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wrought since their days. But now is the power of God made manifest, which breaks down the mystery of iniquity, and raiseth up the mystery of godliness; and of this power, neither the learned men, physicians, nor ministers, are able to judge, but as they own.Christ the power of God. As the learned Rabbies judged of Christ, so do they judge of the power now; so it is not strange to us. And the saints met in the night, yea till midnight.' And we deny the ministry that takes tithes, and say the priesthood is changed, and the law is changed by which it was made; and the commandment disannuled that gave tithes. Ileb. 7. And we say Christ is come a priest after the order of Melchisedeck, the similitude and likeness, who ends the similitude and likeness. In Christ is the end of similitudes and likenesses, and of wars, in whom is peace. So no tithes are to be paid to the similitude and likeness. But all are to come to the son, and to hear the son, and honour the son. 'I will give him for a covenant of light unto the Gentiles, and a new covenant to the house of Israel and the house of Judah.' Christ told the Jews to whom he was promised, that he was the light of the world; and the prophet said God would give him, • for a covenant of light unto the Gentiles.' And Christ bid them believe in the light,' and they should have the light of life, and should not walk in darkness. And John saith, “if ye walk in the light, then have ye fellowship one with another, and the blood of the son of God cleanseth you from all sin.' So none come out of the darkness, and out of the stumbling, and have peace with God, but who come to the light. And art thou offended at this object? Dost thou stumble at this light? at the door, the rock, the corner-stone, splitting thyself against it? But it is fallen upon thy head.

Again, the spiritual man discerns and judgeth all things. And as face answers face, so doth the spirit of the Lord in man. And man may discern by the spirit of the Lord God, where the seed is in the death, and where the seed is not, and where the soul is living, (in which the Lord hath pleasure,) and where it is in the death, as the scriptures of truth testify. The holy men of God discern it, and ye being ignorant of this, manifest that ye have neither salt, nor savour, nor handling, nor tasting, nor seeing, nor feeling. But what ye know, ye know naturally as brute beasts; and so there is this evil eye, not having spirits of discerning and savouring. How should ye minister unto people, to their states and conditions, if ye cannot discern the spirits which are in them? How are ye ministers of the spirit? The natural man, though he have all the natural tongues, doth not receive the things of God, yet the natural man may get the letter: and if he have not the spirit that gave it forth, he is not a minister of the spirit,

but of the letter, and is erred from the spirit that the apostles were in, as you are, who have made yourselves manifest.

P. He saith, The Quakers will have no tools taken out of the shops of human learning to work withal. See page 26. Again, They call our ministers state's ministers, or priests; and some of the Quakers go naked through the streets,' &c.

A. How ignorant art thou here of scripture! will not all people here judge thy ignorance, and your ignorance? for the scripture shows that the Lord made his prophet Isaiah to put off his clothes, and go naked among the Egyptians and Ethiopeans, for a sign to them, a figure of their nakedness: and if the Lord has made some as figures among you, or to go naked, as a figure of your nakedness, who are of the spiritual Egypt, and of their root, and stock; and of those false spirits that went out into the world from the apostles : if the Lord make some as signs among you of your nakedness, how you have ravened from the spirit of God, and want the clothing of it; look upon your own shame that that may be covered. Are they not innocent people that go naked among you, and that are an offence unto you, who see not your shame? And are not ye state's ministers, made by men, and schools, and colJeges set up by the state, are not your maintenance, your tithes from the state? And ye say 'ye never heard the voice of God, nor Christ's voice immediately from heaven?' Whose ministers are yo then, but state's ministers? And ye deny immediate revelation, and inspiration. How can we say ye are ministers made by the will of God, when ye tell us ye never heard his voice? Or how can we say you are ministers of Christ, while ye deny revelation and inspiration, and immediate voice from heaven, and so know not the son and the spirit that reveals ? As for your tools that come out of your shops of human learning,' the Quakers deny your shops of tools that come out of the human learning. And the scripture gives no such expressions as a 'shop of tools, nor do we find that ever the prophets or apostles had a shop of tools of human learning. But your shops of tools of human learning have come up in the apostacy since the days of the apostles, and these are your tools that you work with in the apostacy. And so ye workmen will fall out with one another's work, and with your tools strike at one another. Ye have had a shop, that inwardly ravened, that went forth from the apostles, the false spirits that went out into the world; ye have had a shop of tools with which ye have worked, and lived in your old authors, and books, and studies, and fathers; and so burst into many heads and heaps, one destroying the other about his work! All your tools ye have wrought with since the apostacy, have been taken out of the shops of hunan learning, which arc carthily: this proves yr arc apostates, and the spirits that

are gone out into the world. And Luke saith the tongucs of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, were set up over Christ by Pilate who crucified him. And John saith the beast had power over all tongues, and that the whore sits upon the tongues, and that the tongues are waters. What! hath the beast sat upon our tongues? upon our orthodox men, our schools, and colleges ? and doth the whore sit on our tongues, upon the original, and upon our tools and shops? and are these set above Christ? It is not unlike but that the beast may have power over all these. The earth was of one language before they built Babel, and when thcy imagined to build Babel, God confounded them into many languages. But the life is risen, Christ Jesus, which was before Babel was, and before Pilate was that set the many languages upon him; the life is risen over them and you all, which life, Christ, breaks to pieces both your shops and tools of human learning: and so your glory is marred, and your pride is stained. The life is risen, Christ the life is risen over you. The merchants and the tradesmen rage, who have long had your shops. Sing and rejoice over them, yo saints !

