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A. Doth not the apostle say, “Christ formed in you?' And Christ in you the hope of glory?' which hope purifies as God is pure. And Christ being within, doth he not arise there before all waves be still? and shall he not arise with healing under his wings? How ignorant of the letter are the priests grown, and much more of the mystery? Gal. iv. and Malachi.

P. And whereas thou sayst, thou art confident, that while some would persuade others that they have no sin, their consciences will tell them they lie.' See page 41.

A. The apostle told the Romans that they were made free from sin; and the Romans did not tell the apostle, that their consciences told them he lied, as thou sayst.

P. He saith, “ The body of Christ is out of the sight of all his saints,' &c. See page 17.

A. The apostle saith, 'they sat with Christ in heavenly places:' and the saints are “flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone,' and the church which he is head of, is his body. And every one that eats his flesh, knows his body given for the life of the world, and the body of Christ is not out of the sight of the saints that are in the church. Therefore you ministers and teachers, that say Christ's body is out of your sight, are not saints; neither are you of his church, which is his body; neither have you eaten his flesh, nor known that which is given for the life of the world, but are out of the sight of the church which is his body.

P. And thou sayst, • They shall have a greater judgment without them, than they shall have within them,' &c. See page 48.

A. The scripture saith, “If ye judge yourselves, ye shall not be judged of the Lord.'

P. And that place in Jude he brings, to prove that all men have not the spirit,' &c. See page 49. Where he saith, They walk after their own ungodly lusts; these be they who separate themselves, being sensual, and have not the spirit, who went in Balaam's way.'

A. Jude shows that they went forth from the spirit, and turned the grace of God into wantonness. And this doth not make for thee or to thy purpose, but rather against thee; and the same spirit that reproves the world leads the saints into all truth.

P. He saith, that God did not give the law that people should live in it, &c. See page 49.

1. And the scripture saith, that they that did the law had life, and were justified by it: for • Do this and live,' saith God to Moses; and therefore thou wouldst make God a liar, who cannot lie; who sayst, that God did not give forth his law that men should have life. Are not the curse and the death in the transgression of it? Christ is the end of the righteous law, who is the light that doth enlighten every man

that cometh into the world, which believing in, he comes to be a child of light: which light thou blasphemously calls conscience, or natural, which light is Christ, the foundation of God, which doth enlighten every man that comes into the world, that with the light they might see Christ who hath enlightened them, the foundation of God, from whom light comes. And the apostle saith, “the law is spiritual, and just, and good;' and so thou art carnal, not yet come to the law which is spiritual.

P. He saith, "He that will but observe the motions of that light which every man hath within him, (say they,) so as to obey and close in with it, to follow it, shall undoubtedly save himself from the wrath to come: now this is clearly a great error,' thou sayst. See page 50.

A. Contrary to John's doctrine, and Christ's, who saith, “The light that doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world, is the true light, that men through the light might believe.' Therefore they are enlightened; and he that believes in the light shall not abide in darkness, nor in error, nor in condemnation, but shall have the light of life. Saith Christ, • I am the light of the world;' and he saith moreover, • Believe in the light,' before they be children; 'Believe in the light, that ye may be children of the light.' So every man is enlightened with a light before they are children, with the true light. He that believes in the light is a child of the light: he that doth not believe in the light, the light condemns him.

P. And whereas thou sayst, “ The law gives not life, nor justifies.' See page 50.

A. It is false, thou art mistaken in the scriptures, and rebuked by them. The law gives life to him that obeys it, and lives in it: and he that doth it lives, and is justified; the doer of the law is justified, and not the hearer only; and the law is righteous, and just, and good. But Christ Jesus, the law and the spirit of life, which is the end of God's righteous law, is the justification to life; God's righteousness, who is the end of the other law. And the apostle Paul saith, “The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, hath made me free from the law of sin and death.'

P. And thou wouldst make it an error to say, 'the saints are saviours of the world.' See


50. A. The apostle said, when he wrote to the saints, he should save himself and others, and this was by the power of Christ. And Jude saith others saying with fear,' but hating the garments spotted with the flesh.' Now thou art a deceiver, and not a saviour both of thyself and others, and ignorant of the power and the spirit.

P. He saith, there is no such scripture as faith, the light within the conscience.' See page 52.

A. Contrary to the apostle, who saith, the light shines in their hearts, and is not there the conscience? 2 Cor. iv. And Christ saith, " They will not come to the light, lest their deeds should be by it manifested, and they by it be reproved, and this is not conscience, nor nature. And the apostle Paul saith, 'Our rejoicing is the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with Aeshly wisdom, but in the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world.'

P. The new covenant which God promised to write in their hearts, he calls the law by nature.' See


52. A. And thus he is stumbling at the corner stone, and errs in his judgment; for that which orders nature is above nature, and all naturalists, and transgressors call it natural.

