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erust that cach fresh unavoidable edition of Hudibras, without the transfer of this immortal and inesti name of the Editor or Publisher bemable Nerel, like a new link added to ing giver, we are apprehensive it may e strongly-connected chain, may serve be mistaken for the Edition we are only to bind in stilk closer ties of core pow publishing, and may cause a very dialamity those illustrious Worthies erroneväs impression respecting it, in who shall be the proprietors thereof the minds of the Public. We trust from age lo age, Lill (at length) re- you will do us the justice to state that sembling the fabled golden everlast the edition criticized in your columns ing chain of Jove, in Homer, it shall is not the one published by, clasp and hold lin its extensive eins 5 Yours, &c. c. and A. H. BALDWYN bract the earth, and main, and hea- We readily assure our Readers of vep!” - Quid plura ?. Thunders of the accuracy of the above statement. rapturous applause ensued, and the The Edition criticized by our Correspondelighted Orator: re-seated himself dent is printed for « Thomas M'Lean, amidst the cheers and huns of the bookseller and publisher."_Edit.

moll down 10 okost Sort Childe Rodd first bade 100... Childe og tone unbe gails

67 COLLEGIATE SCHOOL$. 198. odi Tripebook next tendered 2606. theni came swiftly on the tug of mimic

437 (Continued fromt p. 417.yols to war; and the bloodless battle coor. Mru URBAN,"? Crosby-square, June 15.

AM utter uncertainty, till the bvaliauto Longimani koights, from Paternog of the 4th ult.

M, H, ter-row, bore off the glorious ineed

MANCHESTER, their last bidding

being 875 guideas, The Collegiate Churcb of Manches1. c. 9181. 158. This book cost the ter was founded in the reigo of Henry Duke of Roxburghe but 1001. Por V.; was re-eodowed by Queen Mary it, exactly seven years ago, the pre- and finally regulated hj King Charlesl.. sent Duke of Marlborough gave The Establishmeot includes a War. 2,2601. It seems agreed, that the dea, four Fellows, two Chaplains or non adventurous purchasers lave Vicars, four Clerks, and four Chorise bought the same bona fide ou specu_ ters. The Warden and Fellows are lation. Although, at one time of the not confined to any particular class sale, the Earl Spencer did actually in their selection of boys, the Statutes spur in among the champions, and requiring only that they should have sportively break one lance io person, Musical talents. yet Childe Robert Tripehook, a preux The excellent Free School for En-a chevalier from Bood-street, of uu du Sahabatio, founded by Bishop bivus famelast opponent of the Longimani, unbørsed. tion; but the School in the Church

Mirabile dictu! The redoubtable yard is not now a Grammar School. Roxburghe phalant, headed by their the Choristers receive anpually 5l. chiuss, Messrs. Bolland, Dihdin, Drury, from the College, and one penny each and Heber, displayed their wonted from the Marriages, which averages prowess and skill in arms during best to each boy about three shillingspart of the shews ; but most mysteri.. weekly; so that their income will be ously abotrioed, ONE AND

A11, from about five shillings per week. aby share whatever in this final GRAND WINDSOR. - The Choristers of this ASSAULT: merely pacing their chargers Collegiate Church have been honourslowly up and down the outskiri uf l'he detto, so keep the ground for the pepecial degree by Rogal Alsuccessful Lodginzani, Earl ***?y??

the founder, King sopposed efficient representatives. tou mod smo, Sir, yours to comniand, 9. Edward in. in addition to the Dean, si

Canons, Priest-vicars, and clerks, app 2010 200 A QUIET LOOKBR-OK," point six Choristers who have beson

ng?nW. B., instituted of the Clerical order to

and six junior boys to succeed them Mr. URBAN,

Tf Newgale-street,
June 7.1

Statutes of Windsor, MS, Baker inc OBSERVING IN P, 416, come se

Bibi. Harl. 7049. Ashmole's History of vere animadversions on a ner. Windsor College.


