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you against them? Are you not reviling them, and railing upon them in your pulpits, and is not this the devil's game you are doing? And if any come amongst you to prove you, either in season, or out of season, you are they that cannot endure sound doctrine, nor able to resist their spirits, or stand against them, but cry, 'take them away;' so they are beat and knocked down in your steeple-houses, sent to stocks or prison. Are you not like Sodom and Gomorrah in this, and like the Pharisees, and the beast, and the mother of harlots, and false prophets which John speaks of, who take the blood of the saints, doing their game? Hath not the Lord reproved many of you, yea, and magistrates too, for harming his prophets, yet you go quite contrary to scripture, which saith, “Do my prophets no harm.' And is not this the papists' game, to prison and persecute ? and was it not the papists' game to set up your mass-houses which you call churches? and their game to call out, and to persecute, and make a law and decree that none should speak to them in their time of preaching, reading, or singing mass ? And are not you quenching the spirit, when any are moyed of the Lord to speak to you? Was not this the papists' game, which you are now doing? Did ever the apostles hale any out of the synagogues, but were so done unto themselves ? But the Jews'


and the papists' game, and your game are like one another here. Unlike the true Christians, Christ and the apostles, who wrestled not with flesh and blood, not striking at the creatures, but at the captivated creatures, to the intent that the creatures might come into the liberty of the sons of God. So you that are striking the creatures, wrestling with flesh and blood, are playing the devil's game, like your mother from the beginning. Was it not the papists' game to set up all your schools and colleges, and give your names to them, and your houses, and set them in the figure of the temple? And when altered you them? do

you not go on in the papists' game? Was it not the papists' game to set up tithes? and are not you playing the same game in taking them? Was it not the papists' game to set up your hour-glasses, and preach by the hour, and marking with your cross, and setting your godfathers and godmothers ? and are not many of you playing this game yet? What game are you playing in your steeple-houses, but the papists have taught you it? The papists were persecutors, and so are you. They haled out of synagogues, and so do you. They took tithes, and so do you. They preached by the hour-glass, and quenched the spirit, and so do you. They preached for means and glebe-lands, and so do you. They had the cross on the top of steeplehouses, and so have you in many places. They had Trinity College, Emmanuel College,and Christ's College, and so have you. They named the saints' days, and so you follow them. They called their houses by the name of Trinity, Jesus, Emmanuel, and their mass-houses, by

powers which


lawyers, who are bad? Do you not take money of such people as you

And do you not live in more honour in the P. All nations that are of the Christian world, are for the ministers from the church. Oh! how have I besought the Lord that he woul Peter, and Paul, and Mary, and so do you. Is not this the papists game? Do not they called Quakers deny this game, and you both? And Christ thou art ignorant of, who is come to reign, and rule, and teach his people himself.

P. Ministers are spurring on the magistrates, to cast out the bad and scandalous ministers. Have not lawyers and physicians an easier life, and more honourable in the world, than the ministers? and have not the ministers been the principal instruments to pluck down dens and chapters, bishops, &c.? We ministers break our health and all our worldly interests for you. And I had rather be a ploughman or the meanest tradesman, but for the greatest necessity, and the truth's sake

! A. Have not all you ministers in this manifested yourselves? Did ever the apostles fly to the magistrates, or spur them up to cast out scandalous ministers? Had not the apostles authority, and the spirit and power, to cast out, reprove, and rebuke in the church? Had they not denied their power if they had gone to the magistrates and fallen on the mountains, which is the papists' game, and not the apostles?? Was it not the soldiers that were the cause of pulling down your mails and surplices, and your deans, and chapters, and bishops? was it not the magistrates' work? But have you had a hand in it? Have you ed and taken possession ? Have you put out bishops, and got into their places, who are in the bishops, and deans', and chapters' main tenance? Will you needs make yourselves so foul and odious to all peo ple? Were not many of you tradesmen and ploughmen's sons, poor men, and yet now gotten up into great interests

, and taking great sums of people, of many whom you do no work for? How can you for shame say you leave your worldly interests, when you are but running into them when you come to be priests and ministers? Who are the proudest people in the parishes, in the glories and vanities of the world and honour of it, but the priests, and their wives, and their children

? Are not you worse than lawyers and physicians, taking the people's money, and yet cannot make them perfect men, but say they must not be per fect? The physician is to make one perfect. Do they take money el people they do nought for? Are they not ashamed to do so? But you take money of them you do no work for! are you not worse than to do not work for, and sue them, and cast them into prison? Are you not the most unreasonable men upon the earth? And this is the deri world, greater gain, and no work done for it, than any other people a the nation, as the jails may witness your fruits!

