The busy hives around us: trips to the mine, the workshop and the factory


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Sivu 231 - ... of weaving for one year at least before the date of a new charter then recently granted to that company ; provided the parties so admitted should be conformable to the laws of the realm, and to the constitution of the church. of England...
Sivu 268 - Todd's Lectures to Children ; A Complete Edition of the First and Second Series, with a Memoir of the Author, from Authentic Sources, and Twelve full-page Illustrations, printed on toned paper.
Sivu 268 - FRIENDLY HANDS AND KINDLY WORDS. Stories illustrative of the Law of Kindness, the Power of Perseverance, and the Advantages of Little Helps. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt extra, 3s.
Sivu 237 - The trade of handloom weaving is not only incapable o( improvement, but of remaining in its present state. The best friends of the weaver are those who would advise and assist him to transfer his labour to other channels of industry. If he cling to the hand-loom, his condition will become worse from day to day. A...
Sivu 232 - Spittlefields and the parts adjoining," says Stow, " became a great harbour for poor Protestant strangers, Walloons and French, who, as in former days, so of late, have been found to become exiles from their own country for their religion, and for the avoiding cruel persecution. Here they found quiet and security, and settled themselves in their several trades and occupations, weavers especially ; whereby God's blessing is surely not only brought upon the parish, by receiving poor strangers, but...
Sivu 268 - In addition to the simple every-day knowledge, which is useful to all, and particularly to the Head of a Household, this little Volume is specially intended as a Safe and Ready Guide to those Resident in Country Places, and generally under circumstances where Medical Advice is not instantly available.
Sivu 233 - ... transport themselves into this kingdom, promising them his royal protection, and to render their living here comfortable and easy to them. For a considerable time the population of Spitalfields might be considered as exclusively French; that language was universally spoken, and even within the memory of persons now living their religious rites were performed in French in chapels erected for that purpose. The weavers were, formerly, almost the only botanists in the metropolis, and their love of...
Sivu 268 - THE SEA AND HER FAMOUS SAILORS; A History of Maritime Adventure and Exploration, with Incidents in the Lives of Distinguished Naval Heroes and Adventurers. By FRANK B.
Sivu 268 - Small crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. The Star of Hope and the Staff of Duty : Tales of Womanly Trials and Victories. With Illustrations by Julian Portch, printed on toned paper.
Sivu 226 - Such houses are always of the worst description. With very few exceptions, the dwellings of the poor are destitute of most of those structural conveniences common to the better classes of houses. There are never any places set aside for receiving coals ; dust bins to hold the refuse of the houses are exceedingly rare, and cupboards or closets are nearly altogether unknown. There are never any sinks, and the fire-places are constructed without the slightest regard to the convenience or comfort of...

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