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tation and the power of darkness, and in the temptation and abomination, and doth not know what he speaks of; for perfection of parts is per fection of degrees.

P. "The saints' inherent righteousness, is but imperfection of parts as filthy rags.'

A. Where dost thou read of the word inherent righteousness? But the righteousness of Christ wrought in us, is not filthy rags, but that which thou pretends to work in thyself, by dreaming imaginations

, is filthy rags, and not the true righteousness of Christ, which is without rags; but where dost thou read of inherent righteousness, but of thy father the Pope?

P. “Job had too high esteem of his uprightness wrought by the spi rit of Christ in him, who also assisted him to perfect patience.'

A. A man cannot have too high an esteem of uprightness, wrought by the spirit of Christ in him, which will assist to perfect patience; and thus thou confoundest thyself.

P. If Job had hanged himself, he might have said in this case, it is not I but my deep distemper which strangled me.'

A. Thou wicked liar, of thy father the devil, the murderer, had Job consented to the wicked one with his mind to have done this thing, then it had been Job; and this is not comparable to Paul's state, he saith, it was no more he, but sin that dwelt in him, who did not consent with his mind. So thou art no true measurer, but a false measurer, to say it had been the infirmity of the members, but not Job; yet there is the

eye which was before the word Job was, which the devil hath nought in; so both thou and thy measure are judged according to scriptures which came not by the will of man, which are of no private interpretation.

P. That the written scripture is a more sure word of prophecy, than the excellent speech from heaven to Jesus upon the Mount, as your Quaking doctrines teach, which are bottomed upon the light within, which what it is, neither you nor any man else know.'

A. The voice that spake upon the Mount, and the excellent speech were the same, and was to them that gave forth the scriptures. Now, the written scriptures many may have,and deny the spirit of prophecy, and know not the light shining in the dark place, until the day dawn, and the daystar arise in their hearts; which is the Quakers' light within, which thou sayst neither thou nor any inan else knows what it is; then why do you judge of things you do not know? We do believe that your darkness cannot comprehend it, though it shineth in the darkness but where light hath shined out of darkness and shines in the heart, & gives the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus. And all that are in the light, and walk in it, have fellowship one with another, and know what light is, and come to the life Christ, from

whence the light comes, which you nor no man can know what it is, who are ravened from the spirit of God, and so know not Christ the light.

P. The scripture is the ground of faith.'

A. The ground of faith was before scripture was written. God and Christ Jesus were the givers of faith, and the authors of it; as Abel, Enoch, and Abraham had faith before that which you call your ground of faith was written. But I say the scripture is able to make wise to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus, who is the author of it; thou goest about to lay another ground than God and Christ Jesus, that gave forth to them that spoke forth the scriptures of truth.

P. "You call a light within, and tell us it is God's word, and call the thing everlasting word, and spiritual king, and Christ, and this lie is the ground of your faith.'

A. The word is light, and Christ is light, and the everlasting word, and king; and he rules the hearts of the saints, and is in the midst of his church, and dwells in his people, and he makes his abode in them, and all that are not in this, are in the lie, and are not on the true foundation, Jesus Christ.

P. · When Christ told the devil, that man should not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, that was believing the scriptures; and this, the word of God in the scriptures, was the ground of Christ's faith, and so to all that were his.'

A. Many may have the scriptures, and never hear the voice of God, as the Jews, in the fifth of John; they said they believed the scriptures, though they were out of the true belief: but receiving the word from God, as they did that gave forth the scriptures, is that which man lives by, and not by bread alone, and so knows him which was before scripture was given forth. And as for saying that the scripture is the ground of Christ's faith, he was before the scripture was written, and fulfils their words, and is the author and finisher of the saints' faith, which was before the scripture was given forth; he by whom the world was made is the author of the saints' faith, that bruised the serpent's head under his feet, before scripture was.

P. For the Lord Jesus Christ himself, who was personally Godman, simply created nothing, yet you would have your light, called Christ, to be a creator.'

A. God was in Christ, and they are one, the creator, the Father in the son, and the son in the Father, and Christ in you, and God in Christ, the creator, the maker of all things. And God will dwell in the saints as the creator; he creates in them right minds, new hearts, new spirits; gives them understanding and knowledge, to know him, which is eternal life and wisdom; to walk in his ways which are perfect;

where God's dwelling is in saints, there is light, and they have fellow ship one with another in it, and with the son and the Father.

P. That although the essence of God be within, yet it no way conducts to the happiness of man.'

A. Man feels not the happiness but as he is in the power of God, in which he has communion with him, and thou speaks thou dost not know what.

P. John said he had heard and handled Christ, and looked upon him, but your idol Christ, your light and everlasting word, you say is within, so that neither you nor any man else can say what it is except by whimsies.'

A. Thou that hast not handled, seen, nor heard Christ, nor felt him within, art in the idol's whimsies and blasphemy; for we witness that Christ, and have handled him, and seen him, and heard him, and know the everlasting word, and him within, which torments thee and thy ground, and thy seed, because he cannot reign; but Christ is come to take possession, to destroy him and his works, and reign; and none see this, but they that own the light within, which comes from Christ the king.

