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his own heart, before he crucifies him in another's heart without him; and it is the affections that thou art joined with to people, and not with the spirit, to the notional attainments; for hadst thou been in the spirit, thou wouldst not have written such a book as this is against the truth; or hadst thou answered the principle of God in the seekers, or minded the life in them, or in thy own particular, you might have lived in unity with God and scripture. But whither art thou turned now, to thy great fat benefice? and didst steal some words from the seekers, and sell them to poor people to make a trade of them.

P. Thou sayst thou wouldst have all people take a right way in opposing the Quakers, with a strong understanding in the scriptures to reason with them.' 1 A. All your understanding and your reasoning, if you get all the scriptures, are not able, being out of the life that gave forth the scriptures, to resist the spirit of the Quakers, which is that which was in them that gave forth scriptures, though you may gainsay and opposc like Cain, Core, and Balaam; but wo unto you!

P. "I shall give my consent, if the Quakers transgress our laws, they might have double punishment; and if you will not believe the truth that comes from them, I hope you will believe it as it comes from the mouth of God; with speed forsake the Quakers' society wholly, public and private.'

A. Here is thy confession again, and judgment, and thy injustice; wouldst thou have double punishment inflicted upon them that break the law? and dost thou say that the Quakers are the mouth of God, and if you will not believe the truth as it comes from them, believe it as it comes from the mouth of God; and yet must people wholly forsake the society of the Quakers, public and private, and call this overcoming strong questions? This is the strengthening of strong questions, overcoming you that are in the deceit, who are to be judged.

P. •That God is all, and in all.'

A. The scripture saith so, God is all, and in all, and through you all, and over you all, blessed for ever; and this is not to justify any profaneness nor wicked actions, but it is you that would not have the Lord to have room in your hearts, that would not have him to be in people, nor have him there to reign.

P. •I have some time told the Quakers, that I did conceive the design of antichrist was to bring them in the end to work all manner of uncleanness; I now judge they are carried from one degree to another to act righteousness.'

A. Here thou confounds thy imagination, and hast showed thou hast followed thy own spirit; and thy false prophecy is come to an end,

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of Christ, and trampled it under your feet, and set up yourselves in great benefices, who live in a town, do not go up and down to eat and drink such things'as are set down before them; but how are you then those that Christ said he would be with to the end of the world ? and how do you then observe all things that he hath commanded? For "lo I am with you to the end of the world, and they were to observe all things that were commanded. And how are you here out of Christ's doctrine ? and are you not the wolves among the sheep, with sheep's clothing, deceiving the world, but not the sheep? And how are you them that Christ said were to go into all nations ? and ' lo I am with you to the end of the world;' and this is not your work as you say, and so you are judged to be out of the apostles' practices and Christ's doctrine.

P. Thou sayst that in i Cor. ix. 14. is meant of natural food, which is to be obtained by civil laws,' and our declaring against such shepherds as in Isa. lyi. doth not touch thee,' and that thou hast received the gospel from the epistles of Paul,' and that thou owns not revelations, tremblings, and quakings.'

A. The saints, and the ministers of Christ did not, by civil laws, or the laws of the nation, get maintenance, neither doth the scripture thou brings say they did. Read it over again, and let all sober people read it. And the gospel thou hast received from the epistles, the epistles do not give thee the power of God, and the gospel is the power of God: here thou hast showed thy ministry is of the letter, and of man, and not from God, for the gospel is the power of God to salvation to every one that believes, preached to Abraham before the epistles were written; and this gospel is everlasting, not received from epistles. And Paul was an apostle, not of men, nor by men, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ; and thou that denies revelation denies the son of God, and the grace that was brought by revelation, and denies knowing the Father; for none know the Father, but they to whom the son reveals him. And thou hast denied the fear of God, and the Lord's secrets; for the secrets of the Lord are with them that fear him, they are revealed to them. And thou that denies trembling and quaking hast denied thy salvation, and the apostle's doctrine, and denied thyself to be a minister of Christ; for the apostle says, work out your salvation with fear and trembling,' and thou that denies trembling, denies salvation that is wrought out by it. And Isa. lvi. doth judge thee, for thou art one that seeks thy gain from thy quarter, a greedy dumb dog, that can never have enough, as witness thy eggs, and how thou didst hale before the justice for not paying of them.

P. Thou sayst, “thou dost not uphold such as Mic. iii. speaks of.'
A. Art thou not one that divines for money, that prophesies and

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