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place, which people are to take heed unto, 'till the day dawn and the day star arise in their hearts.'

P. He saith, .To say that redemption and righteousness are wrought within, is to bring Christ down from above out of heaven, or raise him from the dead, and to make the blood of Christ as another man's,' &c.

. A. Now Christ is not known to be the justification, but as he is known within, and redemption out of Adam's state in the fall. For "he that believes hath the witness in himself,' and 'ceaseth from his own works, as God did from his, and enters into his rest.' The world may profess Christ without them; but if he be not within them, they are reprobates, and shall fall short of justification and redemption. And if they have not the son of God, they have not life; and many will say, Lord, but do not the thing that he commands. And one of thy generation of professors that wrote against the Quakers, said, that the blood of Christ was corruptible,' (and so it was like the blood of another man,) and thou sayst it is not. Now we say, that blood which cleanseth from all sin is incorruptible; and they that witness Christ in them, and justification and redemption, need not say, 'Who shall raise Christ from the dead, or fetch him from above,' as thou sayst.

P. He saith, Obedience to the spirit within, and Christ a worker and a lawgiver in their conscience, and a worker of it in their persons, but not as a saviour: and what of God is felt or wrought in them, that they believe. While the unspeakable righteousness, operation of life in Christ reserved, with faith, liberty, joy and peace, &c. are hid from their eyes,' &c. See page 10.

A. Now can any be obedient to the spirit within, and to Christ a worker, and a lawgiver, and feel the work of God in themselves, and yet the unspeakable righteousness, and the operation of life hid in Christ, and faith, and liberty, joy and peace be hid from their eyes? Can a man know all these things, and yet not know Christ to be a saviour ? Here thou art judged, and thy knowledge; for he that knows these things, knows a saviour; and let the righteous, whose eyes are open, judge how thou divides the word.

P. He saith, Faith holds things as true in Christ, though hid from sense and feeling,' &c. See page 11.

A. How cometh the just to live then, if there be not a feeling in his faith? And how then cometh he to have the victory over the world ? And how doth faith purify, if there be not a feeling? And how is it held in a pure conscience, if there be not a feeling? And how cometh he to have access to God through faith? And doth not the scripture speak of them that were in the faith, felt and handled the word of life?


And was this without the faith of God's elect, or of sense? Therefore in this thou mayst see how incapable thou art to divide the word.

P. He saith, 6 They that put spiritual working for the grace of Christ, destroy Christ Jesus.' See page 11.

A. They do not destroy Christ Jesus, that put spiritual working for the grace of Christ, for the works of the spirit do not destroy Christ; for where the works of the spirit are, there is the grace of Christ Jesus; and none own Christ, but who are in the works of the spirit, and his graces; and they destroy Christ, and deny him, that are out of the works of the spirit, and his graces are spiritual workings.

P. He saith, “ The sight of the Godhead without faith in Christ, is the foundation of all false worships,' &c.

See same page. A. Can any have a sight of the Godhead, and not see Christ and have faith in Christ? And who have faith in Christ, do they not see that the fulness of the Godhead dwells in him ? And were not their minds turned from that of God in them (which declared the invisible things of him from the creation, even his eternal power and godhead) whom the apostle found fault with? Let all examine and judge, and read the scripture, Rom. i. and try.

P. He saith, Obedience to Christ within is a sentence of the law, not of grace, and denying Christ, overwhelming the afflicted in sorrow without hope, and turning the feet of the lame out of the way.' And bids beware of such doctrine, &c. See page 12.

A. If so, people must beware of the doctrine of the apostle who told them to whom he preached, Christ was in them except they were reprobates.' And Christ was within them the hope of glory.' They turn people out of the way who keep them reprobates, without hope, and it is a denying of Christ, not to preach Christ within, and a keeping people under the law, which Christ is the end of. And where Christ within is, there is obedience, which is the end of the law, and

there is grace.

P. He saith, “The justification and redemption by obeying the light within, appears to his understanding to be a mystery of iniquity,' &c. See page 13.

A. Thy understanding must come to nought, for he that believeth is justified from all things, and comes not into condemnation, and he hath the witness in himself. And that lets him see his redeemer, his mediator, and saviour, the light, which, walking in, he is cleansed from all sin, and so no mystery of iniquity, for the mystery of iniquity is out of the light: none sees justification and redemption but with the light within, which comes from Christ who hath enlightened him.

P. He saith, 'The ministration of grace cannot be known by the Inc.


light which Christ hath enlightened every man that cometh into the world withal,' &c. See page 14.

A. Contrary to John, who saith, As many as receiveth him, to them he gives power to become the sons of God;' and no one knows the ministration of grace, but by the light which comes from Christ the covenant of grace.

P. He saith, “None can know the mystery of God in Christ with the light in them,' &c. See page 14.

A. Which is contrary to scripture, ' I will give him for a covenant, for a light to the Gentiles, he shall be my salvation to the ends of the earth,' saith the Lord. So as this was the salvation, it gives the knowledge of the mystery of salvation; the light that shines in the heart gives the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus,' who is the mystery that shines in the heart of them that believe in it; and them that do not, are condemned with the light. And so they are reproved with the spirit of truth, which leads the disciples into all truth, which spirit the world cannot receive, for they do not receive the light, and so are not like to receive the spirit of truth.

