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P. He saith, Abraham's obedience was not an act of the body,' &c.

A. Which any may read the scripture and see, and judge thee whose body is out of the action of God, serving him who is not of God.

P. He saith, God doth not work immediately now,' &c. See page 43.

A. So all the works of God are mediate now by his principle; then by his conclusion, none have the spirit of Christ which is immediate, and works immediately. So then none hear God's voice, and none are sent from God, and Christ is with none of them! For they who are sent from God hear his voice; and they who have Christ in them, have that which is immediate.

P. He saith, "He utterly declares (as others have done) against not praying or preaching, &c. unless the spirit move,' &c. See page 44.

So here then, thou prayest and the spirit moves not, and preachest, and the spirit moves not: so the spirit of error is it that moves thee. And thou art contrary to all them that gave forth the scriptures, the prophets and ministers of God, who spoke as they were moved by the holy ghost.' And thou art never likely to read the scripture, but by the same that gave them forth, nor know them, nor is any one upon the earth; nor to know God of whom they learned that gave them forth, and were taught of him; and so thou art no minister of the spirit.

P. He saith, Not to preach, nor to pray but as the spirit moves; in a sort is to shut up the kingdom of God from the sons of brings men to neglect their duty, and is the gap where the delusion of satan comes in, and draws inen to sluggishness. And how can glad tidings be known, unless they be told,' &c.

A. Now they are all in the sluggishness, shutting up the kingdom of heaven against men, under the delusion of satan, and none can bring the glad tidings, but as the spirit moves them. And they who go when the spirit doth not move them, are they that run and the Lord never sent them; and they who pray or speak without the moving of the spirit, are out of the path of all the holy men of God.

P. He saith, . It is the privilege of the Bereans to try an apostle,' &c. Again he saith, They are to put up their supplications when the spirit doth not move them,' &c. See page

45. A. Now see if God ever accepted that which was not moved from the spirit: God who is a spirit never accepted that; and that which tries apostles is the light, and it gives the Bereans to believe the scriptures which the apostle speaks of.

P. And he saith, “Far be it from me to imagine that the spirit of God moved the apostles to preach when they did only, and not at other times, and that they always waited in silence till then,' &c. See

men; and

same page.

A. So he would make out that the apostles preached when the spirit

moved them not, and run without the moving of the spirit, and so would make them like himself. Peter said, they spake as they were moved by the holy ghost.' And they that are the sons of God are led by the spirit of God. And the spirit shall lead them into all truth.' And the spirit should tell them what they should speak, and show them things to come;' and that was their guide and rule. And thou who speakest, and not as the spirit moves thee, art no minister of the spirit; and sayst,far be it from thee to imagine the apostles preached only when they were moved, and so with thy imaginations, dost not own the apostles were the ministers of the spirit,

P. And the singing of the saints in the spirit and grace, is not like the ungodly singing without the spirit.'

A. And saying, “the grace of God hath not appeared unto all men,' and that all have not the spirit;' which is contrary to scripture. It saith, the grace hath appeared unto all men;' and · I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.' And the spirit that reproves the world is the saints' leader; and you that sing David's quakings and prayers, are not in the understanding nor grace, but distinct from the saints; whose singing must be turned into howling. How then can ye give them the psalms to sing that have no grace ?

P. And the priests of Scotland say, Cursed is he that says, grace is free.' These are the Scottish principles, &c.

A. Ye give the psalms to all to sing, and yet say all have not grace, and all have not the spirit of God, and then can they sing in the grace, and sing in the spirit? Is there any prudent reason or good understanding without the spirit?

P. He saith, we'deny the scripture to be the word of God.'

A. The scriptures are the words of God, and Christ is the word, in which the words end.

P. And he speaks these detestable words, and says, “Is not our tongues oiled with a spirit of confused delusion,' which is his own, &c.

See page 5.

A. Because we say, such as pray or preach, it must be by the moving of the spirit of God; which they are not in, that are in the spirit of delusion.

P. And he is opposing the commands of Christ, who said, Be not of men called master, for ye have one master, even Christ,' (who conquers death and hell.) And he saith, Why may they not be called master?'

A. It is his master that teacheth him to be called of men master, that is gone out of the truth; but Christ said, “Be not of men called master;' and wo be to them that are. Matt. xxiii. And you are they that are made by the will of man, that break his commands.

George Willington's book, called The Gadding Tribe Reproved.'

A right title to his own condition is his book, who, like a wild beast, is gadding up

and down; but the Lord rebuke such spirits. · His principles follow.

P. He himself falls to judging others, and then cries, 'O man! who art thou that judgest another,' &c. See page 9.

A. And doth not see the work that he is doing himself. But bids others not judge, and falls to judging himself, which is like all the rest of his gadding tribe; and how they run with their horns at the righteous, and push at the upright in heart! But the Lamb is above them all, and the wrath of the Lamb is kindled; therefore the beast rages, who makes war against the Lamb. And where judgment is come through into victory, he may judge; and the hidden things of darkness are brought to light, and the counsel of the heart made manifest; and the Lord is come, and the spiritual man judgeth all things.' But he shows that the counsel of his heart is not made manifest, nor his hidden things of darkness brought to light, and the Lord is not come to him, and so cannot judge. And George Willington hath judged before his time, with which he is charging others, therefore his words shall be his burthen.

