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brain that are out of the new covenant of light, Christ, both Jews and Gentiles, and all false christians.

P. He saith, .This I do deny, that the perfection of the whole law of God is written in man's heart, so as to know it and do it, as it is writ. ten in the prophets and apostles,' &c. See page 64.

A. Here thou hast discovered thyself to be in the unbelief, and limitest the Holy One, as if God is not the same, and Christ the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. And none know the prophets and apostles, but who have the same covenant as they had, and the same law and spirit. And whereas thou art opposing those that say the word is within them, and the light is within thein, and the spirit is within. And because they say those are in unity, and are one, which makes thee appear as one offended, who must be ignorant still. He that is ignorant, let him be ignorant still; but the light in thee shall see they

are one.

P. He saith, “That none have ever had such attainments of Christ a redecmer, without the help of the scriptures,' &c. See page 65.

A. Now Abraham, and Enoch, and Noah, and Adam had the promise of Christ before scripture was written. And the gospel is the power of God; and many may have the form and not the power, and eternal life is not in them, nor the power of God. For Christ is the power of God, who saith, “Ye will not come to me, that ye may have life;' who was before scripture was, and all the attainments the scripture speaks of are in him, and he is not attained to without life.

P. He saith, Where did ever any say, that they went through the law to Christ?' This he judgeth and saith, They be strangers to the life of God that say so,' &c. See page

71. A. Contrary to the apostle who saith, I through the law am dead to the law, but alive unto God.' And the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.' And again he saith, “The righteousness of the law is fulfilled in us.'

P. He saith, 'All notional light is from Christ whatsoever,' &c. See

page 72.

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A. Now notion is imagination, and that is not properly called light, and therefore thou mistakest, for light is not notion, but is the thing itself that is from Christ.

P. Again he denies, that Christ hath enlightened every man that cometh into the world, with light sufficient, if they obey it, to lead them to eternal life,' &c. See page 73.

A. Yet thou sayst, every one hath so much light as shall leave all men without excuse before the great tribunal of Jesus Christ. And yet sayst, that which leaves them without excuse is not sufficient, and so would make God unjust and unrighteous. But the light which doth enlighten

Vol. III,

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every man in the world, is sufficient to lead them to eternal life, believing in it and receiving it; and, not believing in it, is sufficient to condemn them. But all who believe in it shall see and receive their salyation.

P. He saith, 'It is a contradiction in itself, and a speaking lies in hypocrisy, to deny swearing, and calling of men master, and to witness the teaching of the Lord, and the spirit to guide into all truth, and to say the spirit is the rule.'

A. They are in the lies and hypocrisy, and transgressors of Christ's commands, that are swearers, and called of men masters;' and the spirit of truth which leads into all truth, is the rule and guide of inen into truth, as Matt. v. and xxiii. chap. And these are the antichrists, contrary to Christ, that swear, and are called of men masters; for Christ saith, swear not at all,' nor be called of men master.

P. He saith, Christ was in the world, and the world was made by him, and yet Christ was not in all parts of the world,' &c. See page 76.

A. He is the light to the Gentiles and Jews, and salvation to the ends of the earth: and yet he saith, that Christ is not in all parts of the world!

P. The light wherewith Christ hath enlightened every one that cometh into the world, he calls a little spark of reason, subject to error and yanity.

A. Christ is the light, the foundation of God which stands sure, that which makes manifest all error, and his flesh saw no corruption. The greater part of his work in his book is to strike at the rock and foundation of God. There is no error in the light, which enlighteneth every man that comes into the world, neither is it subject to it, but condemns it, and thee that saith it. P. He saith, page 79.

All the light is to be understood in words, and an outward dispensation,' &c.

A. The Jews had outward words and a dispensation, and yet knew not the light Christ, by the words without life: neither did they understand the dispensation of God.

P. He speaks of an external ministry,' &c. See page so.

A. That which led them to minister was not external, and the external reaches no further than the external, and that is of men, and by men; but the eternal reaches to the eternal, which reachcth beyond external.

P. John saith, This is the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world;' and he saith, This is to be understood with limitation:' and saith, Christ was not in all ages and places of the world. See page 81.

A. How was he the lamb slain from the foundation of the world? And how did he minister to the spirits in prison ? And how speaks he in the

law? And how is he the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever? And that is the devil in thee that would have a hold for thee to dwell in, that would limit Christ the light not to be in every man. That which darkens every man is the devil, and that which lightens every man is Christ, without limitation, and he limits that which would limit him, and that understanding.

P. He saith, he knows not what the true light is, and eternal life, nor the eternal word, the everlasting gospel, the light which gave forth the scriptures, and the judge of the world, and the kingdom of heaven within, and the law of the new covenant, and Christ within,' these he saith, he knows not, &c.

A. We do believe thee. And yet he goes about to oppose them, and knows not what they are, and so he fights like a blind man, who knows not the eternal word within, nor the light, nor the everlasting gospel, which the saints did, and do know within.

P. He saith,' that infants and fools, and such as are born blind, were never enlightened with the light of Christ,' which he calls, “the light of nature,' &c. See page 85.