P. By letters and witness without, we will oppose your lying light within, there to maintain, against the best men whatsoever, your light within is a lie, for you say the light within is Christ. I deny the scriptures bear witness to your light within, which is your idol, and this word of God within to be no more nor less than a lie.'

A. The scripture bears witness to the light within, for I know that is thy work, and the devil's, who is out of the light and the truth, to oppose it, who rules in the children of disobedience, but cannot rule in the children of light. And the scripture saith, Christ in you, and God will dwell in you; he is light and they are light, the light that shines in your hearts, to give you the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus;' and this the scripture bears witness to, as in Cor. ii. 4. 13. And the word is nigh thee, in thy heart, and in thy mouth, Rom. x. And as for all the rest of thy stuff and confused parcel of ignorance in thy book, as this before mentioned, it is not worth setting pen to paper; but for the sake of the simple ones it is given forth: for the day has appeared that all your works are seen and come to the light. Praises and glory to the Lord God in the highest, for ever. In the day of thy fulness thou hast been in the mischief of iniquity, but in the day of thy poverty, when the witness of God stirs and rises in thee, and judgment enters upon thee, then remember, wher thy works burn and thou art in the fire, what thou didst in the world, in thy lifetime, against the saints and the elect, and spoke of things thou couldst not know nor weigh, but which were too heavy for thee;

nd how thou actedst against the light of Christ within, which would zave led thee to salvation.

Enoch Howet of Lincoln. His principles as followeth, in his book

which he calls, The doctrine of the light within.'

P. "I HAVE taken upon me as my duty, to forewarn all men of their octrine, that teach men to look at the light within them.'

A. We do believe thee; here thou art not only antichrist, but antipostle, that is, against him who taught people to look to the light vithin them, and told them that the light shined in their hearts to give hem "the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus;' and this is the doctrine which thou forewarnest all men f, and sayst it is thy duty; so thou mayst see who thou servest, that arnest men from light, and warnest people of the apostles' doctrines; o that all may judge what thou turnest them to, and whose duty thou rt doing, and whose messenger and minister thou art: they that are in ne fear of God see thee.

P. ·To look to the light within, is to look at the deceitful heart, nd it will offer thee darkness for light; and it is evident, if thou look

that which thou callest the light within, it brings thee to take counel of a corrupt heart, the prince of the air, the prince of darkness.'

A. The light that shines in the heart, that thy darkness cannot comrehend, is not the prince of darkness, nor the prince of the air, nor he deceitful, corrupt heart; but by the light within all is discovered nd made manifest, for it is the light within that discovers a man's houghts, and the counsels of man's heart. And Christ within is light; nd the apostle bid the Corinthians examine themselves, and prove hemselves, and know themselves, how that Jesus Christ was in them Except they were reprobates. Now where Christ is within, there is ight. Now reprobates cannot endure to hear it talked of within, but all it blasphemy, corrupt heart, and deceitful heart, &c. and the aposle told the saints that God would write his law in their hearts, and put t in their minds, and the law is light; and God would dwell in them, nd walk in them, and where God is, there is light, and in him there is no darkness and the saints are his temple; and this doctrine of the ight within, it is thy work and ministry to warn all men against.

P. “To look at the light within, leads men to look at a judgment here in this life, and to take off men from eternal judgment.'

A. None see the judgment in this life, nor the eternal judgment, but with the light within; for the light makes manifest what must be


judged, and what must not. Oh, that thou shouldst be so blind! And they who judge themselves shall not be judged.

P. The people who depended upon light within, fell into shamelin enormities, and when they pretended the light within, they pretended an angel of light, which cozens us, which at the best is but a broken cistern.' The Ephesians were sometimes darkness.'

A. They are the broken cisterns that cannot hold the water of life, and they are under the pretended angel of light, that deny the light of Christ within; and shameful enormities are out of the light which makes manifest all those things; and though the Ephesians were darkness, yet the light shined in the darkness, and the darkness could not comprehend it. John 1.

P. The light within draws from the expecting of the assurance of Christ, by working in our hearts, the children of disobedience; so that we wait not upon God for assurance, but to trust to the light within."

A. None come to the assurance of Christ Jesus, but they who come to the light that shines in their hearts, which Christ Jesus hath enlightened them with, which is the way to him ; none come from under the power of the prince of the air out of the disobedience, to the thing they had disobeyed, but they who come to the light within, which shines in their hearts, which gives them the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus,' and none know the working of Christ but by the light within.

P. When they were pricked in their hearts, the apostle did not bid them look to the light within them.'

A. Did not the apostle bid them repent? And was not there something in them that did give them to understand their transgression that they might repent, and come to receive remission for their sins by Christ the light, who lighteth every man that cometh into the world, which light shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not; which light gives the light of the knowledge of God in the heart, and that which pricks them is within them.

P. To look at the light within, puts us by the experience of the created word.'

A. The light within brings to look at Christ, whose name is called the word of God, by whom all things were created; and the light within gives experience of him, which is beyond all created experiences that are changeable; and the scripture doth not tell us of the created word.

P. To follow the light within the natural man, that is said to leal to perfection, draws from and puts us from waiting upon the commands of God.'

A. No natural man comes out of his natural state to perfection, to

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