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and you shall have a portion, a reward according to your works: and I will slay you with the sword, the words of my mouth, saith the Lamb. And your points, and reasons, and imaginations which ye fetch out of scripture, are but to lead people under condemnation, and keep them from the immediate teaching, and the light which doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world. And James Parnell's blood, who died in prison, that righteous man, his blood lies upon you, and it shall lie upon your heads sparkling, and from under it ye shall never come,


shall own it. And the spirit of God levels down all the proud and lofty hearts of men, by which people are brought into unity with God, and one with another.

And the first day in the week which ye call the sabbath, ye never read it in the scriptures as a strict command among the apostles.

P. “And the magistrate is not to level the laws with the light in every man's conscience. Again, ' If the magistrate be in the light, and discern into the mind of Christ, and understand his law; is he to compel all the nation, and commonwealth, to come to the practice of his light?' page 30s.

A. The magistrate of Christ, the help government for him, is in the light and power of Christ, and he is to subject all under the power of Christ, into his light, else he is not a faithful magistrate. And his laws here are agreeable and answerable to that of God in every man; when men act contrary to it, they do evil: so he is a terror to the evil doers, discerns the precious and just from the vile, and this is a praise to them that do well.

P. He saith, The scriptures are the more sure word of prophecy, that shines in the dark heart until enlightened by the law. And every man's light, &c. is the glimmerings of the law, and not of the gospel light: and it is the voice of the spirit of unbelief that saith, the spirit and the power are not in the declaration.' See his appendix.

A. The spirit and power were in them that gave forth the declaration, but many have the declaration, and want the spirit, and want the power, as the Pharisees did; as all you apostates, inwardly ravened from the spirit of God, have had the declaration, but not found the power in it, nor spirit in it, and so are in the unbelief, and all on heaps about it. For if ye had found the power and the spirit in it, ye had been all one, and quiet before now about religion; yea, whole Christendom would have been in power, and in the spirit, and in the bond of peace, and in fellowship one with another, and the scriptures, and the spirit, and God. And the light which doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world,' every man being in the light which hath enlightened him, he shall feel the word of prophecy; he shall

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feel the light shining in his heart; he shall feel the day-star arise there in his heart; he shall see that no prophecy of the scriptures came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke them forth. He shall see that many may have the scriptures, yet quench the spirit and despise prophesying; he shall see the scripture is but the letter declared forth from the spirit of prophecy, by the prophets, and the spirit of God in the son, and in the rest of the apostles. And the “light which doth enlighten every one,' &c. is the end of the law, and of all glimmering lights, and is the light of the gospel. And none know the gospel, the power of God, Christ Jesus, but with the light that cometh from him. Here every man comes into his particular comfort. And that is the voice of the unbeliever, that, like the Pharisees, thinks to have life in the letter, and will not come to Christ the life, the substance of scriptures, but stops his ear to the light of God in him.

P. He saith, - Let all know, that the work within is not the ground and purchase of true peace. And that God is more pleased with that which Christ works without for them, than that which he worketh within them.' And those that Peter speaks of, that had escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of Christ, yea, clean, and yet are in the natural state, first and last.' See appendix.

A. They that have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and are clean, are out of the natural state, for they have escaped out of that state which they were in first. And such as witness their sanctification and justification wrought within them, witness in this they please God, by the faith in the blood of the son of God. Now they feel not the comfort, nor the benefit, but by the faith of Christ Jesus, the one offering, in which God is pleased, which is acceptable, which is Christ's offering; his sacrifice, his flesh, his blood, his life, his mind must be manifest and received within, before they come to justification, sanctification, and redemption, and the serving of God in the new life. And herein is God glorified, to believe in the only begotten son of God;' and here they honour the son in believing in him whom the Father hath sent.' And so they that feel not Christ in them, are reprobates.

And as for all the rest of thy lies and slanders, and strife and confusions, who would set one against another; all cool, quiet, and sober spirits will see thy confusion, and so thy words shall be thy own burthen, and thy lies turn upon thy own self. And no man shall establish Sion, nor lay a stone there, as he is in himself; but the elect make up Sion, and the living stones, where the elect and precious stone is in the midst, (which is Christ,) laid in Sion. And all thy Babylonish ways, actings, and doings, and all the rest of thy brethren,

and who are begotten with the same spirit of the great whore, that inwardly ravened from the spirit of God, who long have had the sheep's clothing upon your backs, who all come from one Popish stock, are comprehended now by the spirit of God which ye have all ravened from inwardly; with it are ye all fathomed. And the whore hath been arrayed with the sheep's clothing, and hath had power over kindreds, tongues, and peoples, and nations, and multitudes, and brought nations into waters, and peoples, tongues, and multitudes like waters; which have drunk the blood of the prophets, and the saints, and the martyrs. And so thou art flattering the authorities of the earth, and crouching under them, out of whose mouth goes the unclean spirits. But that is stirred and stirring, and rising in people, which ye are all ravened from, and gone from, with which ye are all comprehended.