The Statules of the foundation

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as vacancies occur. One of the most palm-tree; and many were struck skilful of the Priest-vicars is to be both with its appearance and peculiar selected for their careful instruction sweetness. This, too, as well as tbe in Grammar and Music. Henry IV. fruit, caused violent head-ache. But and Edward IV. added to their num- the tree from which the pulp had ber and endowinent. la lhe 16th cen- been extracted, withered entirely." tury the Choristers' School was newly The liquid substance found in the modelled by the Royal Commission. head of the date-tree may, perbaps, ers under Edward Vi. They enjoin be more properly called a syrup than that 10 Choristers shall be found in a pulp, for it is the sap whicb, aller tbe College ; that one of the Priests, risiog to the top, is inspissated by or Clerks, shall be annually chosen evaporation. The following qoolato instruct them diligently in the Ca- tion from Martyn's edition of Miller's techism, in the principles of Grani- “ Gardener's Dictionary," under the mar, and in Writing, aod also to su- article Phænix dactylifera, at the same perintend their manners. He is also time that it coufirms and illustrates freely to teach, at the least, ten other Xenophon's account, will give your children, if they resort unto him. Correspondent a satisfactory descrip

The Grammar Master is to attend tion of the mode in which this syrup them four hours daily. The rest of is procured : the day the Teacher of Music shall

“ The juice of the date-tree is prateach the Choristers to sing, and to cured by cutting off the head or crowa play upon instruments. The Dean, of the more vigorous plant, and scooping and every Prebendary, may command the top of the trunk into the sbape of the said Teachers to bring the children a basin, where the sap, in ascending, before them, that they may be heard lodges itself at the rate of tbree or four avd tried, whether they profit in Gram- quarts a day, during the first week or mar and Music as they ought to do. fortnight; after which the quantity The Commissioners also enjoin that daily diminishes, and at the end of six every Chorister, whose voice shall weeks or two months, the tree becomes change, shall have five marks yearly dry, and serves for timber or fire words for his exhibition, towards his find. This liquor, which has a more lascious ing at Grammar School, for the space enice of a thin syrup, but quickly becomes

sweetness than honey, is of the consistof four

years, if he be apt, and will tart and ropy, acquiring an intoxicating diligently apply himself to learn. Ön a subsequent Visitation in the quality, and giving, upon distillation

, saine reigo, the Dean and Chapter are the general name for all hoc liquors ex

an agreeable spirit, or Ar'aky, wbieb is required to have the School House tracted by the alembick." repaired at the College charge, for the accommodation of both the School.

To the Correspondent who is masters and their pupils. M. H. amusing your Readers with a disserta

tion on Signs, I take this opportunity Mr. URBAN,

June 16.

of suggesting one, with which he may Y way of helping a Correspond- not, perhaps, be acquainted, viz. “thie ficulty by which he feels himself sur. some years ago at Newport in the rounded, in a passage

froin Plu

Isle of Wight. The association oot 'tarch's treatise “ De tuendâ bonâ va.

being unnatural, I thought no more letudine," I beg leave to refer bim about the sign, till i Happened to to the following passage in the third

meet with one of the "Pig and chapter of the second book of Xeno. Chequers" at Godmanchester, when pbon's Anabasis:

it occurred to me that both might εγκεφαλος του φοινικος πρώτον εφαγον οι sign, « Pique et Carreau,” in English

probably be corruptions of a French στρατιώται, και οι πολλοι εθαυμαζον το

“ Spade and Diamond." In the first τε ειδος και την ιδιότητα της ηδονής. ην

instance, a total change has taken δε σφοδρα

xat Toulo xepadanyes. o de place, not only of the name, but of φοινιξ, όθεν εξαιρεθειη και εγκεφαλος, όλος the sign; while in the second, the avasyslo. Here. also, for the first “ Diamond" rempains, after baving artime, the soldiers ate the pulp, which sumed the name of the “ Chequera." is procured from the head of the date Yours, &c.

