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spirit is in them, and where his spirit is, is not he? O blind ! are ye found out? go yehome to your mother the Papist. Where Christ's spirit is, he is. Andye say your two sacraments are baptism and the Lord's supper. The scripture doth not call baptism and the Lord's supper two sacraments; and those names which you have given to them, you and the Papists adore and worship. Again, you in your catechism, call the first day of the week, the sabbath day. Where did ever any of the ministers of Christ or the christians unapostatized, call it so ? Are not you come unto the breach, and guilty of your own judgment of the third commandment, when ye give another name to the scriptures than they give themselves, in calling them the word, and calling baptism and the

supper the sacraments ? Exod. xx. Moses saith, God spake all these í words,' when he gave the commandments; mark, words, and the words 1

of Christ are spirit and life, John vi. 63. God is the word, John i. 1. and Christ is the word, Rev. xix. 13. and the word became flesh, and dwelt among us. John i. 14. And those who had the words of the scriptures, which cannot be broken, (John x. 35.) the law and the prophets, knew not Christ the word before they were brought to the light that Christ had enlightened them with, and were brought to the spirit. John v. 37. John viii. 9. Can the whole world say the Lord's prayer in truth, or was it taught his disciples, or to the world ? do not people draw nigh to God with their lips that say it? Isa. XX. 13. and are not in the light which every man that cometh into the world is lighted withal. Can ye say the Lord's prayer, which is, 'forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us,' without hypocrisy? How do ye forgive them when ye would have them persecuted and stoned? You that are teachers of the people ; how do ye love your neighbours as yourselves? how do ye fulfil the law and the prophets, Matt. vii. 12. to do as you would be done by? To you Presbyterians of Scotland I speak, that are teachers, whose principles are to stone, chop off heads, and persecute them that are contrary minded to

you: would


have those that are contrary to your minds stone you to death, chop off your heads, imprison, and banish you, and persecute, and excommunicate you? This is the law and the prophets, to do as you would be done by: asothersshould do to you, so do unto them. But Christ, who is the end of the law and the

prophets, Rom. x. 4. saith his doctrine is to love enemies. Matt. v. 54. and saith, “if men persecute you, pray for them, and bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that persecute you, and despitefully use you, that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: who makes the sun to shine upon the evil and the good, and the rain to descend upon the just and the unjust. If ye love them that love ye, what reward have ye? the publicans and Pharisees do so.' And the apostatized christians, who are got into the forms


that overcome by the blood of the Lamb, that have the testimony ! Jesus, and have kept the commands of God. So the Jews excommuni cated, who had the true temple, true tithes, and true priests, who had everlasting priesthood, Heb. vii. the everlasting covenant, and the one

of words, but out of the life of the saints, of Christ and the apostles, are saluting their brethren only; but saith Christ, Be ye perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect,' which you stand against. So ye are they that have denied the one offering which hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. Heb. x. 14. And make the blood of Christ of no effect, which cleanseth from all sin; and the new covenant, which blots out all sin and transgression. And all upon the earth, profesors and worshippers, that call yourselves brethren, and christians, and offerers, of what sort soever, that have but the name, before ye offer, be reconciled to your brethren, go leave the gift at the altar, and be reconciled to your brethren, and then come and offer your gift

, Matt v. 24. then will the Lord accept your offering. And all upon the earth that pray, see that ye forgive others that trespass against you, as you would have the Lord forgive you your trespasses.

Oh! how is the beauty of the church of the Presbyterians marred and deformed! Oh! how are they become cages of unclean birds, synagogues of satan! Oh! how are their teachers become envious men and murderers, of Cain's stock, in whom the eternal life is not abiding! that would slay, stone, and chop off heads of strangers, servants, and sons and daughters of the Lord God, and excommunicate them and put them out of their synagogues. These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended,' John xvi. 2. they shall excommunicate you, yea, the time cometh that they that kill you shall think they do God good service; these things will they do unto you, because they neither know the Father nor me. These things have I told you before, that when the time comes ye may remember that I told xvi. 4. So the sayings of Christ are fulfilled by you that excommunicate; and ye are like them that put out of the synagogues of the Jews; and these are their marks, that they neither know the Father nor the son of God. These temples, pulpits, priests, that are set up since the days of the apostles, are amongst the false prophets that Christ said should come, Matt. vii. Matt. xxiv. and John saw were come, 1 John i. 18

, 19. and 1 John iv. 1, 2, 3. who went forth from them; whom all the world went after, Rev. xiii. 3. And these excommunications from you

, are, that none should buy nor sell, but such as worship the beast, and receive his marks. Rev. xiii. 14. And it was the beast, and the dragon

, and the false prophets, that

would kill and destroy them that kept the testimony of Jesus. Rev. xii. Here is the patience and faith of the saints the figure, the type; Christ being come the substance, Heb. x. 34.

