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days of the apostles. For the false apostles, satan's ministers, transforming themselves as angels of light,' these went all out from the spirit that the prophets, Christ, and the apostles were in. So these were the spirits that were to be tried by them that had the anointing in them; you, who now are tried by them that are come to the anointing in them, are seen to be gone out from the apostles.

P. He saith, 'You put out the eyes of poor souls by bidding them to hearken to the light within,' &c. page 14.

A. The eye that sees the soul is the light which cometh from Christ the bishop of it; and no one knows the eye of the soul, but who comes to the light within that opens it, which cometh from Christ the saviour of it, which gives him the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ,' 2 Cor. iv. and lets him see his saviour.

P. He saith, “I affirm that no man can have salvation by virtue of his obedience,' &c. page 17.

A. He that believes is saved; he hath salvation; he that doth notis condemned already.' And no man hath salvation but by believing, and where believing is, there is obedience to the gospel. They that obey it not are condemned, and neglect their salvation.

P. He saith,. They lay in wait to deceive, who call the breaking of bread carnal,' page 18.

A. We cannot say that the outward bread is spiritual, the bread which perisheth is carnal; and we say Christ is the bread which is spiritual, and they deceive people who say outward bread is spiritual, and not carnal.

P. He saith, How should we have known sin, to be sin; and righteousness to be righteousness, and a Christ that died at Jerusalem, but by the scriptures ? and saith, 'nay we could not have known these things, page 21.

A. That which makes sin manifest is light: and they that had scriptures knew not Christ that died at Jerusalem, but crucified him. And David and Joshua saw his sufferings, and saw that Judas should betray him. And they that had scriptures knew not sin from righteousness, they knew not the sin of unbelief; they knew not Christ's righteousness, and knew not the way to the Father, but turned against the light, the truth, which makes manifest sin as you do, and as the Pharisees did.

P. To say, "The officers of the church are invisible, is plainly of the Father the devil,' page 24.

A. The holy ghost made the officers of the church overseers, and that made the officers, the overseers, to be invisible: for they saw with an invisible eye; and so they were in the spirit, which is invisible, and not in the flesh, else they could not be overseers in the church of God; and you are the visible, apostatized from them.

P. He saith, “That which is contained in the Bible is spirit and life,' page 25.

A. That which the Bible declares of, is spirit and life, which is Christ, which you are ignorant of that have the letter and deny the light, and so say life is contained in the letter.

P. He saith, 'The scripture is able to make men wise unto salvation,' &c. page 25.

A. Through faith it is: for the Pharisees and chief priests had scriptures, yet were not wise unto salvation, neither are you who deny the light of Christ. And the seducers and evil men that the apostles saw coming in, who should wax worse and worse,

and have overgrown

the world with hardness, prejudice, and wickedness, have had the scriptures, but have not been made wise unto salvation. They have had the scriptures without the faith in Christ Jesus, and so out of unity.

P. He saith, Paul spoke of some men that should be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and his glory, that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. See page 36. .

A. Who obey the gospel obey the power of God, and come to the substance, the end of all the scriptures; and obey the light which Christ hath enlightened them withal. And such as disobey the power, disobey the gospel; and so you have brought judgment upon yourselves who get all the form, and put the form for the gospel. From the presence of the glorious God and his power, doth the power punish them who disobey it, which power is the gospel. And those were coming up before the apostles' decease who have led into disobedience since the apostles' decease; but now are by the power of the Lord made manifest.

P. He saith, “Christ left us an example, who is our example,' &c.

page 32.

A. And yet ye are offended at others who say he is their example, and would have none to own his light: so he is not your example that deny the light Christ, but he that is out of the light is your example.

P. He saith, 'For a perfection in glory to be attained to, on this side the grave, I utterly disown,' page 43.

A. Where glory is in the least degree, it is in perfection, and who have not glory, and do not attain to glory on this side the grave, are in a sad condition; for the saints rejoiced with joy unspeakable and full of glory, and they witnessed the hope of glory within them while they were upon earth, and of thạt hope they were to give a reason that was in them, and they saw the glory of God, and the Father, and so came to be changed from glory to glory, till they were come into the image of God. And the apostle saw, before his decease, such as would not endure sound doctrine; such as were given to fables, and had the itch

ing ears, and heaped to themselves teachers, and those forsook the faith. Such have reigned and now reign since the days of the apostles: wherefore none among them come to see the glory of God, and to need no man to teach them;' and that they need not say 'know the Lord. None come into the everlasting covenant, into the power out of the form, and none come to know all things by the anointing in them; but they are all on heaps about their heaps of teachers, and itching ears, and so cannot endure the sound doctrine, that any should come into the covenant of God; that they need not say know the Lord.' That is the sound doctrine, to come into the covenant of God, Christ Jesus, the substance of all the prophets, glorified before the world began; to learn of him who is the way to the Father, the truth, and the life. And the heaps of teachers are all erred from him and the apostles, and so from the true teacher Christ Jesus, who saith learn of me.' And here people would destroy one another about their teachers, but Christ teaches otherwise, to love their enemies and so men are following their imaginations, and not the Lord, reprobates concerning the faith in which is the unity, and there you are.