F. C.


Ελαύθα και

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May 18.

but the funds are employed pursuant :N your Magazine for January last to an award made 3 Jani 7 Elizabeth. Chapel, co. Dorset. As a companion annum. Thisfoundation is not noticed to it, I now solicit your insertion of by Mr. Carlisle, in his “ Endowed the Church of Netherburg(see Platel.). Grammar Schools.!!. with which Beminster is connected as The Church of Netherbury is a to ecclesiastical matters, though in all large and handsome fabrick, situated other respects a distinct parish. ou an eminence at the extreme part

Netherbary is one of the largest pa- of the parish, bordering on Bewiaster. rishes in Dorsetshire, being six miles It is supposed to be dedicated to the and a half long from North to South. Virgin Mary, on whose nativity, Sept.

There are three manors belonging 8, is tbe aonual feast or wake. It to three prebends in the Church of consists of a chancel, body, and North Salisbury, Netherbury. in Ecclesia, and South ailes. The tower is high, Netherbury in Terra or Yondover, and large, containing six bells, a clock, and Slape'; the prebendaries being and chimes. There are no very intelords of the manor.

resting memorials within the Church. Netherbury is divided in four tith- The epitaphs are recorded in the new ings; Ashe, Bowood, Melplash, and edition of Hutchins's “ History of Netherbury; containing within them Dorsetshire," vol. I.; in which work no less than $3 farms, or hamlets. a full account of this exlensive parish

There is a Free-school in this parish, may be found. the founder of wbich is not known ; Yours, &c.

N, R. S.


ADDITIONS to CUMBERLAND, Vol. LXXXVI. Part ii. page 599.'

(Concluded from page 405.) 1311. Gilsland ravaged by Robert Bruce King of Scotland. 1314. Kirk.oswald burnt and Lavercost pillaged by the Scots under Edward

Bruce, brother of the King. 1315. During the siege of Carlisle, St. Bees monastery, with the manor

houses of Cleator and Slaioburn, destroyed by the Scots. 1819. Gilsland laid waste by the Scots under James Douglas aod Thomas

Randolph. 1822. Rose castle and Wigton towo burnt, and Holine Cultram abbey,

where his father was buried, destroyed by Robert Bruce King of Scotland,

who devastated the Western side of this county to Duddon sands. 1928. At Carlisle, Andrew de Hercla, Earl of Carlisle and Lord Warden of

the Marches, accused of a treasonable correspondence with the Scots, ar

rested by Lord Lucy, and beheaded. 1332. At Carlisle, Edward Baliol the fugitive Kiog of Scotland, entertained

by Lord Dacre the governor. 1337. At Arthuret the Scols entered England, destroyed 20 villages, and

carried off a great booty. In another incursion they burnt Rose castle, the hospital of St. Nicholas, and the suburbs of Carlisle. ". 1942. Penrith and several neighbouring villages burnt by the Scots. 1345. Penrith towo burnt by the Scots vader Sir William Douglas, who

besieged Carlisle, and set fire to the suburbs: but op bis retreat to Scotland was overtaken and defeated by Kirby Bp. of Carlisle and Sir Robert Ogle. 1846. Liddel castle jaken by assauli, ils governor Sir Walter Selby be

headed, and Lanercost priory plundered, by David Bruce King of Scotland. 1380. Peurith, during a truce, treacherously surprised by the Scots, who

slew many of the inhabitants, and carried off oumerous prisoners and a a great booty as it was a fair day in that town. These marauders also sei fire

to a street in Carlisle. 1383. Holme Cullram abbey saved from burning by the Abbot paying the

sum of 2001. to the Earl of Douglas, commander of the Scots. 1385. Carlisle unsuccessfully besieged by the French and Scols. GENF. MAG June, 1819.


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