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the justice said, • Thou speakest against the law; for the law gives them their maintenance.' He said, I meddle not with the law, but with their practice.' Then said Francis to the priest, • Didst thou ever know a minister of Jesus Christ that was a persecutor, or did labour to imprison any? And after some more discourse, he said to the priest, “I have seen a great deal of tyranny and persecution in this day's actions.' Then said the justice to the people, • Take notice, he saith, the law I act by is tyranny and persecution. To which the people assented. Then said Francis, • Thou mayst give out to the people what thou wilt, but I speak not of the law, but of your actions. Upon that, he was sent to prison; ; a guard of eight men were set over them, who spent the night in drinking, swearing, and filthy and unclean talking; and the more they were desired by the people to take heed of sin, the more filthy they did appear; but these are the fittest instruments for acting the priests' intentions, being members of their churches. The next day they were guarded to Appleby: but some Friends following, could not be suffered to pass on the streets that way, so great was their envy against all that set their face that way. And the prisoners being brought thither, much means was used that none should come at them, but such as were sent to tempt them. There they were kept until the sessions; in which time they sent up and down the country to seek for any who would witness any thing against them, and improved their utmost interest for their advantage. A jury was chosen, divers of them were resolved on the business, so that it was told the prisoners what would become of them, before the day of examination came; and it was accordingly. For the day came, and judgment passed; but the prisoners never saw their accusers, nor know who they are; but against that day, the priests had prepared three large petitions stuffed with most filthy untruths and slanders, raised out of the bottomless pit; but not one of them proved, though one of the justices said to them, . It is fit they should be proved;' neither was there any thing in them which they could charge upon the prisoners, save only what the power of the Lord had manifested at their meetings, in shaking proud flesh, and pouring out his spirit upon many, especially, as they said, upon little children; which the priests concluded was sorcery and witchery, and of the devil; hereby declaring themselves to be of that generation who called the good man of the house Beelzebub;' and if they should not do the same to them of his household, the words of Christ could not be fulfilled.

Likewise they had gathered up all reports, true or false, of things done by many that the prisoners had not seen the faces of, nor ever knew; thinking thereby to make them odious to the people. They also brought two priests out of Lancashire, to swear things that another man had spoken in the presence of four justices of the peace, and for which the


Jam. I was never there.

Col. Brigs. I charge thee by the Lord that thou tell me whether thou wast or not?

Jam. I was then in the north, and was never taxed for any mutiny or any other thing while I served the parliament.

Col. Brigs. What was the cause of thy coming into these parts,

Jam. If I may have liberty I shall declare it. I was at the plough, meditating on the things of God, and suddenly I heard a voice, saying unto me, 'Get thee out from thy kindred and from thy father's house: and I had a promise given in with it. Whereupon I did exceedingly rejoice, that I had heard the voice of that God which I had professed from a child, but had never known him.

Col. Brigs. Didst thou hear that voice?

Jam. Yea, I did hear it; and when I came home, I gave up my estate, cast out my money; but not being obedient in going forth, the wrath of God was on me, so that I was made a wonder to all, and none thought I would have lived; but (after I was made willing) I began to make some preparation; as apparel, and other necessaries, not knowing whither I should go. But shortly afterward going from my own house toward the gate with a Friend, having an old suit, without any money, having neither taken leave of wife or children, not thinking then of any journey, I was commanded to go into the west, not knowing whither I should

go, nor what I was to do there: but when I had been there a little while, I had given me what I was to declare; and ever since I have remained, not knowing to-day what I was to do tomorrow.

Col. Brigs. What was the pror. sise thou hadst given?

Jam. That God would be me; which promise I find made good every day.

Col. Brigs. I never heard such a call as this is, in our time.
Jam. I believe thee.
Just. Pears. Is Christ in thee?

Jam. I witness him in me; and if I should deny him before men, he would deny me before my Father which is in heaven.

Just. Pears. Spiritual, you mean.
Jam. Yea, spiritual.
Just. Pears. By faith, or how?
Jam. By faith.
Just. Pears. What difference then between the ministers and

Jam. The ministers affirm Christ to be in heaven with a carnal body, but I with a spiritual body.

Just. Pears. Which of the ministers say Christ is in heaven with a carnal body?

Jam. The minister so called of Kirkby Steven.


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