A. Which is contrary to John's words, 1 John 9. - who came for a witness, to bear witness of the light, the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world,' which light is above nature; and contrary to Isaiah, who said, “Tools shall not err in the way. And blind men and infants are enlightened with the light of Christ, for that is the light in the blind man that reproves his thoughts and words that are evil; which believing in, he shall not be condemned, but hath the light of life, and becomes a child of light. And in Christ is light, and that is the life of men; and where there is life in an infant, there is light.

P. He calls it “a fancy and a pernicious error, to say Christ hath enlightened every man that cometh into the world,' &c. See page 88.

A. And thus he opposeth John's doctrine. They are in the pernicious error that deny that light that lighteth every man, according to John's doctrine, John 1, who saith, this is the true light that enlighteneth every man that comcth into the world;' and the Pharisees stumbled as much at this true light as you do now; though it shined in their and your darkness, yet your darkness cannot comprehend it, but it shall be all your condemnation that hate it.

P. He saith, “The commands of Christ within (Christ and the light) are inconsistent with the scriptures,' &c. See page 89.

A. The light within owns the scripture without: and yet he said it was “the gift of God, and the gift of God owns the scriptures in their place as they were spoken; and none know the commands, and scriptures, but with the light within; and they are in unity, and the light within gives the knowledge of them. 2 Cor. iv.

P. He saith, · It is a fancy to say the covenant of God is to all men in the world, and the grace of God hath appeared unto all men,' &c. See page 89.

A. Contrary to the apostle, who saith, “The grace of God which brings salvation hath appeared unto all men.' And contrary to the prophet, who saith, "I will give him for a covenant to the Gentiles, a light unto the people, salvation to the ends of the earth, and a new covenant to the house of Israel and Judah.' And they that do not believe this are condemned.

P. He saith, “It is most desperate and diabolical to talk of a sufficient light and grace in all to be saved,' &c.

A. And yet thou sayst, in page 73 of thy book, that every man hath so much light that shall leave men without excuse before the great tribunal of Jesus Christ, and men shall only be condemned for not doing things which they had power and light to do.' And so thou confoundest thyself; these are thy words. And here thou sayst, "he hath not light sufficient to save.' Thou calls this a fancy, and prodigious blasphemy,' page 92. And no man cometh to salvation but who owneth the light, which doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world, Christ Jesus the saviour. No man owneth his own salvation, but who owneth the grace of God that brings salvation' to all, if they will receive it, to teach them to live soberly, righteously, and godly, and deny the contrary. And this grace and light is sufficient, for it brings salvation; for that which brings salvation is sufficient, and thou art in the diabolical doctrine that art out of this, and contrary to what the apostle saith. And Christ who enlightens all men, says, Believe in the light, and ye shall not abide in darkness, but have the light of life, and become children of light,' and so it is sufficient; if not, how are they condemned by it?

P. He saith of the light of Christ, we “have made it the corrupt spark of reason.' See


92. A. But it is he that calleth it the corrupt spark of reason,' contrary to John, who saith, it is the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.' And we do not make it the corrupt spark of reason; for there is no corruption in it, but it leads to true reason, and there is no true reason but in it; and thy corrupt spark of reason is out of it, and to be condemned with it.

P. He calls it "an intoxicated notion, and bewitching, to say that Christ hath enlightened every one that cometh into the world immediately,' &c. Sec page 93.

A. So he would make the light which John bore witness of to the chief priests and Levites, which doth enlighten every man, &c. not immediate, and gives these ill-favoured names to them that bear their

testimony to it. But let him split himself against the rock. Thou art in the intoxicated notions, and in the witchcraft, that dost not own the light that enlighteneth every man that cometh into the world, and art not a witness of Christ, but contrary to the prophets, and Joho, who said, “This was the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world;' to which light the apostle bore witness to Jews and Gentiles, which thou, a reprobate, bears witness against.

P. And to bring all people to the light wherewith Christ hath enlightened them, he calls ó seducing, and sending men to hell, and damnable heresies.

A. They bring men to hell, and are the seducers, and in the damnable heresy, and corrupt the reason, that do not bring men to the light that enlighteneth every man that cometh into the world, and so to Christ, but deny it, and such deny life and salvation.

P. He saith, “that none can be saved by following the light of Christ Jesus, which he calls corrupt.'

A. The light of Christ Jesus is not corrupt, who enlighteneth every man that cometh into the world; that light which they are enlightened withal doth not corrupt, but lets all men see their corruptions, which light they are condemned for not believing in, and believing in which they are saved. And no man sees salvation, or hath salvation, but with the light which comes from Christ Jesus, the salvation. And all that hate the light are corrupt in their doctrines and principles, ways and words, and such are the antichrists.

Joseph Kellet, John Pomroy, Paul Glisson, Christopher Feak, John

Simpson, George Cocken, and Lawrence Wise; their principles in a book put forth by them, called, A faithful Discovery of a Treacherous design of Mystical Antichrist, displaying Christ's banners,' are here laid open.

P. Ye say, 'God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, &c. page 1.

A. But ye do not say that the light hath shined in your hearts, to give the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.' And those were the false apostles, and devil's ministers, and messengers of satan, transforming himself into an angel of light, that drew people from the light within, which gave them the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ, from whom it came. It was the work of the true apostles to bring people to the light within, that shined in their hearts, to give them the light of the knowledge of the glory

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