And the judgment of the great whore is come, and her garments shall be plucked off, and that which ye all have ravened from, high and low, shall answer the judgment, and it is set atop of you all. For such as ravened from the spirit of God inwardly, got the sheep's clothing, but turned against the saints, and the woman fled into the wilderness; but now the Lamb and the saints shall get the victory. Though now the beast, and false prophets, and mother of harlots, and the devil, and the kings of the earth make war against him. He that

was dead is alive, and lives for evermore.' The · Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,' who rides on conquering, and to conquer, who slays and kills with the sword, which is the words of his mouth. Now wo to the dragon, and false prophets, beast, and mother of harlots, and them that worship the beast, the unclean spirits! Woes, vials, thunders, plagues, and earthquakes are come, and coming upon you! And he is manifest and come, that treads the wine press alone without the city; who is the Wonderful, Counsellor, the Prince of peace, whose name is called the word of God.' With him are the saints singing victory over the beast, and over the false prophets, great whore, mother of harlots, Babylon, and antichrists. Babylon is fallen!' the Lamb and the saints shall have the victory. In the body of witchcraft thou art found, as all that read thy book, that are in the spirit of discerning, may see; whose body is redeemed, and reigns over thine in the glory and victory.

Ralph Farmer's book, called The great mystery of godliness, and

ungodliness.' In which are these principles following.

P. He saith, “The soul is of an immortal and spiritual nature. And

God hath made man to serve him in an outward and visible way of worship.'

A. Christ saith, “God is a spirit, and they that worship him, must worship him in spirit, and in truth;' and is the spirit without, and visible? In the spirit, that makes all that is contrary to bend, is God worshipped. And others that say they are teachers, (as ye may see in this book,) say that the soul is human,' yea, the soul of Christ, and thou sayst, the soul of man is immortal, and a spiritual nature. Now the soul that gives the sense and feeling of all things, is spiritual and immortal, as it comes out from God, which is in God's hand, whom Christ is the bishop of; the noble principle that guides it, is the light and life.

P. He saith, • The eternal word enlighteneth all men with the common light of nature.'

A. The light which every man that cometh into the world is enlightened with, is not natural. For the light was before any thing was made, and all things that were made, were made by it; which lighteth every man that cometh into the world, though he be in the first Adam, in the sin and transgression: which light to him doth make it manifest, which cometh from Christ, the second Adam, the way to the Father, who was glorified with the Father before the world began: to restore that which the first lost; and this is the obedient son, and the other the disobedient one, which brings the death upon him, and all his posterity and all his house. So the sons of Adam in the transgression may say, and do say, that the light which Christ (the second Adam, the redeemer, and restorer, the salvation to the ends of the earth,) doth enlighten every one that cometh into the world with, is natural. And so that is to deceive people, to keep them from the light, with which they might all see their salvation, and come to receive Christ, by which they might have power to become the sons of God.

P. “The measure and degree it must be without thee. And it is a cheating to tell people of God within, and Christ within, and a word within, and they are without,' which he calls a mystery of mere confusion, and emptiness,' page 27.

A. The degrees and measures were in the saints who spoke forth scriptures, and knew the scriptures; but those that have the scriptures, and are from their degree and measure in themselves, they are without them. And Jesus Christ is within except ye be reprobates. And where Jesus Christ is within, the word is there, and God is there. And this is the great mystery of godliness. And where the power of God is set, the cross of Christ is felt: for the cross is the power of God. And if it be not the same Christ that did ascend, it is antichrist, it is against him, and false: but now many hundreds and thousands do witness Christ within, him

the apostles preached; who have their joy and reward; who do possess that which they long looked for. And all that stand against Christ within, and God within, and the word within, and the cross within, the power of God, are reprobates, and in the mystery of confusion.

P. "The apostle bid Timothy to preach the word in season, and out of season, &c. not immediate revelation,' page 32. And the time will come, they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts they will heap up to themselves teachers, having itching ears, turning to fables, immediate revelations,' page 35.

A. None can preach the word of truth, but they who preach it immediately and by the immediate spirit, and know immediate revelations. And all that are in the faith, as Timothy was, are in the immediate revelations, the gift of God. But the apostle saw that such as would not endure sound doctrine, but would get up teachers after their own lusts, would be such as were covetous, and minded earthly things, and evil beasts, that serve not the Lord Jesus Christ, but their own bellies. Such the apostle bid Timothy and Titus examine before they ministered, prove them, and lay hands on no man suddenly, and keep himself clear, not preferring one before another. And such as went into their own lusts, got up heaps of teachers, lost immediate revelation, and the immediate word of God, and erred from the faith that purifies the heart and gives victory; in which people have unity. And such now as are got into the lusts, that cannot endure sound doctrine, who have lost revelation and speaking the word immediately, have ruled and reigned: of whose generation thou, Farmer, art. And people have heaped to themselves teachers after their own lusts; and that is the cause of all the strife and wars amongst them. And by denying immediate revelation, and the preaching the word of God immediately, you teachers have declared yourselves openly to the nation, to be the false prophets that never heard the voice of God, nor Christ's voice; nor the voice of the spirit, nor had the ministry of the spirit, which all speak immediately. And the apostle saw them come up before his decease. Therefore he chargeth Timothy to preach the word in season, and out of season, which word is immediate. And so since the days of the apostles, and of Timothy and Titus, ye have reigned, and transformed yourselves as apostles, as the ministers of Christ, and gotten the form, the sheep's clothing, the outside, but no immediate revelation: we do really believe you it is so. So you are all ministers of the letter in your own lusts, for the word of God is immediate. And ye are ignorant of the grace of God which is brought at the revelation of Jesus; and ignorant of the son of God who reveals the Father; and ignorant of the spirit of God, which reveals the deep things of God to the ministers of the spirit. But revelation is ceased, say you, and the

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