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P. "That the light which lighteth every man was not sufficient to lead up to Christ.'

A. The light, Christ, that doth enlighten every man that comes into the world, that which he doth enighten every one withal, which they are to believe in, is sufficient to lead up to Christ; for they that believe in the light, become the children of light, they pass from death to life, from darkness to light, and come out of condemnation, and shall never die, and so it is sufficient: so that he that doth not believe in the light, by it is condemned, for this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men love the darkness rather than the light, because their deeds are evil.' And so you and they that love the darkness rather than the light, because your deeds are evil, and will not come to it

, because it will reprove you, are they that live in the form of godliness

, and deny the power, and teach people to say, that the light is not sufficient that every man that comes into the world is lighted with, that all might believe; who are not condemned by; and the light that comes from him, is sufficient to lead up to him. P. That grace was not conveyed from the Lord to any man,

without the ordinary outward means.

A. The grace of God hath appeared to all men, which teacheth the saints, and the grace is brought by the revelation of Jesus, as saith Peter by revelation, and the grace is the gift of God, and not attained by outward means, by man's will; and they that turn the grace of God that hath appeared into lasciviousness, are they that deny the Lord that bought them, who go from the grace, which is the saints' teacher, which brings salvation.

P. That the scriptures are that only which they are to have recourse unto, to inform the minds of people from.'

A. Before the scripture was written or given forth, Abraham, Enoch, and Abel had that which informed their minds, and let them see Christ; and the Jews had scripture, and knew not Christ, they had the testification, and did not come to him they testified of, and so had not life. So that which is to inform the minds of all people is the spirit and the light which Christ hath enlightened them with; and their ears and eyes must be open to the spirit of God in themselves, before they hear his voice, which spirit informs their minds, and then they shall come to know the operation of the spirit, for many may have the scriptures, and not know that. And that which is to teach people is the grace of God, Christ, the light and life, and that it is which informs the mind to know scripture.

P. Priest Dorker said, that the word of God was the ordinary outward means,' and that the scripture is the word,' they all affirmed.

A. The word of God is not outward nor ordinary, but extraordinary,

it is that which lives, abides, and endures for ever; and the scriptures are to be fulfilled, and that which doth fulfil them is the word; and the scriptures of truth learned of God, the Father of truth, are the words of God, not a word. God spake all these words, and said,' in Exodus; and my words,' saith Christ; and whosoever shall add to these words, saith John in the Revelations: and so the words are the scriptures of truth, that cannot be broken, Christ the word fulfils them, who was in the beginning, before the words were spoken forth, who is and remains to the end of words, who fulfils them, in whom they end.

Daniel Roberts, teacher to the Baptists at Reading, in Berkshire,

did affirm,

P. "That baptism of water, that is to say, elementary water, doth wash away sin.'

A. Here thou puts water in the room of Christ's blood, which cleanseth from all sin, and what need of that, if water doth it; outward water can but wash the outward.

P. • That God had committed all judgment to the scriptures.'

A. That is contrary to the apostle, who saith, “God will judge the world by the man Christ Jesus, according to the gospel,' and that is the power; and all judgment is committed to the son.' Mark, to the son; and the saints shall judge the world,' and he is in them.

P. That the new covenant is the words of Christ and the apostles, and every one that hath the Bible in his house, hath the new covenant.'

A. The new covenant is Christ the scriptures speak of, and the Jews had the scriptures that stood against the covenant, and many may have the Bible, and not in the thing it speaks of.

P. Another Baptist said at the same time, if they had not had scriptures, they had not known how to walk nor order their conversation.'

A. How knew thosc to order their conversation, and walk, before scripture was given forth? The lise which led them to give forth the scripture, did order them to walk acceptable to him. And the Pharisees had the scriptures given forth from the life, but being out of the life, their conversations were not ordered by it.

P. Daniel Roberts allirmed, that he knew no other spirit than what was in the scripture, and that he carried it in his pocket.'

A. The spirit is not in the scriptures, but in them that gave it forth, and that the scriptures testify of. Many got the scriptures, but wanted


where God dwells and walks in men, they are his temples, which are holy; there is his kingdom, his power, his authority, and the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell in them, and walk in them; and this is the state of thousands that are in the new covenant, that know the power of God, of the Most High, his law put in their minds and hearts; and they that do not know that they are the temples of God, and God dwelling in them, and walking in them, are worse than the Corinthians.

