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the people that they cannot keep the commandments perfectly? Contrary to John, who saith, he that loves God keeps the commandments of God. And the beast made war against them that kept the commandments of God;' and herein is the love of God perfect.'

P. You tell people of a sacrament, a creed, and three persons.'

A. The scripture tells no such thing, but the common-prayer-book doth, and so you do not teach the form of sound words in your catechism.

P, Out of the scriptures we may learn the knowledge of the true God.'

A. That which gives the knowledge of the true God is the spirit that

gave forth the scriptures; for the Pharisees that had the scriptures knew not God.

P. The state of man in this life is threefold, creation, corruption, regeneration.'

A. In regeneration the life is changed out of that life which is in the fall. So regeneration and corruption are not one in the new life.

P. A man by his own power cannot get into regeneration, for they are dead in sins and trespasses.'

A. Some are sanctified from the womb, and some children are holy; so all are not dead in sins and trespasses, for they that are so, are but unbelievers.

P. “All men have not salvation by Christ, and there are many that have no share in the salvation purchased by Christ.'

A. This is contrary to scripture, which saith, that he is the offering for the sins of the whole world, and the saviour of all men, and especially of those that believe. And they that turn the grace of God into wantonness, deny their salvation; and they who hate the light which enlightens every man that cometh into the world, hate their salvation to the ends of the earth.'

P. The scripture is the word, and God is in his word, and God in the scripture offers Christ: God in his word offers Christ, which you call scriptures.'

A. The scriptures of truth are the words of God, and Christ the word comes to fulfil them; and God was in them that gave forth scriptures, and Christ was in them who gave forth scriptures, and the scriptures testify of him; and the scripture doth not say that God is in the dead letter, paper and ink. But his power ye are ignorant of, and err, not knowing the scriptures; and the scriptures are not God.

P. You say, 'that God works inwardly by his spirit, and outwardly by his word, and our faith is summed up in the apostles' creed.'

A. Christ is the author of faith; and the apostle doth not tell us of a


and of Christ's fulness, and of his joy unspeakable and full of glory in his kingdom, which is in them, while upon the earth. And for the rest of your lies and confusions, they are not worth answering.

i Richard Baxter's principles, in that which he calls, . One sheet for

the ministers,' which is two sheets, in whose mouth is found a lie, as in his title page is to be seen.


P. THAT we are hated of all men for the name of Christ who are : but ministers, who gave some pastors, some teachers; appointed for

the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to a perfect man; to disciple nations, baptize, and teach them. So cut down the ministers, the pillars, and the buildings will fall.'

A. In the steps of the ministers of Christ you are not found, but in the steps of the scribes and Pharisees, called of men masters,' in the chiefest seats of assemblies, in your "long robes,' and uppermost rooms at feasts,' causing the ministers of Christ to be haled out of your synagogues, and thrust out, and persecuted, and prisoned, who are in the generation of serpents that should fulfil Christ's words. Matt. xxiii. And the work of the ministry, and pastors, and teachers, you exclude yourselves from, who received their gifts from Christ; you who deny perfection while men are upon the earth, or coming to a perfect man, you are not with them that edify the body of Christ, but throw yourselves out of that work. And you are not them that are for the perfecting of the saints, for none are the ministers of Christ, but who bring people to a perfection, out of imperfection, and to a perfect man; and these were the ministers that were haled by those priests that had the law, and tithes, and temples, and synagogues, that made nothing perfect. But your temple and tithes, and synagogucs, have been invented by such as went forth from the apostles, whose successors you are, that had the form of godliness, but denied the power, and so they denied that which was perfect; and this you have held up since the apostles, in the apostacy, whose work, and ministry, and foundation, are to be overthrown with the power of God, having been that which hath drunk the blood of the saints and martyrs since the days of the apostles. But in the rising of the lamb and the saints, you are all overthrown, and rejoiced over, and slain with the sword which is the words of his mouth. Though you all, beast, false prophet, and antichrist, may rise in battle against him, the Lamb and the saints shall have the victory. You have been the pillars that have held up

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