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A large petition being read, wherein was something against quaking. and trembling.

Just. Pear. How comes it to pass that people quake and tremble?

Jam. The scriptures witness the same condition in the saints formerly; as David, Daniel, Habakkuk, and divers others.

Just. Pear. Did they fall down?
Jam. Yea, some of them did so.
Coale. David said all his bones were broken, but these were whole.
James. So are these now.
Coale. Moses trembled; for he saw the face of God, and all Israel.

James. Did all Israel see the face of God ? that crosseth the scriptures.

Coale. They saw his glory. I shall see the Lord with these eyes ; putting his fingers to his eyes.

James. They must first be made spiritual: he cannot be seen with carpal

eyes, for he is a spirit; and no flesh can see God, and live. Coale. That light by which I am justified, is a created light. James. That light by which I am justified, is not a created light: Coale. That is true.

Just. Pears. To the word: what sayst thou to the scriptures? are they the word of God?

James. They are a true declaration of the word that was in them who spoke them forth.

Higginson. Is there not a written word ?

James. Where readest thou in the scriptures of a written word? The word is spiritual, not seen with carnal eyes: but as for the scriptures, they are true, and I witness them true, in measure fulfilled in me, as far as I am grown up.

Just. Pears. Why dost thou disturb the ministers in their public worship. James. I have not disturbed them in their public worships.

Just. Pears. Why dost thou speak against tithes, which are allowed by the states ?

James. I mcddle not with the states; I speak against them that are hirelings, as they are hirelings; those that were sent of Christ, never took tithes, nor ever sued any for wages. .

Just. Pears. Dost thou think we are so beggarly as the heathens, that we cannot afford our ministers maintainance? We give them it freely.

James. They are the ministers of Christ, who abide in the doctrine of Christ.

Just. Pears. But who shall judge? how shall we know them ?

James. By their fruits you shall know them; they that abide not in the doctrine of Christ, make it appear they are not the ministers of Christ.

Just. Pears. That is true.


neither wilt thou suffer thy holy one to see corruption. Thou hast de livered my soul out of death: bless the Lord, my soul, and all that is within me bless his holy name.' How darest thou profess the scriptures, and the holy men of God's conditions, which were raised and brought out of death; and if any witness the holy men of God's condition, thou persecutest them? O thou blind hypocrite! here thou showest thou never sawest hell's mouth yet, therefore thou never cricdst in hell yet.

0. 4. •That he was come to the infinite company of the first born, and the spirits of just men made perfect.'

A. Paul said, (who was a minister of God,) but yeare come to Mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerablc company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the first born, which are written in heaven; unto God the judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect. Paul was a minister of Jesus Christ by the will of God, who encouraged the saints who were brought hither; but thou now persccutest them, and art a witness against them that confess they are brought hither; here, thou showest, thou hast thc spirit of error, openly: and art no minister of God, no, not of the letter; but art against the letter as it speaks, persecuting them that have the life of it.

0. 5. That he had heard the last trumpet sound, and seen the new Jerusalem.

A. Here thou showest forth thy spite and venom: if John was here, which saw the great city and holy Jerusalem descend out of heaven from God (John said, I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, come down from God out of heaven) thou wouldst be a witness against him; and thou showest thyself in the generation that were ever persecutors, slanderers, and opposers of the power of truth. Where the same spirit is that was in John, he sces these things now, as he did then, but where the same spirit is not, which thou showest thou hast not, but a contrary spirit that persecutes them which do see those things—this is as a dog to bite and devour. John saw the trumpet sound, which shows thou art not come to the first. Blow the trumpet in Sion, sound an alarm in my holy mountain; let all the inhabitants of the carth tremble. Here be thou a witness against thysell, that thou art a witness against the truth, and in the generation of them that ever slew the rightcous sccd.

G. 6. That John Lawson said he had God face to face.

A. Here thou showest thyself to be a witness against them that know God, and makest thyself manifest to be a heathen: for all are heathens that do not know God; and no man knoweth God, saving he that is born of God; and who are born of God, are owners of the truth, and not against it, but against the deceit. Jacob said, I have seen God face to face. Isaiah said, mine eyes have seen the king, the Lord of VOL. III.




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