P. He saith, · Paul did not commit the church to the light within them: for he told them, deceivers should come,' &c. See page 39. .

A. When deceivers and false prophets were come among the church of the Corinthians, Paul told the Corinthians that the light that shined in their hearts would give them the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus; and so here thou showest thy ignorance of the scriptures, and of the church, and of Paul's doctrine, whose work was to bring them to the light within them, when the deceivers were got up, and so committed the church to the light within them, and told them that that would give them the knowledge, &c. So they that drew people from the light within, are the false spirits that the apostle speaks of, that went out into the world before the apostles' decease, who led the world after them, by whom the way of truth came to be evil spoken of. For the apostle told them, that the light that shined in their hearts would give them the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus, and not their teachers without them, as you do, who bring them from the light within them, and so act contrary to the apostles.

P. He saith, “To bring people to the light within, is despising the word.' Again, . The light that is in a man, is not able to lead him to happiness,' &c. See page 50.

A. No man cometh to happiness but who cometh to the light with. in, which cometh from Christ, the happiness of all mankind, the redeemer, the restorer of mankind out of the fall, out of the first Adam's state to God, into the second Adam's state, who is the covenant of

God with men, in which they have peace. So in this light stands every man's happiness, and he that hath the happiness, hath Christ the light within him, and the peace with God. And the light within, which cometh from Christ the word, is not against the word, nor scriptures, which are the words, but it owns them, and with them hath unity; and no one sees the word but with the light within. And as for all the rest of thy unsavoury expressions, and childish speeches, they are not worth mentioning. And thou hadst better have let silence cover thee, than to have published thy nakedness to the nation: for thy words will be thy burthen; in the time of thy necessity, the witness shall answer in thee.

Ralph Farmer's book, called · Satan Enthroned in his Chair,' &c.

His principles follow.

Which is a title suitable to himself, who is discovered by the children of the day

to be satan's seeds-man, as to the nation he hath declared. But them that are in the truth, love, and peace, he doth not touch.

P. He saith, “ We do not pretend to infallibility as you do, which is lying, and hypocritical,' &c.

A. We do believe you, that in the infallible spirit of God you are not, but in the false fallible spirit gone out into the world, that went forth from the apostles, who had the spirit of Christ. And so how can you be ministers of the spirit, and not of the letter, if ye be not infallible? for who are in the spirit, are in that which is infallible. This I say, none are ministers of the spirit, nor in the spirit, nor have the spirit of Christ, nor the holy ghost, nor the spirit of the Father speaking in them, but who have that which is infallible, and are in that which is infallible. And they are in the lying spirit and hypocrisy that are out of it, as are all the false spirits that are gone out into the world. So ye do well to confess that ye have not the infallible spirit; ye are not infallible, and so no ministers of the spirit. And how can they but delude people that are not infallible, and are none of Christ's, which have not the spirit which is infallible, and are not ministers of the gospel, which is the power of God, which is infallible?

P. He saith, We are foretold, that false teachers that shall bring upon themselves swift destruction, and evil men and seducers which wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived, should come. And there should come false Christs and seducing spirits, and the doc

trine of devils, seeking lies in hypocrisy, such as deceive the hearts of the simple with their feigned speeches,' &c. See pages 39, 40.

A. Hast not thou here brought forth thy ignorance of the scriptures, which say the seducers, and the false Christs, and the false apostles, the doctrine of devils, and the feigned words, and fair speeches, which deceived the hearts of people, came up before the apostles' decease? And dost not thou in this show thy spirit to be that spirit that went out into the world, not able to divide the word aright? But art telling people they are now come, when the apostles saw they were come before their decease; among whom, since the days of the apostles, all the confusion hath been; and you that deny the light are in distraction. And yet ye that be not infallible, in the infallible spirit, but fallible, are crying to people, they are come but now, and so grow worse and worse. And thou and the priests of Newcastle, and many of the rest of you, are crying against such as say “Christ is their example:' and yet many of you have published to the nation in print, that • Christ is an example, and the men are respected who speak them and not the words simply as they are in themselves; and that is partiality and respecting of persons, not the truth itself.

P. He saith, “If we will but acknowledge their ministry and church according to Christ, he will write a recantation. See page 53.

A. Your church and your ministry have made themselves manifest not to be agreeable to the prophets, Christ, and the apostles; for you say you are not infallible, and have not the infallible spirit; and you say you never heard the voice of God immediately from heaven, which the prophets, Christ, and the apostles did. And how can you be ministers of the spirit, who are not in the infallible spirit, but the false spirit gone out into the world? You are such as are ravened from the spirit of God, and only have the sheep's clothing, and so cannot gather to the church in God, but make the nations like waters. And you must recant before ever you come into the ministry of God, which the prophets, Christ, and the apostles were in, and to their church, and to own the light that doth enlighten every one that cometh into the world.'

P. He saith, • The wise men of the east came to Christ by a star,' &c.

page 64.

A. You say, ' The scriptures bring to Christ:' but the Jews had the scriptures, and came not to him, nor knew him, who were out of the spirit that gave them forth; and so are you by your confession, and so · not come to him.

P. He saith, “A man is not justified by that which is within him, &c. page 65.

A. We are justified by faith, which is a mystery held in a pure con

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