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thing under the sun, is opposite to the apostles who had their conversation in heaven.' See page 42.

A. None come to witness their conversation in heaven, but who are come to witness Christ within them, the substance, the second Adam, who redeems out of the earth. And the apostle brought the saints to the light that shined in their hearts, &c. and walking in this light was not a serving of bellies. That light shining in them, and believing in the light Christ, 'out of their belly flowed rivers of living waters;' and such made not divisions, but were in unity in the light, and in fellowship. But those were they that made the divisions that inwardly ravened, and went from the light, which Christ had enlightened them withal; and such went from that which should give them the knowledge, and enjoyed the earthly things, and served not the Lord Jesus Christ, but their own bellies. And they act contrary to the apostles' doctrine; and rejoice in things under the sun, which who do, serve their own bellies.

P. He saith, Yea, when enlightened by that heavenly light, even from Jesus, yet they are of themselves deceitful,' &c. See page 44. And the light is something else besides the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus.' See page 45.

A. The light which every man is enlightened with, &c. is not deceitful, but leads men out of all deceit. And it is of God, that gives them the light of the knowledge of the glory of God, &c. and it is one and the same that lets see to the beginning and ending; which comes from the beginning.

P. He saith, That none may expect to receive the word immediately from Christ as the apostles; but mediately,' page 46.

A. Such as receive not the word of God immediately from Christ as the apostles did; are not preachers of the living word that lives and abides for ever. And we do believe you, that since the days of the apostles, ye have not received the word immediately from Christ as the apostles did, but are only ministers of the letter. And such were they in all ages that closed their eyes, and stopped their ears, and inwardly ravened from the spirit, that marred the face of Christ above all men; who were in the spiritual Sodom and Egypt where Christ is crucified. These got scriptures, but were from the spirit of God within, that gave them forth, and such were the hypocrites that judged always the spirit of God that gave forth the scriptures, and shut out of the kingdom, in which spirit now ye are found in these last days.

P. He saith, that Christ ascended without material blood, and the apostle did not preach both the word and faith in the heart, page 50. And that the new Jerusalem is not come down from heaven,' page

51. And, "A brief discovery of the wolves in sheep's skins,' &c.

page 57.

A. The blood of Christ which satisfies the Father, which the saints drink, and his flesh which they eat, which in so doing they have life, is that which the world stumble at; which who drinks, lives for ever. And the apostle preached the word of faith in their hearts, and in their mouths, and the word reconciles to the Father, and hammers down, and cuts down, and burns up that which separates from the Father; and over it gives victory. And as for the word material, the apostle doth not call it so, but precious, and Jerusalem is come down from heaven and witnessed among the saints, heavenly Jerusalem, and the babes know their mother. And who are in Christ, and Christ in them, see it and possess it. But all such as are against the light within, which doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world, are the antichrists, the false prophets, the wolves which have gotten the sheep's clothing, (which may deceive the world, but not the elect,) as thy book hath declared thee. And such Christ said should come, and John saw were come: and since the days of the apostles the world hath gone after them. And they inwardly rayened from the light: and so have got the kingdoms of the earth into a profession and form, who are now standing against the light within, and gathering against the Lamb, and the saints that are in the light, and the light which they ravened from, making war against them; but the Lamb and the saints shall get the victory.

P. He saith, “And the righteousness of God wrought by Christ for us, need not be wrought over again in us, page 58. And that Christ our justification should be in us, that died, and suffered, that ascended, this he calls a fancy, to fancy him in a particular person,'

page 59.

A. Whosoever hath not Christ within, is a reprobate, and whosoever hath Christ within, hath the righteousness. Now Christ that suffered, Christ that was offered up, is manifest within, and the saints are of his flesh, and of his bone, and eat his flesh, and drink his blood, and not another. The Christ that ended the priesthood, ended the offering, ended the temple, ended the law, and the first covenant, the seed of God, Christ Jesus, this is manifest within; he that hath him, hath life, justification, sanctification, and redemption. And so Christ, the same to-day, yesterday, and for ever, who is the hope, and the author of their faith. And so all are in the fancy that are out of the state of witnessing Christ (that suffered) within them, and risen again: and who are in this, are out of the fancy and shadows; and come to see where there is no changing, but possess righteousness, glory, substance, the end of their faith, and Christ their hope, that remains and abides.

P. He saith, “There is something of God in man that will render the light which the Quakers speak of, natural,' page 67.

A. That which is of God in man captivated, viz. life and immortality, who is not come to the light, will not render the light (when he cometh to it through the gospel) natural, which the darkness now cannot comprehend, though it shines in it, and that of God in man will not call Christ (the light) natural, which the Quakers speak of.

P. He saith, “Ye may remember, in the last times false Christs and false prophets shall arise, and shall bring in damnable heresies, &c. and will show signs and wonders, and if it were possible, they would deceive the very elect. And such as follow strong delusions, and believe lies, and be damned, who obey not the truth, nor receive it in the love of it,' page 68.

