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fined imitation of the vagabondizing initation of the front of the Temple and unceremonious freedom of those of Fortuna Virilis at Rome), presents tawny wanderers, nor is it altogether its side: ; but the Sea draws from the a bad counterfeit of Arcadian happipower and effect of masses of architec- ness. It is said of happiness, that ima. iure. "Towards the ocean the eye may gination persuades some that they stretdi “free and far ;" and take " en have found it, but it is while their tout et isemble.I consider this section reason is asleep. The illusory interof tbe view, with whatsoever defects,. val during the operation of imaginasuperior to the opposite; but of course tion, and the oblivious slumber of less regarded, as the Sea and Downs, reason, is realized in such hours as of which it is composed, are familiar. these ; people meet together with a

On the North-east circumference, mutual impulse to reciprocate cheerwith every advantage of a bright day, fuluess ; and in the pure contemplawe priused to regard the composition tion of the grand aspect of Nature, of this very large subjacent prospect. they become for the passing hour suThe hills are sufficiently in distance, perior to the infelicity, coarseness, but not bold. Hence the back and abasenient of the common interground is not imposing. Box and course of life. What is the autiquity Leith hills form a wing of the most of this practice? I would be obliged colossual part of the amphitheatre. to any of your Correspuodents who

The fore-ground is formed of an could ipforin me. abuodance of thicket, clumps of The weather became mutable, and brusb-wood; the old borough of gave me an opportunity of seeing it Stegning and Bramber Castle; Whis- under many different lights and shades. too Parks deer reposing uoder the Our cloth was spread on the grass, shade of some ooble and wide-spread and we were feeding in the Oriental oaks; billocks every way are display. posture, as delighted as Horace ju a ed, but neither in the tints of the fo- similar situation, quaffing Sabine and liage, or the ground, was there much renowned Falernian, when we heard the variety ; if a river could gush from a souod of distant thunder vibrating on hanging rock, and cover part of the the opposite side to that from which glade with its silvery stream, it would it proceeded ; a heavy and portentous turn the sameness of surface into life. cloud began to sail partially over us; Its faults are a want of dissimilarity the rain fell, and with a precipitate in its parts, and the lowoess and dis- scramble for the food, we began to proportion of the hills, to the extent decamp and rush for shelter under the of the fore-ground. In fact, it should foliage of the Ring, where we sat be more è la Brule. Its great merit

Like extatic wonder, is its immense scope, being not ipfe. Listening the deep applauding Thunrior in scale to any in Sussex, if we

der." except the Devil's Dyke.

None of the party happily evinced Mf. Gilpin alludes to this landscape any of that silly timidity so common in the followiog description: “ Har. to weak minds, when exposed to pbying travelled several miles on these sical dangers under the immediate disloity Downs, we fell into a woody pensation of Providence. Wbile our botlom, and in our descent had a very pseudo-gypsies were not telling for. extensive view into Surrey, as far as

tunes, but singing plaintively Burns's Box Hill. In this bottom lies the

“ Ye flowery banks o' bonie Doon,” I town of Bramble (Steyniog), once a silently marked the progress of the place of vote, and defended by a cas

storm ; a superb Iris, ile, of which at this time little re.

“ Mille trahens varios adverso sole comaios but the fragment of a Tower. From hence the Dowos expand again,

lores," smooth, billy, and extensive. They arched in the longest diagonal from are solitary tracks of land. Here and the hills of the fore-ground to those there a shepherd and his flock ap- of the back, across the broad vale. peared on the side of a hill, which The sunbeams again appeared, were almost the only objects we met.” “ Driving back shadows o'er low'ring

We formed what is called a gipsey hills," party in Sussex and Hampshire; all At eight o'clock we began to see the excursions to chosen spots is in re- eve, strictly speaking, on purple



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512 Visit to Corscombe, Seat of the celebrated Mr. Hollis. (June, peaks descending,” some dense clouds vate life, was incorruptible. His nugathering in the West. From this we merous acts of liberality and muoil. progoosticated that another storm cence knew no bounds. His love of was organizing; we proposed to de Liberty in general, and of the British part, and mounted horses and vehicles Constitution in particular, was warm on the other side of the hill. Here a and lasting. Such men appear but grand scene presented itself. Collias's seldom ; they are, however, occalines rushed on my fancy;

sionally presented to our view, per“ Dim Night now veils the solemn view, haps to inform us to what a degree See the fairy valleys fade."

of perfection human nature can atlaio. Where Vecta* "checks the Westering Hollis relired to Corscombe, where he

Towards the close of his life, Mr. tide,” the sun was declioing majestically into the sea ; his crimson disk, possessed a large estate; he died there, heightened by the pitchy clouds,

and was buried accordiog to his desire which were conglomerating rapidly,

in a field near bis house, and which seemed to emblaze the waters. We

was ploughed up immediately after, determined to pass over the ridge or

at his particular request. I happened chine of the Downs joto the road ;

to be lately on a visit in the vicinity and our presages of a storm were soon

of Corscombe; and although the searealized-night closed in total black

son was unfavourable, I could not repess; the thunder and lightoing, which

sist the pleasure of visiting a spot had died away, now grew tremen

which had been the residence ef such dous. Its approximation was awfully feel no small degree of satisfaction in

a man; I was conscious that I should accelerated, and an uncontrollable tendency of volition towards home beholding the place where the bones produced a disorderly and straggling of a Patriot were mingling with their flight. The most atrocious darkness parent dust. was followed by vast and luminous

Corscombe is a retired village sear displays of the electric fluid, which

the borders of Somersetshire. The frequently dashed the borses, and surrounding country is hilly and ra. dimmed iheir vision by its supreme

ther romantic, being on the verge of brilliancy, as it appeared to roll

along and not altogether destitute of trees

the Dorsetshire Downs; it is inclosed, and ignite the earth under our feet. « Brief as the lightning in the colly'd and cheerless; and it was the remem

but the general aspect is rather cold night,


earth, brance of Mr. Hollis alone, that gave That in a spleen unfolds both Heaven And ere a man hath power to say, Be.

such a degree of dignity and interest hold !

to the shades of Corscombe. The The jaws of Darkness do devour it up!" village is small, and on the side of a

Midsummer Night's Dream. hill; a narrow path through a dell I was too much absorbed in media

conducted us up a bill to Urles*, the tating the terrible sublimity of that

house occupied by Mr. Hollis. It agency which appeared to be disin

faces the South East, and is protected tegrating the world, to be much ap

by some trees, the situation being palled; but, at the “ signal of a thub. high and rather exposed; behind the der clap," down came the raio in a

house is a neat piece of water, and a tremendous torrent, and wetted us

grove of fir trees. It is a mere farmthrough instantaneously; it followed house, now inhabited by a farmer; it the lightning as if intended to extin.

is not large, and apparently out of guish its blaze. But as we had en repair ; the part occupied by Mr. Holdured the greater horrors with the lis consists only of a small low parintrepidity of old Lear, we bore the lour, having a sash window; and a latter, though not the most empha- died; though it appears from the

chamber above, in which, I am told, he tical, yet the most durably felt, with cheerfulness iind fortitude. J. F.

account in his Memoirs that he died

suddenly in one of the adjoioing fields. Mr. URBAN,

May 20. TE。 YAE late Dr. Thomas Hollis was in * A view of Urles Farm, was com

the fullest sense of the word a municated in 1815, by its then owner, patriot. His public, as well as his pri- the late Rev. Dr. Disney, to the new and

greatly improved edition of Hutchins's * Isle of Wight.

"History of Dorsetsbire.” EDIT.


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