offering, Heb. x. they that went from the priesthood to Christ, the Jews did excommunicate them out of the synagogues. Now they did not know the son nor the Father, that did excommunicate, John xvi. though they had the figures and types of the son of God. They held up their outward things, and saw not the son of God the substance when he was come. So these knew not the son of God northe Father, that excommunicated and put out of the synagogucs. And Christ bade them that were to be put out of the synagogues, not be offended at those things; he told them before they came to pass, “that when these things come to pass ye may remember that I told you.' Now those are they that Christ said should come, and the apostles saw were come, that went forth from them; who have got up tithes, and temples, and pulpits, and priests; and the priests are excommunicating out of their synagogues. And these must neither buy nor sell with them, nor eat, nor drink, nor have any thing to do with them, except they will worship the beast, or his image, and fall down to him. And this is the worship of the beast, got up since the apostles, by them who apostatized from the true church, and went forth from them, which all the world wondered after and worshipped, and received his mark and his image, who buy and sell, and let others do so with them, who are they that make war against them that keep the testimony of Jesus and the commands of God, and against the saints and the Lamb; but the Lamb and the saints shall have the victory. But the Lamb of God, the seed of God, is risen; the beast and the false prophet are taken, which hath long deceived the nations. Revelations ii. The old dragon, the serpent, the murderer, the deceiver, the devourer, Babylon, the mother of harlots, which hath made all nations drunk with her fornications, which hath corrupted the carth, Rev. xiv. which the beasts and the false prophets that deceive the nations, and antichrist, say are come but

These are dcccivers of the nations, that say they are come but now; for Christ said they should come, and John said they were come before his decease, wherehy he said he knew it was the last time. And in the Revelations he said, all the world went after them; and all nations have drunk of the winc of her fornications, and the kings of the earth have committed fornications with her, Rev. xvii. 2. (mark the word have,) and the false prophets say, they come but now, and now is the last time. And these are the deceivers of the nations that say so. Now are people but coming from them; and now is the judgment of the great whore come; and now are the vials of wrath to be poured upon her that hath corrupted the earth, and now shall they go into captivity. Rev. xiii. Rev. i. 4 and 18. And now shall people come to that which the false prophets, the beast, and the mother of harlots, went from, all these heads, and horns, and crowns, will turn against Vol. III.



others with their tongues, languages, and Babylon, that have been amongst them.

And now is the seed of God risen, which over throws all the excommunicators upon the earth, both beast, and false prophets, and Jews, which seed of God brings to see to the beginning. Glory to the Highest for ever; the seed is at the top of them all, Jews and Gentiles, beasts and false prophets, and the corner stone is laidi.

John Castairs, and James Durram, priests of Glasgow, when the fast was appointed by the English, kept their houses, and caused their servants to work, and took notice of all those that countenanced the Eng. lish fast and the first day they preached afterwards, said it was necessary that a day of humiliation should be, and that all people should be humbled for the powers they saw now ruling in the land, for they were giving liberty and toleration to all sects, and blasphemies, as Anabaptists, Independents; and said that the Baptists denied all worship and ordinances, as they were and ought to be according to the ecclesiastical government, which government is the true hedge of the church of Christ.

Lodowick Simerell, priest of Munkland, said, beforo several persons, that “no true justice had been, or was, since those enemies came to this nation, neither would be until the Lord removed them in his own time.' Henry Foreside, priest of Lingiah, said, .if Paul had been alive he would have stoned the Quakers;' and it was christian zeal to stone them.' And many Friends are stoned and beat, and blood is shed. Such were those that stoned the apostles and saints, and haled them before judgment seats and magistrates; and the chief priests had a hand in putting Christ to death, persuaded the people so to do, and the chief priests had a hand in stoning Stephen to death, and the priests had a hand in casting Jeremy into the dungeon, and into the stocks, and said he was worthy of death. And the high priest Ananias examined Paul, and Peter and John were examined by the priests, and put out of the temple by the priests and rulers, and charged, no more to speak in that name. And such were these who had a form of godliness, but denied the power; and such ever stirred up the people to blood and tumults against the harmless, and innocent in the truth. Therefore come to the light, you that have tasted of the power of the Lord God, that with it you may see and judge how the priests blinded the magistrates by flattery, and so came to be the enemies of truth.

How do you receive strangers, ye Presbyterians of Scotland! and obey the commands of God, and the apostles' commands, which were be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for some have entertaine angels unawares? when ye would have the servants of the Lord pri soned, and stocked, and stoned to death, or their heads chopped off Se you are they that are in Cain's way, vagabonds from the spirit of Gada Now

a vagabond hath not a habitation in God, but wanders from the

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