A. Christ said false prophets and antichrists should come with signs and wonders, which the apostles saw were come, which inwardly ravened and went forth from them; which since the days of the apostles have got the sheep's clothing, and the world are gone after them, whom they have deceived by their lying signs and wonders, and have brought them to be all on heaps about religion. And for the damnable heresy,and the lying signs and wonders, and strange delusions; ye may look into the whole Christendom, among yourselves, and your own stock of Papists: for none obey the truth, but who own the light that doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world,' which cometh from Christ the truth; and all false prophets are from that, and all antichrists are from that, who have reigned since the days of the apostles, in the apostacy; and inwardly ravening, they have gotten the sheep's clothing; have made war against the saints, and overcome them; but now to that which they ravened from, are the saints come. And the woman hath been in the wilderness, and the man-child is brought forth to rule the nations with a rod of iron. And all such now that are inwardly ravened from the light, are standing up against the Lamb and the saints. But the Lamb and the saints have the victory, and the rejoicing over the beast and false prophet is come, the Lamb who kills and slays with the sword, which is the words of his mouth. And the saints which are with him, their weapons are spiritual. And none list up the son of God, as the serpent was listed up in the wilderness, but as every one is in the light that the son of God hath enlightened him withal, and then they know him that draws all men after him.

Thomas Moor, in his book called, An Antidote,' &c. are these

principles following.

P. He saith, God doth not give the revelation of these things now immediately as he did by the first apostles, nor in such manner as he did to the prophets of old.' See his epistle.

A. All that have the scriptures, and are ministers, and not by the same power and spirit that the apostles were in, know not the scriptures; and all who are in it, are in the immediate, and in that which reveals, and in that which fathoms all the ministers of the letter, who say, 'God doth not give forth now immediately as he did to the

prophets and apostles. Since the days of the apostles, in the apostacy, such as have ravened inwardly from the spirit of God, the time of antichrist, beast, and false prophet's reign, and the mother of harlots, who have had the sheep's clothing, such immediate revelation hath been hid from them; and such should continue until the words of God were fulfilled, and the fulfilling of the prophets. But now is the fulfilling of the words of God, and that come into, which the prophets and apostles were in, with which that is seen and known, and him that hath been slain from the foundation of the world.'

P. He saith, “ To look to the light within, is in opposition to looking at Jesus.' That the light in every man is natural. And if ye turn your eye inward, ye shall presently see their mover and teacher:' and this he calls foolish and antichristian.' And saith, that no man hath in him, as of him, that light, spirit, and wisdom in the inward parts.' See his epistle.

A. All upon the earth that ever come to the knowledge of the glory of God, come to the light in them, which doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world, which light was before any natural lights were made or created; which light gives “the lightof the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus;' and this is of him and from him. And all that are from this are in the foolishness, and are in the drunken spirit making drunk. And all that ever come into covenant with God, to have God's law written in their hearts, must come into the light which Christ Jesus hath enlightened them withal, which brings them into him who is the life, and into knowledge of Christ; and there they shall find their teacher within them.

P. And he saith,. To the law and to the testimony.'

A. Many may have the Old and New Testament, yet stand against the law and the testimony, and put the Old and New Testament for it: for - the law is light,' saith Solomon. And the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.' And many may have the scriptures, and stand VOL. III.


against the light, and say prophecy is ceased, as the world doth now, who are inwardly ravened from the spirit of God; and despise prophecy, and so quench the spirit. And the light within doth not deny Jesus: none know him nor own him, but with the light that comes from him. And the Pharisees and the Jews were opposite to Christ that doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world; and were from that of God in their own particulars, their eyes closed, and their ears stopped, as you

are now.

P. He saith, "Take away the word of the Lord as declared by the pen, and then what wisdom is in them.' Epist. He saith, “If a believer should turn his eye into himself to look for counsel and direction, he may be led to walk in the flesh as other Gentiles in the vanities of their minds, and follow their abominations.'

A. None upon the earth hear the counsel of God, or Christ's teaching, but they who are come to the spirit of God within, and to the light within: and all people upon the earth, that are led from the vanities of their minds, and from walking in the flesh, are come to the spirit within, and led with it; which all the Jews and Gentiles were astray from, while they walked after the vanities of their minds,' and then crucified the just. And none hear the counsel of God, nor come into the faith of Jesus, nor the grace of God that brings their salvation, but they come to feel it within, the grace in their hearts, and the word in their hearts, and the faith in their hearts; there is that which purifies. And all that be from the light and spirit of God within them are in the vanity of of their own minds, in the flesh, out of the counsel of God, and the wisdom of God, which the saints had and were in before the scripture was penned or printed. And the wisdom of God is Christ Jesus. They that had the scriptures stood against the light that doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world,' as all you do now, and never come into it; but as ye come into it, that doth enlighten every man, &c. ye come into the wisdom of God; and none come out of sin and evil, but who come into that: and that is not opposite to the scriptures without, but owns them given forth from the life in the wisdom of God.

P. He calls perfection 6a devilish doctrine.' • That the scripture is the absolute rule and medium of our faith,' page 2. And Timothy did not receive his furniture and service of the gospel immediately from the person of Christ.' And he saith, 'If I had seen Christ as Paul did, I might have received the word in the same manner, immediately from the person of Christ.'

A. Timothy had faith and the gift of God, and Christ is the author of faith, and so that is received immediately, whereby he was made wise unto salvation through faith, with which he knew scripture, and so by that he was furnished. And we do believe thee, and you all, that

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