P. That he that doth not preach the death and resurrection, and the man Christ Jesus, that rose from the dead at Jerusalem, preacheth not the gospel, whatsoever else he doth declare.'

A. He that preacheth Christ, must preach that Christ that died at Jerusalem, for he is the same to-day, yesterday, and for ever, the lamb slain from the foundation of the world; which sced, Christ, breaks the serpent's head, and destroys death, and the devil, that went out of the truth; and death being destroyed, the captivated one comes out, by the power which is the gospel, and the prisoner of hope shows himself forth, and then the covenant of light and life is felt, and peace with God. But the reprobate, devil, death and destruction, antichrist, the beast and false prophet, may talk of Christ without, and he be not felt within; such are then the reprobates. And as to thy saying, the sced is not in all men, first know it in thyself; he is not in the man of sin, that is to be destroyed, who hath blinded thy mind, and hath taken possession of thy heart; and so first judge thyself.

P. He that doth not expect the resurrection from the dead, of his own person, as Christ rose from the dead, literally understood, hath no true hope of cternal life born in his understanding.'

A. The saints' rising is in Christ, and he is the resurrection; they are of his flesh, and of his bone, and of his spirit; and the saints are of the flesh of Christ that saw no corruption, and of his bone, and have the hope of eternal life promised of the Father. And now the flesh of Christ, the Jews did not know, that were the idolaters and fornicators; for Christ according to the flesh was of Abraham, who came out of all that idolatry and generation of sornicators, and in this the saints rise, Jive, and remain with Christ for cyer, and such come to know the resurrection of the just and unjust, according to the scriptures, the one to cternal life, and the other to condemnation.

P. “That Christ by his death overcame him that had the power of death, and thereby made way to lise.'

A. But how is death overcome in thee, when thon dost not see the kingdom of God in thee, and sayst it shall not be while men are in their moral bodies, and how short art thou of the holy ghost, and the power, and the joy, and the righteousness, which the kingdom stands Vol. III.


turn from the power of satan, to God. And thou must be thrashed,

spirit, and must not the spirit destroy him, and the brightness and brand seed of the serpent, whose lives Christ came to save, and redeem and in ! And Christ who overcame death, is the life, and the way to God the Father of life, which doth enlighten every 'man that cometh into the world, that by the light they might see it and believe in it, that they might be children of light, and come to the light of life, and they'. that do not believe in it, are condemned by the light.

P. «That the unchangeableness of God's purpose, of his love, is the only ground of man's obedience and stability, or continuance in obe. dience, not man's obedience the ground of his stability.'

A. Man's stability is Christ, the light, the life, the foundation of God that stards sure, the hope that remaineth in him, the faith given to him of God, in which the seed comes to be known in the male and in the female, the son of God who abideth in the house for erer, whio is the heir of the promise; and there the unchangeableness of God is known, he that doth not change is scen, that has appeared, which can not be shaken, that seeth an end of all changeable things, and variableness, and turnings; and here the obedience is felt.

P. "God hath ordained to eternal life every one that is or shall be saved before they had a being in this world, but none come to possession of this salvation but through the obedience of the spirit' A. The ground of man's belief and obedience is Christ

, who doth enlighten him to the intent that he might believe and obey the truth, and he who knows the seed, knows the election, before the world was made.

P. “That the seed of Israel are men, and not only something in man; that the seed of the serpent are men, and not only something in man.'

A. If the secd of Israel be men, then by thy account the seed of Israel is the seed of the serpent, for they are men; and Christ, who came to destroy the work of the devil, and him that hath the power of death, is said to have come to destroy all Israel, and all men upon the earth. But thou errs in thy judgment, and in thy understanding; for I know it is the seed of the serpent that speaks in thee, that puts no difference between the precious and the vile. And when Ísrael thought Christ had called them serpents, many of them were converted to the faith; their outward creatures were not destroyed. Thou talks foolishly and art given up to the devil's power, who works wickedness and more chief. And if men are the serpent's seed, as thou dost say, be saved, for the serpent and his seed must be destroyed ? and if in are the seed of the serpent, then must the seed of the serpent obey the of the Lord consume him? And it is men that are captivated by the

who shall

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