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are justified, it is by Christ, who is the sanctifier, and they who are in him, witness the new birth; for as many as receive him, Christ, who doth enlighten every one that comes into the world: as many as receive him, to them he gives the power to become the sons of God.' And those who hate the light which they are enlightened with, this is their condemnation: ‘for this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world; but men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil.'

P. That the letter is the word:' and denies that any were converted by a light within.'

A. The principle of God hath been transgressed within, so comes unconversion and going from God, and the higher power added upon the transgressor. The law, and they who had it, had the types, figures, and shadows, which made nothing perfect; but the bringing in of a better hope did, which hope is Christ within; and none are converted to God out of types, figures, and shadows, out of transgression, out of Adam's state in the fall, and know the renewing of the inward man, life and immortality come to light, but as they come to know the light within, Christ, who is the way to God; and he who is in him, is in conversion, translation, and regeneration, in a new life, serving God. And the scripture or letter is not the word, Christ is the word; and they that had the letter, killed him who was before the letter was; who were the blind priests and Pharisees, like yourselves.

P. That Christ justified sinners as sinners.'

A. Christ justifies them as they have been sinners, and come from it, in the faith; for by faith are they justified: and faith purifies them from their sin, but they that hate the light which Christ hath enlightened them withal, are condemned by it, and that is the world's condemnation, the light, in which light the saints witness their justification, and see Christ the author of their ith. E

Lamb in the city of London, the Baptists' teacher, and some of his

company . Their principles as follows.

P. HE affirmed, that the scripture was the kingdom of heaven, and that the scripture was the light of the Lamb.'

A. The kingdom of heaven is within people, as in Luke xvii. And the Pharisees had scripture, and knew not the kingdom of heaven within them, but were gazing for it without them; as thou art


P. William Stanley, a tutor to children, said, 'that some had a privilege to sin, and yet were free from the condemnation of the law by the sufferings of Jesus.'

A. But none have a privilege to sin from God, but from the devil; for it is contrary to the law of God; for the law doth not tolerate any such thing, nor the son of God, who was made manifest to destroy the deyil and his works, and to condemn sin in the flesh, so no one hath a privilege to commit sin but from the devil, and there is no privilege to sin, from God.

A book called, The Relation of the Quakers' Shaking,' those whose

names are to it, are John Gilpin, Thomas Craster, Thomas Sands, John Archer, Edw. Turner, priest Walker.

Who are like unto Jannes and Jambres who resist the truth, being men of corrupt minds, who blaze abroad in the nation to make truth odious, and to possess the hearts of people, by means of some that turn from truth. First, John Gilpin, who was made by truth to confess his sin, and had openings, and then turned from the truth again, to the persecutors, this Gilpin was these men's convert, who were most of them the greatest persecutors in the north. And after John Gilpin had turned from the people called Quakers, to these men whose names are to the book, he turned drunkard, and being drunk, a warrant was granted out for him, by a justice of the peace; and yet these men whose names are to this book, styled this man one of their high converts, but according to their works their reward will be.

P. John Gilpin said, While he was with the Quakers, he never found such effects among the ministers of England, as he did amongst the Quakers, of the discovery of his sin, in particular of his covetousness, which had a great long root in him.' And all these men whose names are in the book, term this of the devil, and this is their judgment, because John Gilpin ran out in his imaginations; therefore that which discovers to a man all his sins and his covetousness, is of the devil. Oh no, my friends, you have wrong judged, and you will fail at last in what you have judged, and what you have justified; and that which discovers your sin and filth, and covetousness, that which discovers the devil, who is the author of it, is the light and life of Jesus Christ. And so instead of saying the Quakers are shaking, you are shaking yourselves, and your foundation made known, not to be the foundation of Jesus Christ, the light that discovers sin. And when the true thing did convince and work in John Gilpin, then his imaginations ran out; and you and he, call it delusion to hearken to the voice within, and yet Vol. III.


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