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other avocations : and hath therefore desired the university's permission to retire from his office, after the conclusion of the annual course in which he is at present engaged. But the hints, which he had colle&ted for the use of his pupils, having been thought by some of his more experienced friends not wholly unworthy of the public eye, it is therefore with the less reluctance that he now commits them to the press : though probably the little degree of reputation, which their author may have acquired by the candor of an audience (a test widely different from that of a deliberate perusal) would have been better consulted by a total suppresion of his lečtures; had that been a matter intirely within his power.

FOR the truth is, that the present publication is as much the effe&t of necesity, as it is of choice. The notes which were taken by his hearers, have by some of thein (too partial in his favour) been thought worth revising and transcribing ; and these transcripts have been frequently lent to others. Hence copies have been multiplied, , in their nature imperfeet, if not erroneous; Some of which have fallen into mercenary hands, and become the obječt of clandestine sale. Having therefore so much reason to apprehend a surreptitious impression, he chose rather to submit his own errors to the world, than to seem answerable for those of other inen. And, with this apology, be commits himself to the indulgence of the public.

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Page 138, line 15: for no read an
Page 147, (notes) col. 2. after i Sid. 1. add See Stat. 13 Car. II. c.7.
Page 224, line 14: after fit add at
Page 376, line 6: for predial read rectorial

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Of the NATUR E of L Aws in general.


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Of the COUNTRIES subject to the Laws of ENGLAND. 93.

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СНА Р. І. Of the absolute Rights of INDIVIDUALS. 117.


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CH A P. V.
Of the Councils belonging to the King.


C H A P. VI.

Of the King's DUTIES.



Of the King's PREROGATIVE.


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СНА Р. Х. Of the People, whether Aliens, Denizens, or NATIVES.

354 CHAP.

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