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Massachusetts Historical Society., 1922
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For the statement above quoted, also for full bibliographical information regarding this publication, and for the contents of the volumes [1st ser.] v. 1- 7th series, v. 5, cf. Griffin, Bibl. of Amer. hist. society. 2d edition, 1907, p. 346-360.

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Sivu 249 - A declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America, now met in General Congress at Philadelphia, setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms.
Sivu 62 - Adams, who had a pretty collection of books, and who frequented our printinghouse, took notice of me, invited me to his library, and very kindly lent me such books as I chose to read. I now took a fancy to poetry, and made some little pieces ; my brother, thinking it might turn to account, encouraged me, and put me on composing occasional ballads. One was called
Sivu 155 - ... by an act of parliament made in the first year of the reign of our late royal father, to be taken instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy...
Sivu 53 - My son, fear thou the LORD and the king : and meddle not with them that are given to change...
Sivu 37 - Boston, printed by Bartholomew Green and John Allen (printers to His Excellency the Governour and Council...
Sivu 449 - WHEN the black-lettered list to the gods was presented (The list of what fate for each mortal intends),' At the long string of ills a kind goddess relented, And slipped in three blessings — wife, children, and friends.
Sivu 343 - At a Meeting of the Directors and Agents of the Ohio Company, | held at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern in Boston, the following Report was | received from Rev.
Sivu 384 - CALEF, ROBERT. More | Wonders | of the | Invisible World : | Or, The Wonders of the | Invisible World, | Display'd in Five Parts.
Sivu 182 - Boston : Printed by Richard Draper, Printer to His Excellency the Governor, and the Honorable | His Majesty's Council, 1772.
Sivu 285 - AAS 2061. [Cuts.] Great | Encouragement | for | Seamen. | All Gentlemen Seamen and able-bodied Landsmen | who have a mind to distinguish themselves in the Glorious | Cause of their Country, . . . (Service on the ship Ranger, commanded by John Paul Jones.) With resolve of the Continental Congress, March 29, 1777. Danvers: Printed by E. Russell, at the House later the Bell-Tavern. Evans, 15648. 2062. Great News | from | New York. | Salem, January 6, 1777. (Affair of Trenton.) Salem: Printed by E. Russell....

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