P. And his principle is, that he is justified by faith alone without good works,' &c. See page 10.

A. What! without the faith that works by love? Hast thou concluded those works to be the works of Popery, which are the works of faith that works by love, that gives the victory? How dost thou gad now? whither art thou gadding now? Know, faith that works by love is owned, and he that believes has ceased from his works, as God did from his, and hath entered into his rest. And faith gives victory over all the Popish murdering spirits, and thine also, and your works; which gives to have access to God, and the works of such are wrought in him.

P. He saith, "Whilst the upstart sect of Quakers look after the light within, we have a more sure word of prophecy,' &c. and so would make the sure word of prophecy not the light within. See

page 12.

A. His spirit he hath made manifest, where it is, amongst them that are gone from the apostles, who stand against the light within. For they that draw from the anointing within are the seducers, and they went forth from the apostles that went from the anointing within. Art not thou and you and the world all gadded from the anointing within you, and so seducing one another? Therefore have you so many heaps

of teachers, arming yourselves, and making lies your refuge against them that are come to the anointing, which you are all gadded from, giving judgment against yourselves, who will not have people to own the light Christ Jesus, who doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world. And none own the anointing within, who own not the light, which you who have apostatized from the apostles deny. And the Quakers are risen up in the night of apostacy, and discover you all what you are in, and what you went from, and what hath been lost since the days of the apostles. And an earthquake is coming upon you that hath not been since the foundation of the world, out of which earthquake we are come, into that which cannot be shaken. The Quakers are not the gadding tribe, they have the anointing in them, and as it shall teach them, they shall abide in the son of God and in the Father.

But it is manifest that thou and the whole world are gadded from the anointing within you which should teach you, and so are turned against the saints and the Lamb. And have been the harlots, and the mouths of the false prophet, blaspheming God in his tabernacle, and have drunk the blood of the saints, and martyrs, and prophets, and made war against the saints to overcome them, and have overcome them; but the Lamb and the saints shall get the victory.

P. And thou tells us of a creed and Catholic faith, commonly called the apostles' creed, which creed and Catholic faith, except a man believe, he cannot be saved,' &c. See page 16.

A. Who taught thee all this language? Where did the apostles teach thee any such thing as the Catholic creed?' The apostle teacheth us no such thing as a Catholic creed. Didst thou not learn this of the pope who apostatized from the apostles ?

And the twelve apostles taught thee no such doctrine as the Catholic creed, and thou sayst, they signed it. Nay, the pope signs thee that creed, and the sacraments; thou hast the pope's signature. But we are come to the foundation of God, which was before the pope was, and we gad not. Thou shouldst not tell lies, and say they gad that come unto God, the elect of God; God's elect, Christ the light, was the salvation before thou and the pope were.

P. And thou sayst, Doth any forsake the ministry to follow a new light,' &c. See page 17.

A. That ministry that deny the light that enlightens every man that cometh into the world, (as this gadding tribe of ministers, and professors, have done and do since the days of the apostle,) deny the foundation of God. The light we own which every man that cometh into the world is enlightened withal, which is the foundation of God; and deny them to be any ministers of Christ, that deny the light that en

lighteneth every man that cometh into the world, and his ministers we own.

P. And thou sayst, Do not forsake the temple and truth of God, to follow the bleating of Jeroboam's calves in Dan and Bethel,' &c.

A. Now whither art thou gadded? Art thou not gadded in this from the apostles' doctrine, to the temple which the apostles brought the people off from ? where is thy light now? How ownest thou Christ, who keepest people to the temple? and tellest them of Jeroboam's calves in Dan and Bethel? Where is there any people gadding thither ? Hast thou lost thy reason and sobriety, to publish thy madness to the nation? And did not Christ say the temple should be thrown down ? Matt. xxiv. And Stephen witnessed against it, and was stoned to death: and thou art calling people to it; and your Popish mass-house, which you call your temple, and which you have set up since the days of the apostles, is like unto the idol set up at Dan and Bethel.

P. And he saith your ancient divines are them that have entered in at the door,' &c. See page 20.

A. How can you and your ancient divines enter in at the door, when you deny the light that enlightens every man that comes into the world, which is Christ the door? Therefore it makes you to gad up and down without light, in the dark. Now is the stone fallen upon you, and the rock you are splitting yourselves against. Now shall the saints know the song of the lamb, rejoicing over the beast and the false prophets.

P. He saith, “The written word the ingrafted is able to save the soul,' &c. See page 21.

A. The ingrafted word is able to save the soul, but the letter, the written words, are not. The Pharisees had the written words, but stood against the saviour of the soul. And how art thou gadded here in thy judgment? How art thou like to own the word that saves the soul, when thou denies the light?

P. He is stirring up the magistrate to persecute, his own mouth condemns him, who pretends • love,' &c.

A. And thou that gads abroad in thy mind to stir up the magistrate to prosecute, art not in the life of the apostles, nor Christ, but in the spirit of the false prophets, and antichrists, and one in that which all persecutors come from, out of the truth.

P. Again thou sayst,' we ought not to judge,' &c. See page 23.

A. Let all people that read thy gadding tribe, see if thou dost not judge, and so comest under judgment, by thy own words. And the time was come to the apostles when they went on to the eternal judgment,' which we own. But this is not for such as are crying up temples and persecutors, nor stumbling at the light: your measures are all

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