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convert you to remember them that have the rule over you; they that have spoken the word of God and rule well, are worthy of double honour.'

A. You are apostatized from those elders among the apostles, and from the apostles, in an usurped authority, ministers made by the will of men, at schools and colleges, not by the will of God, as the apostles were. So your honour must be defaced; and you are the dry branches, cut off from the true church, your church and ministry both wanting the virtue and life of God; so are broken into heaps, and sects, and names among yourselves, wanting the unity and bond of peace. The nations have gotten the name of Christians, but are dead, are from the lise; and your prayers are as the Pharisecs, you being found in their steps, as Matt. xxiii. read you all. You say none must be perfect upon earth, how then converted? who are converted are converted into Christ, who is perfect, out of the first, which is not perfect.

P. “The enemies of the ministers are the forerunners of the heavy wrath of God; and the Jews were quite cut off from the church and made vagabonds upon the earth; they mocked the messengers of God, until wrath came upon the people. Ministers are either their fathers or nurses in the Lord. Their sin is killed, and grace is quickened by the ministers' means.'

A. It was the forerunner of the wrath of God upon the Jews, that they had temples and tithes, and stood against the ministers of Christ; it is so to you, as it was with them that saw not the substance, that now stand against the light, and fight against it. And were not railers, envious men, and persecutors always the vagabonds? And are not all you vagabonds from the life of the apostles, as the Jews were from the law of God? And are you not all on hicaps about words and scriptures, showing you are without life? And are not the wrath and plagues of God, and overflowing scourge, come upon you who are thus standing against his ministers in this his day that are sent among you cages of unclean birds, who comfort not the people, kill not their sins, quicken not their grace, kecping the people in their sins, telling them they must have the body of sin, while they are upon earth! Are not you mocking the messengers and ministers of Christ? hath not the wrath come upon you? many of the people stricken dead for so doing? You are out of, and apostatized from the church of the apostles, that are persccuting and mocking the ministers of Christ who in scorn are called Quakers, who are sent frcely amongst you, not for glebe-lands, tithes, Easter-reckonings, nor midsummer-ducs; norlike you that put the Papists out of glebe-lands, tithes, Easter-reckonings and midsummer-dues, and get into them yourselves; that put Papists out of their mass-houses and run into them yourselves. So in this you are not like the ministers of Christ, who scck not these but them; but you are seeking these, not

them, but are putting them out; this causeth plagues to come upon you. And so it is because Papists and drunkards, and them that are now called ministers, are seeking the people's means, not the people, that makes the true ministers of Christ odious, who are in scorn called Quakers, who seek not theirs but them. And you are neither the true fathers nor the true nurses, but in the apostacy from them, and kicking against that which pricks you, going in Saul's steps, who went with priests that had tithes, who were strayed from the life, and sam not the substance, as you raveners from the spirit of God hare set up tithes, who see not the substance; you harden yourselves, not hearing the voice, from whose eyes repentance is hid, posting on for your carthly interests and means, posting to courts, sessions, assizes, and benches. And this is the work you are doing, as the courts, sessions, and assizes declare, hurrying the people thither, seeking theirs not them; your spirits are tried at courts, scssions, and assizes, to be the false spirits that went forth into the world, which Peter, Jude, and John speak of, which went forth from them, and separated themselves, which the world since went after, who have been in Cain's, Core's, and

Balaam's way.

P. «Tradesmen and princes' labour preserves health, but mine consumes it.'

A. Here thou hast shown that thy labour, work, and ministry are not of God, that preserves health and strength; for the work of the ministry is to bring into the saving health, and preserve it, and not consume it, as thy work doth; that they may honour God with their substance, and serve him with all their strength.

P. “The law gives tithes,' say the priests, and allow we may forbear, working,' and we “are content with food and raiment; and to give away our tithes, if the people will allow us food and raiment for us and our children, as is fit to make them serviceable, yet the Quakers call the ministers covetous.'

A. The Jews' priests who were made obedient to the faith, had a commandment, while they were under the priesthood, to take tithes according to the law, but the ministers now turn again from the faith to the law, and say the law of God gives it them, and say the tythes are not the people's but the Lord's. Did not the apostles cut off tithes before the law and in the law, the priesthood and law both? and have not you here shown yourselves apostatized from the apostles, so in the apostacy, who have set up a law, the first author whereof was the pope. and say the law gives it us, and that you would not leave tithes unless the people would make a bargain with you to maintain you, your wines and children? Was this the work of the apostles' ministry?

What shameless words are these! What! sct yourselves thus that all people may view your folly? What the apostles did give, was it upon condi

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