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and feel the weight of the Lord's hand, before thou art humbled. And what hast thou to do to talk of ordination before man had a being in the world, and would make men to be like thyself, and say they are the serpent's seed, for man is not so, as he is man. And we and thousands witness election and salvation before the foundation of the world was laid, and are come into that which comprehends time and being, which are since time; in which power the elect reigns, where salvation is known.

P. The woman that the serpent deceived, her seed breaks the serpent's dominion.'

A. The seed of the woman doth bruise the serpent's head wherever he is found, in any male or female, that Christ may rise in the male and in the female; and this seed is atop of thy head, and thou hast no power but to reach to his heel, and thou art in the house of darkness, and the seed is yet in Egypt, not come forth yet; and there is a strong man must bow himself, and they that keep the house must tremble, that have kept thy heart from the Lord God, and have carried it a whoring abroad. And a stronger he is, than he that keeps the house, that spoils his goods and takes possession, who comes to rule, and will rule and reign.

P. That the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man in the church to profit withal, and not to every man in the world.'

A. The manifestation is given to every man to profit withal, without distinction. "I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh,' for the spirit of truth shall lead the saints into all truth, and he shall reprove the world,' and that which doth reprove the world, is manifest to the world.

P. "That no man hath received a measure of the spirit of Christ, but such as believe in Christ, and that no man doth believe in Christ but such as Christ is revealed to in time, and that he is revealed to none, but by the manifestation of his spirit.'

A. The true believers that believe in Christ the revelation, knew him in time and out of time, and the unbelievers are reproved.

P. Which of the people of God, prophets, or apostles, did direct all people to a true light within them for their instruction and guide, before the manifestation of the spirit unto them, or the work of regeneration wrought in them ?'

A. The prophet said, “I will give him for a covenant of light unto the Gentiles,’and a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah will I make, and write my law in their hearts, and put them into their minds;' and this was in general directed to them before they were converted and regenerated, and this light was to enlighten the Gentiles, whereby the prisoners should come out of the pit where there is no water; and the new covenant was held to the Jews before

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Here all may see, the priests of Scotland, and their church, and

their persecution against the saints, and lambs, servants, and children of God, whom the Lord moved to go among then, to visit the seed of God in that dark wilderness country, who have been as sheep among wolves.

Also, how pure religion is turned upside down, and vain religion

got in its place. And the pure doctrine of Christ and the apostlcs, which saith, entertain strangers, love enemies,' is lost among you: instead of entertaining strangers, and loving enemies, they imprison and persecute, and have made their church unsavoury. And the teachers' fruits declare them to be false, who were wrestlers against flesh and blood, and strikers al creatures, which Christ and the apostles did not.

George Weare, John Hart, William Grey, William Lowry, Wil

liam Mitchell, and Richard Isamaell.

FIRST, these Presbyterian priests of Scotland, who excommunicate and put out of the synagogues, know not the Father and the son, John xvi. so are no true christians; for how can they be true christians that know not the son of God, nor the Father?

Secondly, they are no ministers of Christ; for Christ saith, when they curse, bless ye;' so they are out of Christ's doctrine and teaching, not blessing, but cursing, and giving forth curses, and all the people must say amen to their curses.'

Thirdly, they are out of the apostle's doctrine, who saith, Bless and curse not;' Rom xii. xiv. so are no ministers of Christ, that curse and give forth their curses to the people to say amen to them: and here

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John Hume, Priest of Lesmahaga. His Principles as follows, who

got into a steeple-house, and shut the door upon him; thus he taught the people.

P. "That which was to be known of God, was manifest by the things that are created.'

A. Contrary to the apostle's doctrine, Rom. i. 19. "For whatsoever may be known of God is manifest in them; for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and godhead, so that they are without excuse.' So with that of God in them they know the invisible things from the foundation of the world, and with that they see the godhead.

P. "That God was to be known by the things that were made, as the sun, moon, and stars.'

A. But Jesus Christ said, Matt. xi. 27. "No man knows the Father but the son, and he to whomsoever the son will reveal him,' and the heathens know not God, nor had the Jews seen his shape. And his servants and workmen did throw water, stones, and lime, and persecuted, and dirtied, and abused the people called Quakers, and threw a pan full of water on a soldier's neck, and he the said priest never reproved them; and these are the fruits of him and his own family, instead of gravity: well may the whole parish be out of order, when his own family is thus. So he is one that is reproved by the apostle's doctrine, i Tim. iii. who saith, “If you cannot rule your own family, how can you take care for the church of God ?'

Henry Foreside, priest of the parish of Lingiah in Dunbartonshire,

said in his preaching to the people,

P. If they had christian zeal they would stone them whom they call Quakers.'

A. It is the blind zeal that stones, not the zeal of the christian, that has the life of Christ; for the christian zeal is to pray for them that persecute, Matt. v. 44. and not to stone them; and to love enemies. It was the Jews' zeal that took up stones to stone Christ, John viii. 59. they stoned Stephen, Acts vii. 5. 8. and stoned the apostles, Acts xiv. 19. In this the Presbyterians have proved their christianity to be out of Christ and the apostles.

P. "If Paul and the rest of the apostles had been alive, they would have stoned the Quakers.'

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