Savoy Male and Female College, 1876-1890

Savoy College Ex-student Association, 1942 - 266 sivua

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Sivu 219 - Let me live In my house by the side of the road, Where the race of men go by — They are good, they are bad.
Sivu 19 - Sec. 10. The regents shall have power to remove any professor, tutor or other officer connected with the institution, when, in their judgment, the interest of the university shall require it. Sec. 11. The fee of admission to the university shall never exceed thirty dollars, and it shall be open to all persons in the State who may wish to avail themselves of its advantages, and to male and female on equal terms...
Sivu 87 - Full many a gem of purest ray serene, The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear; Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air.
Sivu 19 - In compliance with the spirit of this act of the Legislature, no provision for the instruction of young women apart from young men has been made. The two sexes are taught the same subjects by the same professors at the same time, and the requirements for admission are equally rigorous. In no respects are the young women considered as constituting a separate department of the University, or a separable annex whose connection is fortuitous and experimental, and no distinction between them and the young...
Sivu 55 - Greek, mathematics, natural philosophy, chemistry, the elements of deductive logic, moral philosopy, and political economy, and often a little psychology and metaphysics. Perhaps some ancient or general history was added. French and German were sometimes taught, but not to an important degree. At graduation the student received the degree of bachelor of arts, and then entered on the study...
Sivu 20 - Not by lamentations and mournful chants ought we to celebrate the funeral of a good man, but by hymns, for in ceasing to be numbered with mortals he enters upon the heritage of a diviner life.— Plutarch..
Sivu 53 - Up to the close of the civil war (1861-1865) it was mainly an institution of secondary education, with some anticipations of university studies toward the end of the course. But even these embryonic university studies were usually taught as rounding out the course of disciplinary education, rather than as subjects of free investigation. Boys entered college when they were fifteen or sixteen years of age. The average age of graduation did not exceed twenty years. The usual course of preparation in...
Sivu 53 - Let us then take as the starting point of our inquiry the fact that the American college, as contrasted with European schools, is a composite thing — partly secondary and partly higher in its organization. It consists regularly of a fouryear course of study leading to the bachelor's degree. Up \ to the close of the civil war (1861-1865) it was mainly an .» institution of secondary education, with some anticipations S- of university studies toward the end of the course.
Sivu 124 - His father was a farmer, and he spent his youth on his father's farm until he was eighteen years of age, when he commenced the work of preparation for college.
Sivu 172 - ... it is one of the oldest as well as one of the most important of the lumber associations in existence. The Yellow Pine Association first had its origin among cer'Preliminary Report of the Federal Trade Commission on Activities of Lumber Manufacturers

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