P. lle saith, “The apostle said, the last times would be perilous, there should be false accusers, and fierce despisers of them that are good.' Again he saith, 'a Turk or an Indian will deny the light within him. Again, Christ is in heaven with his carnal body.' See page 43. 45. 48.

A. Christ's body is a glorified body, and the scripture nowhere says, that Christ's body is a carnal body in heaven.

Again, the perilous times came before the apostles' decease, they saw them that were 'salse accusers, and fierce despisers of them that were good;' they that had the form of godliness, but denied the power,' that were lovers of themselves and covetous,' and these were crept in before the apostles' decease; and since the days of the apostles the world has gone after them. So that covetous, heady, and fierce despisers have ruled; they have been like Jannes and Jambres, who withstood Moses, when the children of Israel were to come out of Egypt. And so do you withstand the truth, who are covetous and high-minded, heady, fierce despisers of them that are good, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof,' which are to be turned away from; so you keep people in spiritual Egypt and Sodom. Are ye not all covetous, and lovers of yourselves? And do not you all deny the light that lightcth every man that cometh into the world, "Christ the power of God,' and so keep people under your teaching all their life time, laden with their sin and divers lusts while they are upon the carth, telling them that there is no perfection here ?

That ministry that losscth people up and down with your slights, and wiles,

and windy doctrine, never makes them able to come to the knowledge of the truth; which truth is the light that doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world.' Are not ye'fierce despisers of them that are good ?' Hath not all the blood of the martyrs and saints, which hath been shed since the days of the apostles, been by the stock that you are in, who are the false spirits, erred from the true spirit that the prophets and apostles were in, and gone out into the world from them? And ye confess ye have not the same infallible spirit that the prophets, Christ, and the apostles had: this Eaton the pastor admits. But neither the Indians nor Turks will deny the light, that convinceth them of sin; for to the Turks and Indians was the covenant promised, as well as to the Jews, for they are heathen. And thus your ignorance appears, both of the scriptures of truth and ministers of God, and with them you are judged.

P. Priest Coale saith, “ The light which he is justified by is a created light,' page 56.

A. Neither the scriptures of truth which the saints declared, nor Christ, ever held forth a created light as justifying; for the saints are justified by Christ the light, by whom all things were created. light was not created, that was the saints' justification.

P. He saith, “Who are washed from their sins by the blood of Christ, and made priests unto God; and in this sense, if they themselves do not once become priests, they will become companions of devils for ever.' See page 56.

A. They that become priests to God, and are washed by the blood of Jesus Christ, are come out of the devil's power and overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and own the light to be their justification, which thou denies.

P. He tells us of Paul's mediate call, and that his extraordinary call of itself had not been sufficient.'

A. The scripture tells us no such thing as Paul's mediate call; and Paul declares himself a minister not of man, nor by man, but by the will of God, and that was sufficient; which call you are out of since his days, who are called by men.

P. He saith, “Christ doth not forbid simply to be called of men master,' &c. page 62.

A. It was Christ's command plainly to his disciples, · Be not ye of men called master, for ye have one master, even Christ.' And thus thou stands against Christ's doctrine and commands, and so art a transgressor, and an antichrist.

P. He saith, Christ's human nature,' &c.

A. Where doth the scripture speak of human? where is the word human written? tell us that we may search for it. Now, we do not deny that Christ, according to the flesh, was of Abraham, but deny the

word human. Christ's nature is not human, which is earthly, for that is the first Adam.

P. Priest Coale saith, “his justification is not done within him, but without him in the court of heaven.'

A. Reprobates may talk of justification. Did not Christ work justification without them upon the earth for mankind, and brought righteousness? And where Christ is made manifest within, is not their justification wrought there from heaven, within ? Where faith is witnessed within, doth not that justify? And none know justification in truth, but where it is wrought within. See pages 77, 78.

P. Again priest Coale saith, “the lise that he lives is a created life.'

A. So thou hast showed thyself a natural, not a spiritual man, nor a son of God led by the spirit of God, nor in the faith; and dost not live by faith, nor in the spirit, so hast manifested vain glory.

P. He calls ó trembling and quaking the shaking of the soul.'

A. The power of the Lord God cometh to shake down that nature which prisons the soul, and set it free. And as for all thy other complaints, revilings, railings, and lies, they will turn upon thyself, and will be hard for thee to bear: and thou shalt cry out with Cain, when thou feelest the burthen; who are out of Christ's steps, who is the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.' As in the day of thy judgment thou shalt witness, and the witness in thy conscience shall answer.

Francis Fullwood's book, called, A True Relation of a Dispute.'

His principles follow.

P. He saith, “The scriptures are able to make wise unto salvation.' Again, the son in whom eternal life is, is only found in scripture, and they are they that testify of him, and therefore eternal life is found in scripture.'

A. Many had the scriptures, but stood against the son of God. Scriptures signify writings. The son of God is not writings. And many may have the scriptures, and not have the son of God, and so not eternal life. For the devil hath scripture, but hath not eternal life;

For he that envyeth his brother, hath not eternal life abiding in him.' So who have eternal lise, they have that which the scripture speaks of, it testifies of Christ the life, of the spirit; they are the words given forth by the spirit of God, and so are to be fulfilled by the same spirit again. And the scriptures are able to make wise unto salvation

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