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fearfully in swearing,' &c. 'So the Quakers' light that denies swearing, is of satan, and not the light of Christ,' page 28.

A. Christ the light, (which satan is out of, who is the oath of God, ends all oaths sworn by prophets or angels whatsoever. And who swear are fallen into the condemnation of the devil; and it is no where said that the apostle swore; but such as thou art, matter not what they speak. So that spirit that preaches for swearing is not the spirit of Christ, but is the spirit of antichrist, preaching up that which Christ and the apostles preached down, who preached condemnation to them that did swear.

P. He saith, “The light in the conscience that takes them from the law of God, is the light of satan.'

A. The light, Christ, in the conscience is the end of the law for righteousness' sake. And that which keeps men from that which doth end the law, is not the doctrine of the true apostles, but the false.

And the light' which doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world,' which is the substance, leads men off from all types, and figures, and signs: who come to enjoy him, enjoy the end; who come off from all outward elements, as bread and wine, and such things, to the substance itself, to look at things that are not seen.

For things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal.'

P. He speaks of a new creature distinct from Christ,' and saith · while we live sin lives.' And saith, 'I deny that the righteousness of Christ, whereby a believer is justified, doth dwell in him,' page 36.

A. Is not the new creature in Christ? He that is in Christ is a new creature, and is not distinct from him; and how hast thou divided the word here ? And Christ is justification, sanctification, wisdom, and righteousness; and if he be not within you, ye are reprobates. And where Christ is, he is not without righteousness. Therefore they are not without righteousness, and wisdom, justification, and sanctification, if Christ be within; for, where he is, that is not wanting. And the apostle said they were made free from sin.' And • let not sin have dominion over your mortal bodies;' mind, mortal bodies,' which sin was not to have dominion over. And old things pass away, and all things become new.' Sin is an old thing, from the old deceiver. So while any sin is standing, all things are not made new, and sin hath its dominion

P. He saith, he hath not read where a believer dwells in Christ's righteousness,' page 37.

A. Every true believer is born of God; and he that is born of God doth not commit sin.' And he that dwells in Christ, dwells in righteousness and truth, in that which sin and the devil are out of,

which blots out sin and transgression, where the body of it comes to be put off.

P. And the light which teacheth men to say they have no sin, is of satan.' And saith, The Quakers' light teacheth them to deny prayer.'

A. The apostles' light taught them to say, they were made free from sin, they had put off the body of sin, and their sin and transgression were blotted out. The sins of the little children' were forgiven, they that walked in the light, the blood of Jesus Christ cleansed them from all sin,' taught them to know the faith that gave them victory over the world, that purified their hearts, held in a pure conscience. And this is the Quakers' light, which teacheth them the path of the apostles; and it teacheth men to be holy, as God is holy, and perfect, as he is perfect. This was the light of Christ, and the apostles bid them to be as Christ is, and said, “as he is, so are we in this present world.' And the light that guides the Quakers doth not teach them to deny prayer, but brings them to pray aright, with the spirit and with the understanding; without which all prayers are in the hypocrisy.

P. He saith, "We acknowledge there is a thousand perfect men in England, as perfect as children, tossed to and fro,' page 40. But he saith, I deny that any man hath that perfect knowledge of Christ in this life,' &c.

A. "Christ is in you except ye be reprobates.' And the scripture speaks of such as had both the son and the Father. And all those children that are tossed to and fro, are carried about with the windy doctrine, which hath got up in the apostacy since the days of the apostles, among them that are ravened from the spirit of God. Such their doctrines are windy, and do not settle, nor perfect, nor bring into the unity of the faith, nor the knowledge of the son of God, the faith that gives the victory;' nor to a perfect man, nor to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ,' which was the work of the true ministry which was before the apostacy. None come to the knowledge of Christ but by the light.

P. He saith, The church teacheth to pray without ceasing; but you bid, stay till the spirit moves us,' &c.

A. The church, which is the pillar and ground of truth, prays not without the spirit. And such as pray without the spirit, pray without understanding. And they that pray as the spirit doth move them, know what they ought to pray for. So every man that cometh into the world,' being in the light that lighteth every man,' it will direct him to pray, and to pray aright, and to ask in the name of Christ, who is the way to the Father.'

P. He saith, “The children of God never assumed to themselves an infallible spirit.'

A. Did not the apostles say, they that had not the spirit of Christ were none of his?' and was not that infallible? And were not all the scriptures given forth from the spirit of God, and is not that infallible?

P. "The spirit of Christ is a spirit of wisdom, and a rational spirit. The light that brags of an infallible spirit, and cannot speak sense nor reason, is the spirit of satan, page 46.

A. The spirit of Christ that was in the apostles, which led them to speak to the world, who were in their own wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, was always judged foolishness by that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; for they ministered to the spirits in prison. And Christ the covenant of God, who was promised to come, and who should say to the prisoners, show yourselves forth,' was accounted as a madman by the wise Jews; and the apostles and prophets likewise were accounted as fools. Were not the saints ever judged, by the sense and reason of the world, to be madmen, and fools? Christ, a madman? the prophets, fools? and the apostles mad, and babblers? They who are in the spirit of the prophets, of Christ, and the apostles, by this generation are judged the same. So is the spirit of the Quakers tried and know of all men; the witness in all men's consciences shall answer them.

P. Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. And they that plough in hope, and thresh in hope, are made partakers of their hope. And we are denied our corn, and are fain to go to the magistrates, our nursing fathers. And so we thresh half a year, and can get no wages, then are we fain to go to the magistrate,'

page 47.

A. How can you thresh or plough, and have not the infallible spirit ? Can any get out the corn, or the wheat, that have not the infallible spirit? Now we say, they that have not the infallible spirit cannot get out the corn; they may beat the air, they may get the sheep's clothing upon their backs, and go out, and beat the air; and so when their gospel will not maintain them, then they are fain to fly to the magistrate; and to the hills, that must be beaten as chaff, because they cannot live of the gospel they preach; which doth not open the hearts of people, doth not get out the seed of God.

P. He saith, 'The Quakers' light condemns such as the light of Christ approves.' And saith, “Tell us what it is to walk holily, as the holy men of God did,' &c. page 49.

A. Who walk holily, walk in the spirit that the holy men walked in, that gave forth the scriptures, which spirit is infallible. And none

walk holily, but who are led by that, out of the self righteousness, And the light which the Quakers are in, is the light with which Christ doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world, which cometh from Christ, and is one with him. And no one upon the earth owns Christ but who owns the light which doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world,' which the Quakers are in, which thou calls a light from satan. And they must all come to the Quakers, if ever they own the light, and if ever they own Christ the way to the Father, and come into the power of godliness.

P. He saith, "It is wretchedness to say that Christ hath redeemed them perfectly, and now lives in them the Lord of all things, by which they are the sons of God,' page 50.

A. The scripture saith, he is in all and through all, who is God blessed for ever.' And are not they who are redeemed, redeemed into perfection, into Christ? are not they redeemed perfectly? are not they redeemed out of imperfection? And doth not Christ, who is Lord of all, say, he will dwell in the saints? And are not all they in the wretched state, that will not have him to reign over them?

P. He saith, "The ministers of Christ received the gospel not by man, nor were taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ, but we own no such revelation as this,' page 51.

A. We do believe you, who are apostatized and ravened from the spirit of God, having only the sheep's clothing, and are the wolves gone abroad in the world, who, if it were possible, would deceive the very elect: but the elect are kept in the arm of Christ, ye cannot pluck one of them out of his hands: his Father and he is greater than all. And none know the gospel, but who know immediate revelation; for the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and this is immediate. And so all you in the apostacy, since the days of the apostles, are gone from the foundation, Christ Jesus, that doth enlighten every man that cometh in the world, with it you are all seen and fathomed, over the world doth the light reach, answered with that of God in every one, the salvation to the ends of the earth; which light cometh to fulfil scriptures. The apostles were judged deceivers; who came to bring the people to the substance the scriptures spoke of; so they were judged deceivers.

P. 'If the Quakers say that the ministers have not the spirit that the prophets and apostles had, then positively we say we have not. And if the Quakers say they have it so, then I say the prophets and apostles had it not,' page 53.

A. We do believe you, that ye have not the same spirit that the prophets, and apostles, and Christ had: this is made manifest in that ye

are all on heaps about their words, and are fain to run to schools and colleges to be made ministers by men, and not by the spirit. But the Quakers witness the spirit that the prophets, and apostles, and Christ had, with which they own their words; with which spirit they see you who have gotten their words, and make a trade of them, and are all on heaps about them, and fall out about church and ministers.

P. He saith, “The infallible spirit did not guide Isaac when he blessed Jacob, for he missed the person,' page 53.

A. God with his eternal spirit did direct Isaac what to do, for that stood in his counsel, though of that spirit thou hast shown thy ignorance, and thy fallibility, and thyself to be one of them in whom the devil is transformed into an angel of light; which Christ said should come, the false prophets, and deceivers, and false apostles; which the apostles saw were come, which, since their days, have had the reign over the world. But now to that which they ravened from, and into the truth, (in which the devil abode not,) are the saints come; and the Lamb reigns that is the substance of the scriptures, the end of the scriptures, that hath dominion. Glory in the highest for ever.

And as for all the revilings, lies, slanders, vilifying, hard expressions in thy book, they will fall upon thyself, and to thee they will be sad, and thou shalt feel that every one of thy own words shall be thy burthen, and they shall come home unto thee; in the day of thy judgment the witness in thee shall answer. All along thou hast showed thy ignorance of the infallible spirit, that is poured upon all flesh; for whosoever prays, or hath a humility, or sings, and not by the infallible spirit, they sing not with the understanding, nor pray with the understanding. And under the judgment of God thou hast brought thyself, and all thy generation.

Thomas Collier's book, called, "A Dialogue between a Minister of

the gospel, and an Inquiring Christian. His principles follow.

P. He saith, that the scriptures are the absolute rule of saints, that are endued with the spirit and faith,' page 7.

A. Such as were endued with the spirit and faith, had a rule before the written scripture was, and they knew the seed, and they knew the promises, and they knew Christ more than the Pharisees that had the scriptures: nay more than the apostates since the days of the apostles that have the scriptures, and the Epistles, and Revelations. For by faith they saw the glory, they were in the foundation, they say Christ the everlasting covenant, and that is the foundation still, Christ Jesus, him

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