260 19....

314 60

with which his Grace had directed

the concerns of the Society in the Total,...50,904 9.7

Chair of all its general Meetings, and Grants made by the Society,

of the greater part of the meetings unpaid ..

. 13,707 00 of the Committee."

In this justly-merited testimony of Balance in hand.........£37,197 97 National gratitude, every member of

the Society, who has attended its which must surely be considered as very Meetings, will

, I am well persuaded, inadequate to the importance of its in- must cordially unite with tended application in the dangers to be A MEMBER OF THE COMNITTEE. averted and tbe benefits to be conferred. If we reflect upon the profligacy and

THE DECAMERON. the insubordination, the public calamity

“ Bombalio, clangor, stridor, taralanand the individual misery, which neces

tara, murmur. sarily and inevitably flow from a want of religious knowledge; if we consider, Mr. URBAN, Cheapside, June 18. also, that fité parocbial ministrations of Ira Four entertaining pages much ready and effectual' means of elevating humoured praise and blame relative and establishing the 'moral character to that strange pruriedcy, or itch, of the people, by communicating the which the infected quaintly term Bis. instructions, the consolations, and the LIOMANIA. I cannot but persuade animating hopes of our holy. Religion, myself your sade and intelligent which advantages cannot possibly be en: Readers may peruse with some por. joyed without an adequate supply of tion of interest a succinct statement Church-room; and if we observe that it

of what really occurred yesterday in is plainly deducible from the returns

the spacious sale.roon of the jusily. made to Parliament, that to obtain this accommodation in an useful and suffi

renowned book-auctioneer, Mr. R. cient manner, not less than a million of H. Evans*. It is a correct statement, the people in England stand in need of in which nothiog is exteagated, or set the assistance which it is the purpose down io malice. of this Society to bestow, and which the The main object of attraction, Sir, first year's experience of its labours Il Decamerone di Boccaccio, proves that it bestows in a manner at fol. M. G. Ediz. Prim. Venet. Valdar. once the most economical and the most fer, 1471;” the extreme scarcity of effectual, no stronger argument can be which edition needs vo proof here adduced to enforce its claim to a more beyond the acknowledged and revigorous support and a more general corded fact, that, after all the fruil. extension of its useful and beneficent less researches of more than three powers."

bundred years, not oue other perfect I cannot close tbis communication without joining in that inust deserved * See our Literary Intelligence, p. 556.



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copy is yet known to exist. Op thia magoa solemus] like housewives prys important occasion, it was evidents ing through the tops of glaw hiver is Bibliomania at least divided, public vask apiary at the heated and bappy attention with Royalty. Jo no slight busy, bustling, buzzing worms bor measure and degree, Ihę luoy-defunct low. The expanse around the hints John Boccace was seen to pie with was hemoped in and thronged to an H. R. H. the living Prince Regent, amaziog excesso whose birth was joyously comme: At last, the high marshal of the moraled; and the literary Splendoure games aruse's instantaneously, every beaming from the martial Tuscan anxious bearl around him beat quick, lists in Pall Mall, proudly, retorted and every veteran head was ubhelmed. blaze for blaze on the gorgeous mag: In a most impressive speech, to wbich pificence of the British Incone and assuredly no quill but this own can do court at Buckingham House, and on full justice, he amply expatiated on the glittering military array in St the prize once again brought forward James's Park: wbilst, at the very lo excite heroic daring. He said, i first discharge of invitation from the was well known that, by the princely pealing ordnance, all that constitutes munificence of a distiog dished Nobleihe genuine representation of rank, juan, an envoy, whoni he respected, of talent, and of fortune, rushed forth but whom he would not quite name emulously from every crowded quar. (he appealed to the Rév. Mn. Dibdir ter towards the one or the other of to check him, if in' upinteptional era these corrival exhibitions. Your ror), bad been dispatched plenis low modest Reporter, by choice, of course, culis to dearch for a similar cupy followed in the train that accompa. throughout Europe. Cæsar had made nied The Roxburghe corlège of dilet- in a posy the celebrated boast, " Þo lanti to the scene of George Joha ni, vidi, vici ," bol, volike Cæsar, Spencer Earl Spencer's noted tour.alas! after all his peregrinations, the pay for the acquisition of the

tleman to whom Mr. E. alluded could day, 17th June, 1812, when a certain only piteously ejaculate, dá his ube very identical guerdoni, on We aid truly ingenious and ingen gous gen"white knight,’yclept George Spen- welcome return io Albion's shores, in cer, then Marquis of Blaadford, now language equally terser and redukDuke of Marlborough, won from his able: «Eheu, abii, excessi, erasi Lordship's puissaut orasp the prize of erapi, redii !!!". However, bardy contest, with inimitable vigour, should a copy be yet brought from grace, and gallantry, and, no doubt, heaven, or from hell, and perehance io the equal cuvy and admiraliou of be displayed at the annual Roxburghe amateur beholders.

dinner, he (Mr. E.) magoanimaudy To avoid the horrors of prolixity, consented that the immediate result allow me, Mr. Urban, suns cérémonie, of the combatrimpending shuuld be et sans phruse, to throw into con. deemed and declared puit and void. parative stiade the numberless minor of the various probable causes which skirmishes and gay tilting-bouts pre- might have conduced to reoder the lusors to the charge en masse of Valdarfer edition's scarce, and this Thursday, 1716 June, 1819. At the complete copy possibly an unique very crisis of time wheu this conclu, Mr. Evans undoubtingly considered sive joust was formally announced, a the foremost to be nionkish and fa. herald in baste invited the congre. palical hostility, which stimulated gated host to suspend the strife for a Jaymen to burn their copies. Oftedmonient, until they had marked the bad he been asked, whether a certain " transit of Venus" over the brilliant golden chain che protested be did not constellation tben and there united. Oalvoking up,

mean the family plate, but a chain of we descried a bevy of gold) were intended to be annexed lo ny tuph. With their male satellites ihe chef d'auvre, and to enrich still Aitting rouod the large fanlight im- more the victor. He had no aulbomediately

suspended over our arena. rity to answer in the affirmative. These charming forms were Nodding, with a round and jocuod poeping down at us through the panes, aspect to the company, however, and like the goddesses of old from Olymu- significantly glancing his eyes to the pús it the combatants in the fields DECAMERON, that * xröja is the of Troy, or [sic parvis componere exclaimed aloud : * Gentlemen,


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