Doctor Glisson's paper concerning James Parnel's death in prison,

the lies that are in which are not worth mentioning, but will fall upon themselves; but here is one of their lying slanders taken ol: They who strike at the rock, split themselves; and the blood of that innocent, lies upon their heads.

P. In the preface he saith, that the most knowing part of these Quakers have received their principles from Rome,' &c.

A. It is false, for the instructions which they have received are from Christ, who was 'glorified with the Father before the world began,' and before Rome was, or revilers either, which makes the world to rage. The corner stone, the light, which lightens every man that comes into the world, and was before it was; which makes the beast, and the false prophet, and the pope, and you to arm yourselves against the lamb and his light, which he doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world withal. And the priests' instructions have been from Rome, to set up their schools to make ministers, and temples cast and west, with a cross at the end of them; and the tenth, which they imprison men to death for, and their preaching by the hour glass, and naming their colleges and mass houses by the saints' names: your instructions have been from Rome to do these things; but the Lamb shall have the victory, Glory to the Lord in the highest for ever.


George Emmot, who calls himself a spiritual Quaker converted.

Who is turned with the dog to the vomit, and gone in the way of Core, exalting himself, and gainsaying truth, and gone in the way of Cain, into his first birth, and turned against the second.

Did God smite thee for thy pride? Did God let thee see the false worships in the steeple-houses in the sheep's clothing? Did God let thee see the deceit of the tithes in the priests ? Did God let thee see the vanity of respecting of persons, and honouring of the creatures ? Wast thou turning from these things, as thou confessest, and art thou now turned to them again ? By whom the way of truth comes to be evil spoken of. Is not thy latter end worse than the beginning ? Will not all thy words be thy burden, and fall heavy upon thee? Thy time is not past, George Emmot.

And as for all the revilings, scoffings, and mockings in thy book, they are not worth mentioning among sober people, and raking in the dust for. Hast thou turned the grace of God into wantonness, which had taught thee to deny the ungodly lusts of the world, and would have brought thee to salvation, and so forsaken the covenant of the Lord God, the law in thy mind, and in thy heart, whereby thou might have been taught to know the Lord ? But now thou art run out to teachers that may be removed into a corner, that will poison thee, and that do put some into corners and prisons, because they will not give them mainte


That which brought thee to leave off thy ribands, and vanities, and lusts of the world, was the grace of God which thou hast turned into wantonness, and published it to the nation. (See page 6.) And thou art turned to that which the grace taught thee to deny.

P. He saith, “The steeple-house is a holy place, more holy than a house,' see page 8.

A. The pope hath taught thee this, and his teachers and thou are gotten into the holy place like the Pharisees, and, as says the apostle, have defiled it: and thus your and the pope's doctrine is got up since you have apostatized from the apostles, which apostles brought the Jews off the holy places thou speaks of; and while you and they have been in these holy places, you have been in the unholiness.

Henoch Howet's book, entitled, The Quaking Principles, dashed

to pieces by the standing and unshaken Truth.'


He hath dashed himself to pieces upon the rock, as his torn language in his book dis

And his principles are here as followeth: a great part of which book of his is not worth mentioning, but turned back upon himself, who must bear his own burthen in the day that burns as an oven; that his works are tried, he shall remember; to the witness in him I speak.


P. He makes the scripture to be the only weapon whereby Christ overthrew the devil.' See page

A. Who bruiseth his head, and was before scripture was. Yet the scripture is for correction and doctrine, furnishing the man of God in his place, and Christ the seed was before scripture was. And all them that have scripture and not Christ, cannot overcome the devil, you and the Papists doing his work; for they that overcome him, it is with the power, and those have the scriptures of truth, which the devil is out of.

P. He saith, “The scriptures is the hope. See page 4.

A. Which is contrary to the scripture, which saith, Christ is the hope;' and they that had the scripture, stood against the hope, Christ.

P. He saith, "There is nothing in man to be spoken to, but man.' See page 5.

A. How then ministered the apostle to the spirit? And Christ spake to the spirits in prison;' and Timothy was to stir up the gift that was in him: and the spirit of the Father speaks within them, and the light shines in the heart,' which God hath commanded to shine out of darkness. And the son of God is revealed in me,' saith the apostle. Here the scriptures are for correction of thee, and reproof of thee, who said, There is nothing to speak to in man, but man;' for the apostle saith, “That which may be known of God is manifest in man, for God hath showed it unto them.' Rom. i. And the apostle was manifest to every one's conscience in the sight of God, and that was of God which the children disobeyed.

P. He calls that ' a dark delusive light.'

A. John calls Christ the light, that lighteth every man that cometh into the world,' which we speak of, so he is fighting against the foundation of God that stands sure. And thus the man is striking at the rock, and splitting himself; and is not come to John, but is as dark as the Pharisees and heathen, whose darkness cannot comprehend the light that John saith, lighteth every man that cometh into the world;' that shineth in the darkness, that is the true light. John i. chap. So you that deny the light which Christ hath enlightened every man that

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