P. He saith, “The light of Christ (in natural man) knows nothing of the spirit,' &c. And the scripture was the image of Christ without,' &c. See page 14.

A. Scriptures without are writings, and endure not for ever, but the power, Christ the power of God, endures for ever. And whoever is in the light, cometh to know Christ in the spirit, him who is the life. And it leads the natural man from his natural state, that believes in it; for all by nature are the children of wrath: those who believe in it, it leads from the nature, and from the wrath, and these are made free from the wrath to come; and they that believe not in the light are reproved by the spirit, and that which reproves them is manifest to them, and so they know it.

P. He saith, To affirm the light in the conscience (which we say is the light of Christ) to be the way or guide to Christ, whereto only we should attend, is a darksome, fleshly, and most legal principle,' and calls it the grave wherein Christ is buried,' &c. See page 15.

A. This is contrary to Christ's doctrine, who saith, ' He that believes in the light shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.' And he that does believe in the light, hath entered into his rest and come to the sabbath, out of the grave, out of the legal, and out of the fleshly, and out of condemnation. And none come to the son Christ, but they who come to the light which comes from him, who hath enlightened them with it.

P. And again he saith, “To say the light in every man is Christ the redeemer, is a two-fold error,' &c. Sec same page.

A. Contrary to John, who saith, • This is the true light which doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world.' And he was in the world, and the world knew him not.' So he shows himself to be one of the stock of the world, that know not him that was and is in them, the light of the world. He that believeth in the light hath the light of life, and he that receiveth the light, receiveth Christ the redeemer. And he that receiveth Christ, receiveth his spirit. And he that receiveth not the light that he is enlightened withal, receiveth not his redeemer, but hates him: it is his condemnation, and he is in the


P. He saith, “The light within was not given for righteousness, neither could it reveal or give life,' &c. Sce page

16. A. Contrary to Christ, who saith, “ He that believes in the light shall have the light of life.' So thou art unskilful in the word and Joctrine of Christ; and Christ within is given for righteousness; who reveals the Father and gives lifc, and they that have not Christ the light within, arc reprobates.

P. He saith,. The light within knows nothing of the precious gospel mystery.' See page 16.

A. Contrary to the apostle, who said the light that shined in their hearts should give the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus;' and the light within comes from the mystery, and is of the mystery itself, and lets see the precious mystery which none knows but with the light within. And so the God of the world hath blinded thy mind, and thou hast showed thyself that thou art of them that hate the light, and come not to it; for he that comes to it, comes to the mystery, for the least light of Christ in man is of the mystery, and comes from the mystery.

P. He saith, “It is an error to say Christ came to redeem Israel from the law without, to establish the work within and law in the conscience, in obedience unto which men come to be redeemed,' &c. See

A. Contrary to the apostle, who preached the redemption, and established the law in the heart; and Christ is within, who redeems men from under the law, who is the end of it; and the word of faith is in the heart; and they that have not this are in the error, though they may talk of Christ.

P. He saith, ' It is the divinity of sophisters, and a blotting out.of. the glory of the grace of Christ, to set forth Christ as a lawgiver, and worker in us,' &c. See page 17.

A. But I say, none know him as a mediator and a lawgiver, nor an offering, nor his blood that cleanseth them, but as they know him

page 16.

working in them, and their divinity is in the sophistry that know not the glory of the grace of Christ working in them.

P. He saith, 'A man shall not see himself dead and buried with Christ, and raised up with Christ, by any work or obedience to Christ within,' &c. See page 18.

A. He that believes hath the witness in himself;' and there is the work within, and that is the work of God: and faith is wrought within. And this is contrary to sell, for it gives victory over it, and teacheth to deny self. So see how thou confounds thyself; and he that believes is past from death to life,' and they that are dead with Christ seek those things that are from above.'

P. He saith again, " The light within is the spirit of the world,' &c. See page 18.

A. Contrary to John's doctrine, who saith, he was in the world, and the world knew him not;' neither do your worldly spirits know him now, as the world's spirit knew him not then; and the world hates the light, and darkness cannot comprehend it, though it shines in darkness. And here thou art meddling with things that are too heavy for thee, and the corner-stone falls atop of thee, and the light that enlighteneth every one that cometh into the world, was before the spirit of the world was.

P. He saith, That they that affirm the light in every man that condemns for sin, to be Christ the redeemer, have set up an idol,' &c. See page 19.

A. Doth not Christ say, 'I am the light of the world, which is the true light, that lighteth every man that cometh into the world, who is the redeemer and the salvation to the ends of the earth? And he that receiveth it receiveth Christ. And is not this it that brings off from all idols ? And are not they setting up idols, that are from the light? And doth not Christ the light come to condemn sin in the flesh? And is that the idol? How dare thou say so! He was manifest in the flesh, to condemn sin in the flesh; and he saith, I am the light,' and that is not an idol.

P. He saith, Christ comes not down in spirit into our persons to redeem, but to manifest the redemption;' and saith, he cometh the second time without sin unto salvation,' &c. See page 21.

A. The apostle bids them work out their salvation with fear and trembling.' And Christ brings not peace on earth, but a sword, and judgment, and comes to make blind, who is the redemption, and makes it manifest by his spirit, and whose light doth condemn him that hates it, because he will not have that which manifests salvation. And whosoever knoweth redemption, knoweth it to be manifest in him from Christ.

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